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  • fitzfourfitzfour Posts: 1,226Member Member Posts: 1,226Member Member
    Hi Ladies,

    I'm so happy to hear everyone is doing well, I am so worried about everyone right now. My entire day is dealing with COVID-19 calls and emails, so it kind of consumes me. I got super sad yesterday thinking about how many lives this is affecting, not even with the illness part yet but the quarantine. We are all shut down here except for grocery stores and hospitals. The kids will not return to school, but thankfully we do everything from ipads in our school, so online school starts on 3/30. Our company was fully prepared for this as about 90% of our company is already working remote, so we just had to add the other 10%. We have enough reserves to handle all of the disability claims we are about to get too, which is a relief. Our company was more than prepared and hearing the president express that we will be ok just makes we feel good. We are also trying to find ways to donate where we can as a company to ensure other companies and/or our clients have the support they need during this trying time.

    The grocery stores are all just crazy around here. That is such a somber experience walking in and seeing shelves cleared. Thankfully, we have enough food and supplies here, so we are doing ok. Carter has been sick for a week (fever and cough) but has now recovered and no fever. We think it was just a mild virus, as he didn't have any respiratory issues or any other symptoms.

    Hubby was able to get cleared for work from home on Monday, as he's at high risk. He had pneumonia several years ago and ended up in the ICU with a collapsed lung. He has permanent damage to one of his lungs, so has to play it safe. Trying to both work from home has been an adjustment.

    I've started back up on daily workouts, but keeping them to around 30 minutes. I need them for my sanity!

    Thelma, the online workouts is so awesome...I'm glad your studio is able to do that. I'd be right with everyone else trying to pull them up on my phone. I actually just figured out how to connect the HDMI cord from my laptop to my non-smart TV to stream the new Beachbody 10 rounds sample workout. I was so proud! I'm with you on avoiding appointments until this clears out. Better to stay home and stay safe!

    Tami, I'm happy to hear you are staying busy at work, it's hard to know with each industry what to expect. Very glad to hear everyone is healthy and safe there. We are staying very busy and I don't see that slowing down. But, my company is a payor of Short Term and Long Term Disability claims, and also handles administration of paid family leave, FMLA and other leaves. We are staying very busy!

    Laurel, what a good idea to get projects down around the house! We are going to do the same and get some paint and finish off the basement painting that we didn't hire out. I'm looking forward to finally getting that done. I saw Cathe post in Instagram about her workout...can you imagine doing that solo when you are used to the room being full? I'm sure it's got to be so odd. Kudos to her for still going on as planned with the Live workouts!

    Laurie, I think we are right behind WI with the school closings and everything else. As I was watching on TV, I noticed as WI did something, MN followed shortly after. I'm glad to hear that you are still staying busy at work too and supporting Rocket's daycare. We are trying to do what we can for the businesses still operating, but it's very few now. Good job getting back in the swing of workouts!

    Stay safe everyone! I'm sure I'll be on here more now that we have no commitments in the evenings to suck up all my time. The boys are really loving all the family time :wink:

  • fitzfourfitzfour Posts: 1,226Member Member Posts: 1,226Member Member
    Side note, if any of you are on Instagram, send me a friend request. I'm fitzfour :) Laurie, I found you and sent you a request :)
  • ThelmaSWThelmaSW Posts: 1,485Member Member Posts: 1,485Member Member
    Hi Ladies, my workouts today were Yin Yoga and Barre.
    It's been a very emotionally draining day for my family.

    My aunt's husband has tested positive for coronavirus in Italy and we're pretty sure my aunt has it too. The swab test results came back within hours. I've heard on the news that it took 72 hours!
    He's been sick since last week but things got bad between yesterday and today. He started with a dry cough last week. Yesterday the on and off fever began. Overnight he started to have difficulty breathing. Today he called his doctor and he said you probably have the virus. He immediately sent an ambulance to pick him up. Apparently, a family may not know what hospital a relative is being taken to. Thankfully my uncle was taken to their local hospital.
    The paramedics told my aunt to get away from her husband as they were taking him out. They told him to give him his cell, charger, and forms of ID. The doctor treating him called my aunt to confirm the diagnosis. He is hooked up to a ventilator and is getting some other treatment which I couldn't understand because my aunt is so distressed that she spoke in very fast Italian.

