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Cathe Fans Part 5



  • fitzfourfitzfour Posts: 1,198Member Member Posts: 1,198Member Member
    Hi Ladies!

    Not a whole lot new here, just a new monthly Cathe rotation for workouts, which I'm loving! This last weekend we were able to get away for 4 days with some friends up north at a cabin. It was a surprise to our boys, as the other family is 2 boys they are friends with. It was a beautiful fall weekend with a lakeside cabin, which was great. It was nice to unplug and relax.

    Tami, sounds like you have been keeping busy and getting in some fun Peloton rides too :) Volleyball sounds fun too!

    Laurie, I'm hoping you're getting this beautiful fall weather too! It makes me want to workout outside :) I love that you are working on some quilts...I am going to start that when I get some more free time...maybe when the boys are off to college :)

    Laurel, yay on some fall weather, but bummer on the rain during golf! Great job mixing in some fun workouts and Peloton rides too!

    Thelma, sounds like some very informative doctors appointments. I'm glad you're getting some good information and finding things that work for you. I'm hoping the new eating schedule helps, even if you have some days you have to go off schedule :)

    Have a great evening! I'm hoping to be on later this week, but we all know how that goes for me :)

  • ThelmaSWThelmaSW Posts: 1,391Member Member Posts: 1,391Member Member
    Hi Ladies, I hope you had a nice weekend. We had a great weekend with my BIL and a good friend. On Friday we went to NC to a shooting range. I couldn't hit the target at all! The boys are naturals! Friday night we went out to our usual gathering with our friends. Saturday: brunch, the Pumpin Chunkin Festival in Brasstown, NC and a dinner party! The pumpkin chunkin fest was a lot of fun! Sunday was all about house cleaning, laundry, and cooking for me.

    I allowed myself to eat at the dinner party. My stomach didn't like it but meds helped.

    We finally got a lot of rain on Saturday, tonight and more to come tomorrow. All of a sudden the fall callers are starting to pop everywhere and it's looking good. Friday morning was cold! We hit 31 degrees!

    Today's workouts were Beginner/Gentle Yoga and Barre.

    Laurie, great workouts! That Buff Body Yoga workout sounds great. Glad you had a nice weekend. You are so good about all the work you do for your church! I bet moving that quilt around was quite a workout!

    I can't believe I liked the butternut squash pasta so much. DH liked it but he tries not to eat pasta; which means more for me! LOL

    Laurel, fantastic workouts! Great job! So glad you also had a great weekend and congrats to your DH for his first hole-in-one!

    The eating schedule is strict but it is helping. I'm already not feeling the sinus pressure which is a sign this eating schedule does work.

    Good job rearranging your furniture in order to make room for your MIL's furniture! I'm sure she totally appreciates you taking it.

    Tami, great job with your workouts and volleyball! How nice of your supervisor to let you leave early to spend a little more time with your DH!

    Hi Erika! Glad you're liking the new Cathe rotation. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend!

    I am really getting lots of good info from doctors here. So far so good with the eating schedule.

    Goodnight ladies!
  • lvnascarlvnascar Posts: 2,489Member Member Posts: 2,489Member Member
    Morning Ladies,

    This morning was SS Cardio Slam with some modifications. There where some moves that I new wouldn't be good for my knee, so chose the mod option. I'm glad that she has that option on the premixes.

    Laurel, That golf outing really sounds awful for weather, but good for you and your DH for sticking with it for 16 holes. Very nice of you to take the hutch and table, that probably means a lot to your MIL. What a great combo of workouts you had this weekend. Sounds like the spin workouts are really helping with your rotation, even when you are doing legs. ;) Hope they felt okay afterward. The Power Yoga workout is nice, about 30 minutes into the workout she says you can stop here or continue on depending on how much time you have. It is a tough, but she gives such good pointers. I think that is why I chose the new rotation, it will help me with intensity. I also just wanted to do the weight workouts in SS, but didn't want to do the whole month with just SS. :D We will see how this one goes, and decide if I will then try it with ICE.