    She told the doctor what her symptoms have been. Apparently, GI issues can be the first symptoms of this virus. She's been nauseous and unable to eat since last week! This morning she had a dry cough and her voice was normal. Later on in the day, the cough sounded a little bronchial to me and she was already hoarse. Unfortunately, the only way a sick person there can go to a hospital for the virus is if they have a fever and can't breathe. My aunt didn't have a fever in the afternoon and she could still breathe.
    The police will go to my aunt's apartment to have her fill some papers out and also to inform her apartment building that are all now on mandatory quarantine and can not leave their apartments. They also have to notify my aunt's place of employment.

    I'm a nervous mess. The virus is now in El Salvador so I am worried about my family in El Salvador.

    On the treatment front, hydroxychloroquine was all over the news. I heard that it is very effective in studies but a cocktail of Z-Pack and hydroxychloroquine is more efficacious than just hydroxychloroquine alone.

    Laurie, wow it sounds like everything is being ordered to close there. I wish they would do it here. How nice of you to take Rocket to the doggy daycare in order to support that business. What a good boy he is too!
    Great job with the KB workout! Is your DD going to stay with you while this pandemic is going on? At least she was able to help her dad to clean up the freezer to stay busy. Glad I made you laugh with my traffic report! LOL

    Laurel, great workout combo! How nice of Cathe to still have the live class all by herself.
    How nice that your husband had a chance to pick up a few more things at the supermarket. I agree with you about the reality of this virus has not set in yet for most people. This town is a big example of that. Cabin rentals are loving it.

    I think I'm with Tami on the Tempo workouts! We haven't done Body Beast in a long time. Remember that year when we kept extending the BB rotation? LOL
    I am concerned about my hydroxychloroquine prescription because there may be shortages if it's going to be used to treat the virus.

    They must not have a lot of closures there yet if your DH ran into so much traffic. Definitely not good. It will be strange having your DH home for the next few weeks. Sinde DH is working I totally leave him alone even though I pass him on my way in or out of our bedroom. Since we have an open concept house I've learned to not interrupt him.
    We had a beautiful day today and DH had his first workday out on the deck.
    I'm surprised the commander sent people out of the base instead of quarantining them as other bases have done. I hope your husband is able to continue working beyond September.

    Tami, sounds like a fun Peloton ride! Glad you enjoyed it.
    Your DH was really busy with that food and the freezers! Definitely be thankful for him being proactive because you don't have the time to do that right now.
    I am so happy to hear that your company is doing everything possible to allow you to work remotely. The application we've been using for our yoga classes is called Zoom. I don't know how much it costs but it would make a good conference call/meeting tool.

    Erika, glad to hear from you, Carter is feeling better and that your DH has been cleared to work from home. Thank God the boys will be able to attend classes online!

    I can just imagine how busy you guys are at work! Good idea to return to daily workouts! Grocery stores are crazy everywhere it seems.

    We are thrilled to be able to do our yoga classes online. I'm proud of you for figuring out the HDMI cable! You go, girl!!!
    My husband sometimes hooks up his laptop to the big tv so he can use it as a monitor.
    You won't catch me near a doctor's office any time soon! I don't use Instagram often but sent you a friend request.

    Goodnight ladies and have a great weekend!
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    Morning Ladies,

    For some reason I woke up this morning and my stress level was down quite a bit. The drive into work was so quick that I was way earlier than I usually am. Yesterday we celebrated the youngest dd's birthday, she turned 23.
    Makes me feel really old. ;) 30MTF Build & Burn Trim & Tone Intervals was my workout.

    Laurel, Nice job with the live workout, and even though it created a 90 minute workout for you, it sounds like you adapted really well. We had heard rumblings from our governor that we where going to a stay in place, and people where freaking out around here. Talk about high stress, but he didn't. As a company we would still be the ones to move around, but would have to have our company ID's readily available. They are going to have thermometers here today, so I'm guessing next week we will be tested before we can enter the building. I hope all goes well for your DH during this time, and I'm kind of shocked that the bosses didn't have plans in place. My boss has been in daily meetings about this, and of course sitting 6ft apart. ;)

    Tami, That workout really does sound like one I would enjoy. ;) My DH stocked up on food for Rocket also, so he is good to go through all of this. I like your attitude about thinking positive, that is how I have been trying to approach things. I think celebrating my dd's birthday last night helped me with my stress level also. I have been taking my computer home all week, just in case. It has stayed in my car, because I have a tendency to forget it when I do work from home. They have also implemented staggered shifts, so that the employee's coming in don't cross with the employee's going out.

    Erika, I'm so glad to hear that you all are doing okay. Take it easy with all the e-mails that you will be getting. I hear you on the stress, it can consume you at times. We have a fairly large home school population around here, and they have been giving tips to the parents on how to handle the e-learning. Cooperation is what will get all of us through this. The interesting part about all the closings is they restricted gatherings down to 10, but our DMV was able to have up to 50. It gets very frustrating when you hear that type of information. Just yesterday they shut down the DMV to rearrange it so that people where at the 6ft rule.

    Thelma, I am so sorry to hear about your Uncle, and he and your Aunt will be in my prayers. <3 I will also include you family in El Salvador. Great job on your workout! Yes dd is staying with us through all of this. I'm kind of glad that she doesn't have to deal with rent right now.

    Have a great weekend,
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    Hi Ladies! Today’s workout was Lean Legs and Abs followed by a 45 minute Peloton ride. Unfortunately with about five minute left in my ride I got a text from my sister saying that her son thinks their daughter (my sister’s only grandchild) may have the virus. I called my sister right away and, unfortunately, they can’t have her tested because of lack of equipment, etc. She is 8 and was born prematurely, so there is cause for some concern. Just makes me such a weird combination of sad and mad right now if I am being honest. It is such a helpless feeling.

    Thelma, you have my full sympathies on your aunt and uncle. Where are they in Italy? I am glad your uncle is in the hospital and being taken care of, but you must be so scared right now. I will be praying they both get better soon. I will also be praying for your family in El Salvador.

    Erika, I am glad your DS is feeling better. That would have scared me to no end! I have no doubt your work is very stressful right now. I decided yesterday I need to get away from all things coronavirus, but there is no escaping it. I can’t imagine having to deal with it every minute of the day like you do. Stay strong!

    Tami, it sounds like your DH is prepared. My DH and I have also gone through the ‘What happens if one of us gets it?’ routine. Not a fun conversation for certain. But I suppose it is good to be prepared for everything.

    Laurie, I am so glad you were able to enjoy your DDs birthday yesterday and you feel a little less stress today. I wish I were with you in that! But it does sound as if your company has a good plan for every possible eventuality which is good. Finally my DHs boss told him yesterday that the default is everybody is at home and if they need to go into the office, they need to justify it. And, finally, Alabama closed all restaurants, bars and beaches. But, medically, we are not even remotely prepared for what might happen, which, I suppose, is why I feel a little mad with my sad today.

    Ladies, I hope all of you can try to enjoy the weekend during this crazy time. I know we will. Stay healthy!

  • fitzfourfitzfour Posts: 1,226Member Member Posts: 1,226Member Member
    Hi Ladies, Happy Sunday!

    We're just hunkering down here at home, with only trips out being for food (which we try to keep to 1 x per week if possible). The weather here has been chilly, so we are stuck inside. We did start on painting our basement, and will finish that next weekend and I'll paint the laundry room too. Then, we are done with painting until the boys move out and we paint their rooms.

    Workouts have still been KCM for now. Once I get through all of her DVD's, I'll move into Cathe's. I'm trying to stay to 30 minutes per day since I'm now working out 6 days per week with active rest/stretching for day 7. It feels good to push hard, as that's really my only stress relief right now. Hoping the work week is a little less chaotic!

    Thelma, I'm praying for your uncle and aunt. So terrifying to get that news. I am waiting to hear one of my family or my husbands has gotten it. Everyone traveled out of the state in the last 2 weeks but us. Someone is bound to get it with the exposure they all had (Florida Spring Break for 3 families, Arizona Spring Break for another and NYC for the other). We are staying far away from our families and well, everyone...can't risk my hubby getting it with his poor track record with pneumonia in the past.