    Tami, Nice that you where able to get off of work early. Great workouts! Sorry to hear about the Yankee's, but I'm going to be a Houston Astros fan for the Series. ;) Congrats on the wins in VB, even with playing against your old teammate. Hope Katy wasn't to tough on you. :D I to love to be busy, some days the clock really goes slow. I love it when I look up and it is almost time to leave. That is one of the reasons why my Mom doesn't want to quilt anymore, she has a hard time seeing. I used to quilt, and for some reason I'm really getting back into it with gusto. I want to do some free motion quilting, so I'm planning on trying out some table runners for now. So far so good on the rotation, I feel like I got the two dreaded workouts behind me. I found it interesting that just taking it down to low/lower impact made the workouts a lot more fun and I'm pretty sure that I won't dread them when they come up again.

    Erika, Glad to hear that you are enjoying your Cathe rotation. Nice that you could spend the time at the cabin, it does make for a relaxing time when you can unplug. We did have the nice weather, but yesterday afternoon it started to rain and then the wind came. Right now it is cloudy and really really windy. Not to get the quilting bug into your brain, but my Mom gave each of the grandchildren quilts for their graduation from high school. That is the one thing that each of them treasures the most. I will probably have to help her with the last five that need to be made.

    Thelma, Your weekend sounds really nice. I used to love watching the pumpkin chucking contest when it was on tv. Dang on the stomach issue, but you probably will only do that every once in a while. You really did have some cold temps, must be from being up so high. Great job on your yoga workout! I'm just glad that I can contribute in a small way to our church, just going to pray that more people would know that their skills are appreciated also. ;)

    Have a great day,

  • StiringWendelStiringWendel Posts: 2,690Member Member Posts: 2,690Member Member
    Hi Ladies! I started today’s workout with STS Disc 2/Back and Triceps. My arms were feeling it by the end, especially since I did that Chest, Shoulder, Bicep workout yesterday. So, of course I had to reach for a kickboxing workout to stretch out that upper body. :D I did Cathe Live Jabs and Abs, which is such a fun one.

    Tami, glad to hear your DH made it home safely. How nice your boss let you off a little early. Great job with the workouts! I am finding I can go significantly heavier on these Meso 1 workouts right now, but part of me wonders if that is all mental in knowing I only have two weeks of them. But whatever it feels good. Yep, the changes in my workouts have been subtle, but it really is knocking off maybe 10-15 minutes of cardio some days or committing myself to one lower intensity style workout per week (like the metabolic workouts I have been doing on Thursdays) that have really helped give me a much better outlook towards working out. I really felt I was getting burned out and I no longer feel that, which is good. Hope Katy wasn’t too tough on you! Great job with the workouts, as always!

    Erika, I am glad you are enjoying the Cathe rotations. I am also glad you are enjoying the autumn! Like Thelma, we are now actually beginning to see some color in the trees, which is so nice. Of course I keep looking at the trees in the backyard and all the leaves still there....and imagining all the raking I have in my future. :D But it’s worth it to have the trees.

    Thelma, so glad you enjoyed your weekend with your BIL. I am glad the eating schedule is helping you feel better. I can’t believe you were that chilly! The last couple of nights we have stayed in the 60s, which is unusually warm for this time of year. I am so looking forward to the 40s tonight. Those lower temperatures are so much better for my hot flashes. :# I am not looking forward to staying with my in-laws in Florida this weekend where the temps are still pushing 90 and my MIL keeps her AC set at 79, even at night. :o I may melt. :p

    Laurie, great workout! I love that one and will have to look at the modification premix sometime. I am glad it worked on your knee. The second spin workout has been a great addition to my rotation. I feel that really high intensity twice a week gives me mental permission to take it down quite a bit in intensity other days. But I am feeling those legs today! I was surprised I didn’t yesterday because normally the Meso 1 Leg workouts have me in some serious pain. It will be interesting trying to do more spinning tomorrow though. :o Thanks for the information on Kristin McGee’s Power Yoga!

    See you tomorrow.

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    Hi Ladies ~ BootCamp was a great class last night! A usual format for Katy but not hardcore. Lots of high reps upper/lower/abwork but not much for cardio bursts. It wasn’t one of her workouts she said, she has borrowed it from another trainer at the gym. I was surprised. She had a lot of new people there last night so with that being said, she was busy helping them set up and no “snarky” comments to me. I was glad. She simply said it was great to see me and how did I like the workout! YAY. This a.m. I did STS Legs and after work tonight I will get in a Peloton ride (head phones on since DH will be watching the game … love that I have that option).