    Laurie, I can only imagine the lack of traffic as more and more places are closed down. I ran to the grocery store the other day and it was mindblowing how little traffic there was. Also, so odd to see so many empty parking lots. I'm used to going somewhere every day as my "out" from working from home and can't get that in anymore. It's been really challenging. I'm hoping with the nicer weather coming this week we can get outside in the yard and get some vitamin D. It's been rainy, snowy and cloudy here for over a week. Blah.

    Laurel, I'm praying for your sisters granddaugher! I don't think anyone is "safe" when it comes to this virus, so all I do is pray for recovery for those that have it. I also keep praying that with spring comes the virus moving out. I know the different health experts say this isn't like the flu, and isn't seasonal BUT, this is the first time we've experienced this virus, and it started during flu season, so I'm just praying it leaves soon.

    Hi Tami, I hope you are well!

    I'll be back on much more this week, I guess that's the silver lining for me :)

  • ThelmaSWThelmaSW Posts: 1,485Member Member Posts: 1,485Member Member
    Hi Ladies, I hope you had a good weekend. Our weekend was quiet and we went for walks up/down our private road. My workouts were not exactly what I was supposed to do but at least I did something. On Friday Restorative Yoga, Saturday walking, Sunday walking, and XT Burn Sets - Chest/Back/Shoulders.

    My uncle took a turn for the worse. He was intubated Sunday morning and the doctors didn't give my aunt much hope. She is devastated and brokenhearted. All I keep thinking is the anguish she must be going through because she can't be with him and may never see his body if he dies. It's been a sad weekend. We're suffering with her.

    It's been a political mess around here. The mayor apparently went on the radio to invite tourists to come to BR! Everyone is all over her case. She doesn't even have a plan to handle this virus emergency. She keeps referring everyone to the CDC or the governor's page! Too bad she's not up for re-election this year. she hasn't ordered the cabin owners to stop renting cabins, or hotels for that matter. She hasn't asked businesses to close because she owns a business herself. It's a scary situation. I found out our little hospital only has FIVE respirators! It's so scary. The good thing is that a lot of businesses are closing their doors on their own. The majority of the businesses here are small. Our biggest store is Walmart, followed by TJMaxx.

    The president of El Salvador has ordered the country to stay in place. Anyone found outside when they shouldn't be will be taken to a quarantine location, even if they don't have the virus.

    Sunday was our 6th full quarantine day and thankfully, we're both ok.

    Laurie, how wonderful that your stress level was down quite a bit on Friday! Happy belated birthday to your dd! Great 30MTF workout!

    Thank you so much for keeping my family in your prayers. They need those prayers so much!
    I'm so glad your dd is staying with you during this time!

    Laurel, great workouts on Friday.
    OMG about your sister's granddaughter may have the virus. It really is a horribly helpless feeling. I hope she doesn't have it. I will keep this baby in my prayers.
    I'm so glad your DH doesn't have to go to the office, unless absolutely necessary. How lucky that AL closed pretty much everything. People here are hating the mayor for not doing anything. There's no way our hospital can handle this virus. We bought med-evac insurance. It only works in a matter of life or limb. I'm sure they'll be very busy because a lot of people buy that insurance here. DH and I haven't had the 'what if one of us gets it" conversation but I will do that. Mostly because I thought about our cats. What happens if we both get it? who will feed our babies? I'm sure he won't like having that conversation and will tell me it will never happen to us.

    Thank you so very much for keeping my family in your prayers. We are all very scared and especially my aunt. She told me yesterday that she couldn't take this anymore and if God had plans to take her that she wanted to go now. So very sad. I've prayed and cried all weekend.
    They live in Desio which is part of Milan. We really can't complain about the care my uncle has gotten. I was telling my aunt that he's really getting the best care he could get. We also found out they were giving hydroxychloroquine. We're not sure if he was getting a z-pack though.

    Hi Erika! I hope your boys aren't going crazy now that they have no choice but to stay home. Great opportunity to get that painting out of the way!
    I wish I could do a couple of little projects during this time but my mind isn't into it given the situation with my family. All I do is think and pray for them all day long.

    I'm so glad your daily workouts are helping you with all that work stress. Good luck this week. I hope work isn't too crazy.

    I hope no one in your families get the virus. You definitely need to make sure your DH isn't exposed to anything.
    Make sure you disinfect all those groceries when you take them home. Any packages I leave outside for a few hours to allow the virus to die. When we bring packages inside the house we put them on 'quarantine' designated chair for a couple of days more.
    I heard over the weekend that you also need to take your clothes off by the door if you've been outside and were exposed to other people. The virus could be in your clothes! OMG! This is horrible!

    I so appreciate those prayers for my family. Thank you so very much! It really is terrifying. I feel so bad for my poor aunt.

    Have a great week ladies!
  • lvnascarlvnascar Posts: 2,580Member Member Posts: 2,580Member Member
    Morning Ladies,

    Had a really nice weekend, it was so relaxing after the high stress levels of last week. I didn't workout at all. That sounds like my normal weekend now. :D I did make two batches of bread (first batch was eaten :o ) and made an apple pie. DH so wanted the pie that I couldn't resist. <3 So this morning I tried out a new workout from Michelle Dozois. It is a series three DVD's call One on One. It has Upper, Lower, Total Body, Core, Mobility, Cardio Strength and Cardio Burn. I did the Upper Body workout this morning. It is structured as a superset, and I'm really feeling my upper body right now. I used 15 and 8's, but had to go down to 12's. All of the workouts are under 30 min.

    Laurel, I'm sorry to hear about your niece, I hope that she is doing well. Great job on your workouts! Even if the states go to lock down, there are still going to be people that will not listen. Just look at NYC and the parks this weekend. That is the hot bed right now, and they just don't seem to get it. Gov. Cuomo was seriously mad at the Mayor and people.

    Erika, Great job with your workouts. I have been doing the 30 min for quite a while, and it has been working for me. I love that you are getting some really good painting done on the house. I actually have not been to a store, my dd and dh are the ones that have been doing those trips. My car goes to work and home, except on Monday and Thursday when Rocket goes to daycare. We also are trying to stay away from family. DH even went so far as to install the app on his mothers computer, so that he can fix her computer issues from our house. She usually asks him to stop at her place once a week to handle issues with her computer. (Usually of her own making). One time she said that she lost google. :D

    Thelma, I'm so sorry to hear about your Uncle, I hope that everything turns for the better for him. I will continue to keep all of your family in my prayers. Wow on your Mayor, I'm surprised that she is able to do anything like that. We have counties that are restricting people coming up into northern WI. They would have a really hard time handling this crisis with their hospitals in that area. Some of the people in IL own cabins up north and have been heading up there for this quarentine.

    Everyone take care and have a great day!
  • StiringWendelStiringWendel Posts: 2,787Member Member Posts: 2,787Member Member
    Hi Ladies! Our weekend was pretty quiet with lots of little chores around the house. I did venture out to the grocery store and Lowe’s with DH on Saturday and, on one hand, it was good to be out. On the other.....not so much. DH made several runs to the hardware store this weekend, which has me feeling a bit unsettled. But outside of the restaurants and such being closed, there appears to be few business closures here yet. I wish that were different, but, because it is not, DH is at work three days this week and probably a couple during next week. I am beginning to wonder if I will ever sleep again....and it has only been two weeks since we cancelled our hotel reservation in Florida! If I could just keep my DH home, I would feel so much better but, as he said this morning, he really doesn’t have a choice when it comes to work. But I told him the trips to the hardware store are over.

    No really update on my grand niece. They are able to keep her fever in check with Tylenol, but there has been no improvement either. I so hope this is another virus and not corona virus, but there really is no telling right now.

    For workouts, on Saturday I did a walk with Jessica Smith and 20 minutes of yoga with Kristin McGee. Yesterday was Pure Strength Legs followed by a 30 minute HiiT spin with Peloton. Today was Burn Sets Chest, Back and Shoulders and XT Core 1 followed by Rockout Knockout.

    Thelma, I am so sorry to hear about your uncle. My heart is breaking for your aunt. I cannot begin to imagine her anguish. I am glad to hear he is being well taken care of given what I have heard about the hospital overloads in that area. So sad. I am glad you were able to get out for some walks and great job with the yoga and Burn Sets workout given how sad you must feel right now. I can’t believe your mayor, to be honest, but then again....I can because it is happening everywhere. The governor of Florida was talking about how many people keep coming into the state from New York and I just shake my head. Italy was out there as a perfect example of what not to do and yet, we are following in their direction. I am just glad you are able to stay home and keep yourself sequestered as much as possible right now.