    Erika: Your weekend sounds absolutely wonderful! What a great time you must have had. Glad you are enjoying your Cathe rotation for workouts. She has so many good ones forsure. Yes, keeping busy with my workouts & Peloton! The Peloton rides are like a “reward” if I have done my strength training. ;) Just enjoy it so much.

    Thelma: Sounds like a very fun weekend for you! Fun and productive, always good. :) Way to go getting in your Gentle Yoga and Barre workout. Glad you are feeling a little better and you are getting so much good information from your doctors there.

    Laurie: Way to go with SS Cardio Slam and making it work for you ~ good that it helps alleviate the dread factor moving forward forsure. Thank you for the kudos on the VB wins. I was really glad Katy was so “normal” about me being there than putting me on the spot as she has done in the past. That’s great you are enjoying quilting so much. My MIL really did have plans of retiring and doing a bunch of quilting because I don’t think she would ever need to buy fabric, she bought so many pieces over the years waiting for those glorious days of "having enough time" when she retired. Now it is all tucked away and she barely does it. She tries to do projects with other ladies so they can take the lead on pieces that are tougher for her now.

    Laurel: Way to go with the UPPER body workouts today! There is something about KB that feels like you are going to shake out that stiffness and then part way in your wonder, what was I thinking. The title alone sounds like a fun one. I am pleased with the weights I have been able to do as well, except this a.m. I opted slightly lighter on a couple for my legs. Elevated lunges are still my nemesis. I find that anymore I reach for a slightly lighter weight and go deeper vs. heavier and painful dread factor. :D

    Have a great evening ladies ~ see you tomorrow! Tami

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    Hi Ladies, today's workouts were Barre and a 2 ml walk at the local recreation center.

    Seems that we're finally in a bit of rainy pattern. We had more rain last night, and more to come toward the end of the week!
    I'm going for my hearing test tomorrow. I'm nervous.

    Laurie, great workout! So proud of you for choosing the modifications in order to protect your knee!

    I didn't know there was a pumpkin chunking contest on tv! This is all new to me and I enjoyed it.
    The high altitude in mountains is the reason we have low temps. Today was pretty windy too.
    My stomach is definitely happy with this new eating schedule. I will allow myself to cheat from time-to-time.
    I think you contribute to your church in a big way Laurie.

    Laurel, great workout combo!
    I am happy the eating schedule is helping too.
    We really are dropping into the high 30's and 40's at night now. I learned that cold temps are the reason why trees change colors. It has nothing to do with rain.
    Enjoy the cooler temps tonight! OMG Laurel, you are going to be hot at your in-laws! I hope she has a fan you can use!

    Tami, great workouts! I am glad Katy didn't get on your case last night! LOL
    I am glad to be feeling better too.

    Goodnight ladies!
  • lvnascarlvnascar Posts: 2,489Member Member Posts: 2,489Member Member
    Morning Ladies,

    This morning was SS Total Body Giant Sets, and I went as heavy as I could handle. I think the next time I do this one, I will wear my weighted vest for the leg exercises. Lifting that amount of weight over my head is getting difficult. :D Plus it will give me a little padding to place the bar on. This is one of those workouts that make your workout space cluttered afterward. :D

    Laurel, Love the workouts! Got to love it when you can feel the weight work afterward. I'm feeling that right now for sure. I liked the fact that the modification premix still had the regular workout, but showed a box with Cathe doing the low impact. So I could go with whatever I felt worked for me. I actually liked the modification for the mat exercise where she does the scissor move down and back. The modification was ski type jumps into back lunges. It was a lot more fun for me, I hate scissors. :D I will be taking the intensity down tomorrow with Cardio Party, one of my favorites.

    Tami, Glad to hear that Katy didn't hassle you. Is the annual migration of new people to the gym starting early? Great job on the STS workout also. I love the commercial of the guy singing while on his Peloton, and his son getting annoyed. Nice that you can put the head phones on and get your workout in. Now I'm going to continue on with my quilting, because I really don't want to put things off until I retire and then end up not being able. The one thing I really enjoy is my crafting, but I do need to get set up some place besides my dining room.