    Erika, I am glad you used this weekend to start tackling some home projects. One of the reasons DH was out so much is because each project he starts seems to be leading to two more. :o I think he just wants to stay busy. :) He is also not concerned about getting the virus, which is his usual approach to illness. Me, on the other hand.....different story. But I am a germaphobe, so that is only natural for me. Great workouts!

    Laurie, I am so glad you enjoyed the weekend and felt more relaxed! I am so hoping to get there some day soon. I just need to keep my mind from running for three hours or so in the middle of the night. But that has been an issue for me long before the coronavirus, so..... :( . I like the sound of the new workouts, especially the time length. No dread factor for me at all for workouts under 30 minutes. Regarding the states and lock down, I am such a rule follower and a literalist that, to me, lock down or shelter in place mean, well, just that. I was stunned to read yesterday that in ‘locked down’ Los Angeles, hair and nail salons were still open until yesterday, and the beaches are open. :o That’s not quite what I imagine when I hear ‘Stay Home’. I do think the mixed messaging is a problem. But, sadly, even when the message is clear, people are ignoring it. :s

    Until tomorrow.

  • 2BLean2BLean Posts: 2,323Member, Premium Member Posts: 2,323Member, Premium Member
    Hi Ladies ~ Weekend was pretty good. It is really hard to remain calm while DH is “spinning” around me. We did venture out to Costco late on Saturday for more supplies. . . . not my idea but his because he is still worried we aren't ready to be locked up in the house for weeks if it comes to that. It was actually the best Costco experience I have ever had. I guess all the panic people were there in the a.m. We were even able to snag some paper towels that had just been rolled out. Workouts were LITE Metabolic Blast + Calorie Crush & Abs pre-mix followed by a fabulous Peloton ride. Very uplifting and positive <3 Yesterday I decided on S&S Giant Sets Lower (x2 pre-mix) + another Peloton ride. Today is our 24th Wedding Anniversary. I told DH this a.m. that we will never forget this one. We will have dinner at home of course and he said he would cook, so that is nice. Will get my workout in when I get home. I am at work today, an extra PC was put in my office to take home and set up; Wednesday will be my day to try that out. Currently our main door is locked and it is appt only, moving to all online unless absolutely necessary. Every day can change though.

    Laurel: Great job on the workouts! That is so frightening to hear about your nephew. Prayers and healthy vibes to him and your sister too, poor little guy. Your weekend does sound nice other than of course the day to day worries as we all are. My DH is actually making me feel worse and that would break his heart to know that, but his panic and going to the store constantly is not fun. I did talk to my sister and yes, definitely mixed messages there. They have a stay at home order in LA so that is what they are doing other than to walk the dogs down the block and back. She is continuing to work online from home.

    Erika: I cannot even imagine the stress level you are under with your job right now. Right in the middle of it all. I did tell my sister the other day I keep feeling so overwhelmed with the affect it has on absolutely everyone. A piece of goodness with that being said is that we are all in it together. Way to go keeping up with the workouts. It is always my one piece of normal and feels so good during hard times. Hang in there lady and I am glad your son is doing better too.

    Thelma: Prayers prayers and more prayers for your Aunt. It is heart breaking to hear these stories and I hope so much she can get better. I am sure you are beyond frightened and heart sick for her. Good job getting in your workout over the weekend and staying active. Day-by-day is all we can do right now.

    Laurie: I am happy for you that you had such a nice relaxing weekend. If my DH could settle himself down even for a few minutes it would help. He had horrible nightmares on Saturday and woke up twice in a full sweat, heart racing, yelling, etc. Awful. That’s ok you didn’t workout. Whatever feels good right now for you is what you should be doing. Yum on the breadsticks! Your workout this a.m. with Michelle sounds great! I haven’t visited her in a while. I bet it was awesome.

    Stay safe and healthy ladies ~ talk to you tomorrow Tami
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  • ThelmaSWThelmaSW Posts: 1,485Member Member Posts: 1,485Member Member
    Hi Ladies, my workouts today were Beginner/Gentle Yoga and LITE Pyramid Pump Lower Body. This Pyramid workout used lite weights but it was a killer workout! I think it was my first time doing this workout.