    Thelma, Great job on the barre workout and the walk. Will be thinking of you today for the hearing test, hopefully you get some positive results. My knee has been doing surprisingly well during these SS workouts. It may be because I have lost a few pounds also. The pumpkin chucking contest isn't on anymore, but we always enjoyed watching it every year.

    Have a great day!
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    Hi Ladies! I got up this morning after no sleep with a headache and feeling very cranky. B) So, of course, I opted for a really long workout. :o But I am glad I did because I feel human and pleasant again. :D I did a 60 minute Peloton Pop Ride which was all kinds of fun and energizing. Then I did Jessica Smith’s 60 minute Yoga/Pilates Fusion from YouTube that was all kinds of challenging and relaxing. It was a perfect combo for me today for sure. :)

    Thelma, great workouts! I hope all goes well with your hearing test today. I think we are due for some rain at the end of the week as well, and we still need it desperately. But I am enjoying the clear skies and the little pops of red I am seeing in the leaves.

    Tami, I am glad you enjoyed the Bootcamp class and Katy didn’t get snarky with you. I am definitely feeling the upper body work today. There was a three minute upper body segment in that spin class today and with 3lb weights....I thought I might die! :D Maybe I pushed the weights a little too much the last two days. :p . I think one of the reasons I am finding myself shying away from STS at times is because I am not as comfortable with some of the moves anymore. You mention elevated lunges. For me, it is one-legged sit and stands. I never have liked them and anymore my knees really don’t like them. So I plan on doing two sets of two legged sit and stands when we see them this time. Like you, I can do without the dread factor for sure. Go Nationals!!! DH and I never watch baseball but somehow we watched part of that game last night. So happy to see them win. When we lived in DC, they were struggling but we still went to see them play. It’s kind of nice feeling a little affinity for a team in the World Series!

    Laurie, great workout! I think that is one of the best in the S&S series for sure. But it does move fast so stuff is everywhere! Good idea using the weighted vest with the lower body work. I have never been very comfortable putting a heavy barbell over my head on to my back because of my shoulder, so I have a tendency to reach for dumbbells. But I prefer the range of motion I get when using a barbell so I am going to try the vest! Thank you for that idea!! I like the sound of modification for the scissors in Cardio Slam. I am not a big fan of scissors either. Have fun with Cardio Party!

    See you tomorrow.

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    Hi Ladies ~ No Peloton ride last night. The neighbor had stopped by and was visiting so by the time he left I needed to start dinner, etc. You know how evenings go. ;) But I did get one in this a.m. which felt great! Only 30 min HiiT ride but it was perfect for the time I had available.

    Laurie: Excellent job with Total Body Giant Sets and going heavy. That’s a great idea to try out your weighted vest next time. I remember you loving the Cardio Party workout! Enjoy that one tomorrow. Yes, the annual migration is happening …. They have the first round of Biggest Loser starting and then the New Years peeps will be happening shortly.

    Laurel: Sounds like you had a perfect transition from the “cranks” to a great workout combo! Way to push through. The Pop rides have great music and fly by! I know what you are saying on those upper body intervals with 3 lbs. If you’ve been lifting heavy (STS or whichever program) and then do those it feels tiring with all the reps. The Intervals and Arms rides are always good ones too. I am glad you have a leg “nemesis” as well. Good idea to go w/ 2-legged sit and stands. I don’t know if it is mental or what on those elevated lunges. If I know I only have a certain amount of reps I can go heavier but if it is a lot of reps and then the “1.5’s” I go lighter. LOL Yes, go Nationals! What a great game last night.

    Thelma: Hope your hearing test went well today! Good job with the Barre workout and walk, sounds perfect. Our temps are supposed to be pretty cold the next couple of nights. We are having clear “crisp” days so at night it’s getting down into the 30’s.

    Talk to you ladies tomorrow ~ Tami
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    Hi Ladies, today's workouts were Fundamentals and Flow Yoga and
    Beginner Gentle.

    Thanks for your good wishes for my hearing test. I am happy to report that I passed with flying colors! The lady told me I had exceptional hearing, my ears looked healthy and that I wouldn't need a hearing aid any time soon. What a relief!!

    Laurie, great job with your SS workouts! So glad your knee has been doing well. The weight loss could help but also the fact that you're aware of moves that could injure it.

    Laurel, sorry about the sleepless night and headache. You sure picked the perfect workout combo today!
    I hope both states get rain this weekend. We need it badly! I'm glad you're finally starting to see some pops of colors. We went to Blairsville (east of BR) today for my hearing test and the trees there beautiful with all those fall colors so I think they peaked already. We still have a little ways to go.

    Tami, good job with the Peloton ride! We had a pretty clear and crisp day today too. 60's felt pretty cold to me!

    Goodnight ladies!
  • lvnascarlvnascar Posts: 2,489Member Member Posts: 2,489Member Member
    Morning Ladies,

    My Cardio Party workout was a great way to take it down a notch, and I added in the Bonus Abs. ;)

    Laurel, Workouts sound awesome! I'm glad that the workouts where able to change your crankiness. Sorry to hear that you had a rough night, and ended up with a headache. I know how that feels. I'm with you on those one legged sit-n-stands. I always do the two legged version. I can really feel the muscles from yesterdays workout, I so enjoy feeling the DOMS the next day. Of course with the STS workouts, it seemed to be two day delay. ;) I also like using the barbell for the squats, so using the vest will made it easier. I should keep it on for the push ups too, since I usually just go to my knees anyway. That would give me more resistance.

    Tami, Dang on the non-Peloton ride. I always find it interesting how the gyms are busier during those times of the year. :D After this week of almost solid SS workouts, I'm going to need some stretching on Saturday. Probably should do that before I head outside to do some raking of walnuts.

    Thelma, Great news on the hearing test! Nice job with your yoga workout also. You are probably right on the knee, I do modify when I know that I can't or shouldn't do a certain move. Now I will probably attempt some of the other workouts that I have avoided, since I know a lot more low impact moves.

    Have a great day!
  • StiringWendelStiringWendel Posts: 2,690Member Member Posts: 2,690Member Member
    Hi Ladies! For today’s workout I started with LITE Stacked Sets Lower and Upper Body workouts. Putting them together made for a solid 70 minute total body workout. I didn’t feel long at all because of the pace of both workouts. Really enjoyed it. For cardio, I did Cathe Live Cardio HiiT Plus Core.

    Tami, I am sorry you missed your ride the other night but good job making it up. I did one of those 30 minute HiiT classes from Peloton last week and really enjoyed it. I think the 20 minute rides may feel too short, but I may try one just to see for days when I am really short on time. Glad I am not the only one who feels those short weight segments in the rides! I really like the option of having some of those workouts though because it really does break up the ride a bit. Some days, mentally, I have a hard time looking at something like 53 minutes of cycling and not talking myself out of it where when I see 30 minutes cycling, 5 minute arms, 20 minutes cycling it feels so much more doable! Another fantastic game for the Nats last night! :D

    Thelma, yay on the hearing test!! That is such good news and should ease your mind a bit. Great job with the yoga. We are supposed to get heavy rain on a few inches. I hope so! I think our peak colors may still be a week or two away right now. It is so hard to say since the leaves have been changing and falling off the trees since August! :o

    Laurie, great workout! Glad I am not alone in the one legged sit-and-stands. Like I said yesterday, I never liked them but, now, being almost 11 years older than I was the first time around with STS, I think it is time to move on. :) But I might try wearing my best for the two legged kind for an extra 10lbs!

    We are flying off to Orlando tonight so I will miss you all tomorrow! Enjoy the weekend and see you Monday!

  • ThelmaSWThelmaSW Posts: 1,391Member Member Posts: 1,391Member Member
    Hi Ladies! My workouts today were Ying/Yang and Barre. The same instructor teaches these two classes and they were really good today. In Ying/Yang you hold a stretch for what feels like a long time. Sometimes 3-5 minutes. She worked on stretching the lower body and it was amazing because my sacrum area felt tight. The Barre class was a killer today. A lot of leg and glutes in squat and plie positions. At some point, we had one foot on a yoga block. That killed!

    We had a beautiful day. It was warmer and still sunny.
    We are hoping to go to another country fair on Saturday if it's not raining. It's in a beautiful park so I am hoping for a dry day.

    Laurie, great job with your workout selection!
    Great idea to try the workouts you haven't done in a while now that you know how to modify!

    Laurel, great workouts! I hope everything goes well in FL. Have a safe flight!
    The hearing test results did ease my mind when it comes to my hearing. I do worry about everything else and the effects of the meds I'm taking. Our insurance doesn't want to cover the very expensive drug I'm taking for RA. I don't blame them because it's outrageously expensive. My doctor and the specialty pharmacy are working together to see if they can get the insurance to pay. Thankfully there are other meds available.

    Hi Tami!

    Goodnight ladies and have a wonderful weekend!
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    Morning Ladies,

    This morning was SS PHA Training, such a great workout! Today we are going to Wahlburgers for my 20th anniversary for work. I wore my Cathlete hoodie, and sporting my new Michael Kors bag. :D Not doing anything but yard work this weekend, hope that we have some nice weather.

    Laurel, Great job with the workouts, and combining those two together. That is a great idea to use the vest for those sit-n-stands, I'm sure that will make for an interesting feeling being able to add more weight. I think that exercise is one that really is good for getting those leg muscles. Hope your weekend is a good one.

    Thelma, Awesome job on the workouts. Nice that your weather has been so nice, and I hope that the weekend is great. Nice that you both are able to get out on the weekends and enjoy all these events. Yep I'm feeling more adventurous with my workout selections.

    Have a wonderful weekend!
  • 2BLean2BLean Posts: 2,287Member, Premium Member Posts: 2,287Member, Premium Member
    Hi Ladies ~ Later check in and just about to leave! Happy Fri-YAY :)

    Last night I was able to get in another Peloton Ride (45 min Tabata) and this a.m. was LITE Pyramid Upper.

    Have a great weekend ladies! :)

  • lvnascarlvnascar Posts: 2,489Member Member Posts: 2,489Member Member
    Morning Ladies,

    No workouts this weekend, was busy cleaning out the basement and hauling things to charity. Since we had rain on Saturday, that seemed to be the best option for a wet day. Felt great to get some sense of organization. I so want to get my sewing area better. So while we where at the charity, I found a nice rolling office chair for when I'm sewing. Win Win. We hauled a truck load, and came back with a chair. ;)

    This morning was LITE Strong Body Stacked Sets Upper. Keep forgetting how good that workout is when you use the right amount of weight.

    Tami, Nice job on your workouts!

    Have a great day!
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  • StiringWendelStiringWendel Posts: 2,690Member Member Posts: 2,690Member Member
    Hi Ladies! Back from a whirlwind weekend in Florida. Got there at 10:00pm Thursday night, spent Friday getting the moving truck, packing stuff for my in-laws, loading the truck with the furniture we were bringing back, etc and left Saturday mid-morning to get back here at 10:00pm Saturday night. Yesterday was spent unloading the truck, getting rid of our furniture, returning the truck, getting our car back from the airport, etc. I am exhausted, but, thankfully it all went well. I have spent most of today cleaning our ‘new’ furniture and filling up the hutch (which, of course, seemed to require a complete reorganization of my kitchen). B) But it is done. Even though the furniture isn’t what DH and I would choose, it does look nice in the house. And my MIL and FIL were very happy for both the help we gave them on Friday and for taking their furniture.

    I talked myself into working out late yesterday afternoon despite being so tired. But it felt good to do something ‘normal’. I did STS Disc 6/Legs followed by a 20 minute Peloton ride and a 20 minute yoga session from Peloton. Today was STS Disc 4/Chest, Shoulders and Biceps followed by Cathe Live HiiT It, Strike It, Crunch It.

    Tami, great workouts! I did one of Ally Love’s 20 minute Boss workouts yesterday and loved the intensity she packed in 20 minutes. Definitely a good workout for a short amount of time. She makes me smile. :)

    Thelma, did you get rain on Saturday? We were doing okay on the trip home until just south of Atlanta. From Atlanta into Alabama it was :o :o :o . Really heavy rain and no fun at all. When we got back home (still raining) we could see fallen branches and leaves everywhere indicating a pretty big storm happened here too. Hope you didn’t get hit too badly and were able to enjoy the day. Great workouts!

    Laurie, sounds like the rotation is going well. Every time you post your workout, I think ‘Oh, what a great workout!’ which has me thinking I should do a S&S and LITE rotation sometime too! Doesn’t it feel good to get rid of stuff! We definitely need to do that again soon. Our attic has become a catch-all since we have been here and we need to just get everything out of there! Of course bringing stuff back from my in-laws this weekend didn’t really help the matter. :p

    See you all tomorrow.

  • ThelmaSWThelmaSW Posts: 1,391Member Member Posts: 1,391Member Member
    Hi Ladies, DH and I had a great weekend. I hope you did too.
    Today's workout was Barre. The instructor had us screaming for mercy. Great class!

    DH and I went out for brunch on Saturday morning. We didn't go to the fair because we thought it was going to rain. We went to CVS to get our flu shots instead. Turns out it didn't rain at the time of the fair. Oh well. Saturday night was insane. It rained pretty bad with lots of wind, thunder, and lightning. We had a beautiful day on Sunday.

    We have been invaded by Asian ladybeetles. OMG, you won't believe how many of them are all over the place. The screen on our porch is covered in them. I'm hoping it gets cold soon. We have thousands of them! I learned today that the state of GA introduced them to GA so they would eat the aphids! Yikes! What a mess!

    I see the ENT tomorrow. I can't wait to hear what he has to tell me.

    Laurie, great workouts and happy work anniversary! Good job cleaning out your basement and congrats on your new chair!

    Laurel, so glad your trip to FL went well and that you like the way your new furniture looks in your house! Great workouts!

    So you got encountered the rain too! It was pretty bad and it sounds so loud on our metal roof. Someone said that we got over 5 inches of rain!

    Hi Tami!

    Goodnight ladies!
  • lvnascarlvnascar Posts: 2,489Member Member Posts: 2,489Member Member
    Morning Ladies,

    Woke up to snow on the ground this morning. :p Very pretty, but I'm not ready for this weather. :D This morning was LITE Strong Body Stacked Sets Lower Body plus Bonus Six Pack Abs #1. I did wear my weighted vest for this one, so really got the legs good.

    Laurel, Your weekend was a busy one for sure, and good for you getting in a workout despite being tired. LOL about the rearrange of the kitchen cupboards. Hopefully your in laws will sell their house soon, so that they don't need to worry about that. I'm so enjoying revisiting all of the LITE workouts right now, and it might steer me toward just doing them. We will see, I'm really enjoying them right now. The last time I had done all of them was just before the road trip. :o Can't believe that it had been that long. Your attic is like our basement. It surprised both of us when we found items that we should have disposed of a long time ago.

    Thelma, LOL about your barre class, sounds like a really good one. WOW on the storm, and I feel for you with the beetles. We don't have them that bad, but we have boxelder bugs that cluster on the house sunning themselves. Then when it gets colder they start coming into the house. We usually find them around our front door jam, and then they fall when you open the door. :s Hope that your appointment goes well today. Thanks for the congrats! Now I just need a new carpet down there, and I'm all set to continue my sewing projects.

    Have a great day!
  • StiringWendelStiringWendel Posts: 2,690Member Member Posts: 2,690Member Member
    Hi Ladies! Today’s workout was a 60 minute spin from Peloton followed by Ellen Barrett’s Zen Sculpt. This latter workout was a nice, not-tough blend of balance, range of motion and core. I enjoyed it.

    Thelma, glad you had a good weekend. Yep, that rain storm Saturday evening was no fun at all. I sympathize with the lady beetles. We have them here as well....and they are considered ‘protected’ by the state of Alabama (meaning exterminators can’t kill them) because they protect the cotton fields. We haven’t seen too many of them yet this year, but last year.... :o . I will be very anxious to hear what the ENT has to say. Love the sound of your barre class. :D

    Laurie, hope your trip into work wasn’t too bad because of the snow. Both my sisters are home today because of snow in Colorado. It seems way too early in the season for that!! Great workout! That one is on my plan for Thursday. Glad you are enjoying the LITE workouts again. It really is quite the gem of a series. I, too, can’t believe it has been six months since the Road Trip! This whole year has absolutely flown by. It was one year ago tomorrow we drove out of Alaska. :o In some ways it seems like forever ago we left Alaska.....but in most ways it seems like yesterday we drove into Huntsville.

    Until tomorrow.

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