    My uncle is still intubated. The doctor told my aunt he was still having problems breathing and he wasn't responding to his heart med. My family in El Salvador is doing ok thankfully. I've not slept well since my uncle was hospitalized. I wake up every hour and check my phone to see if my aunt has called or texted. I'm so afraid to miss her call. He is alive still and that gives me hope.

    We had a very rainy day today. The heavy rain started overnight. We're expecting a cloudy day tomorrow, some rain and temps in the 50's.
    I think we may be in quarantine from 3/24-4/7 per the governor. He didn't really order people to stay in place but we are staying in place. We have plenty of food and have no reason to go out.

    Laurie, I'm so glad you had a nice and relaxing weekend! I bet your family enjoyed the fresh bread and apple pie! Great job getting an upper body workout this morning! It sounds like a really good workout!

    Thank you so much for keeping my family in your prayers. It really sounds like our mayor is pretty useless. The governor issues some restrictions for bars and large gatherings but didn't order the state to stay in place. Some mayors have already ordered their counties to stay in place. Not ours, in fact, they don't have a meeting until Wednesday it seems! People don't think that going to their cabins to do their quarantine is not very smart. These small towns don't have large hospitals!

    Laurel, quiet weekends are awesome as far as I'm concerned. You two were adventurous by going out to the stores!
    I also wished everything would shut down around here but is not happening. I can't believe your DH has to go to the office three days this week! Why does his boss keep changing his mind? I totally understand your worry and the lack of sleep.
    I pray your DH will be safe during this time. Good for you for telling him the trips to the hardware store are over.

    I am glad your grand niece's fever has responded to Tylenol. I hope it's not the coronavirus. Was she tested?

    Great job getting your workouts in even when you're worried.

    My poor aunt! I really think she could use tranquilizers at this point but there's no way they can get her any meds since they're in quarantine. I am so glad I've been able to workout. I almost didn't do the Burn Sets workout but I eventually did it late in the day. Today's yoga class did me so much good because I was actually able to stay focused.
    It makes me angry that so many people are not taking this virus seriously. Italy is really the best example of what not to do. I can't believe the number of cases in NY! We are going to stay home for as long as we possibly can. What a blessing that DH works from home!

    Tami, glad you had a nice weekend and a happy 24th wedding anniversary! I am with your DH in making sure we have enough supplies! LOL
    Great job with those workouts! Good luck trying your new laptop at home! I hope you don't have any reason to go to the office for a few weeks.

    Thank you so much for those prayers. Italy's situation is really heartbreaking. I am very frightened and heartsick for my aunt. I really think she needs tranquilizers so she can cope. I'll have to ask her if she can have her doctor prescribe something and maybe her friend can take them to her. Who knows though because they have a shelter in place order in Italy. So true, one-day-at-a-time is all we can do right now.

    I found this funny meme on FB and I thought it was perfect for those of you worried about being quarantined at home with your husbands.

    Goodnight ladies!
  • lvnascarlvnascar Posts: 2,580Member Member Posts: 2,580Member Member
    Morning Ladies,

    This morning my workout was Michelle's One on One Lower Body. The only thing that I didn't care for with this workout was the cool down. Not a lot of stretching. Still a good workout. Our Governor has issued a Safer at Home. We really don't know what that means right now, but hopefully the information will get out today in a clearer format than the tweet that we got yesterday. :/ We of course will still be essential, and getting a letter to be able to go to work.

    Laurel, Awesome job on the workouts! Will keep your niece in my prayers, and I'm glad to hear that they are keeping the fever in check with Tylenol. The one problem with this time of the year is it is cold and flu season, so you really don't know if you are actually sick with this virus or not. They have done over 7000 test in this state, and the verified positives are just over 400. So all those other people had something else. I sure can understand you DH's need to work. My DH is going crazy, and that is mostly because of his boss and all the impossible things that he wants to happen. I think that instead of closing the college completely, they should have done a gradual close with the tv station. That way they could find out if everyone had the systems they needed to do things from home. For you these workouts would probably be an add on. :D I will be using my weighted vest on the lower body workout in the future, because it was to difficult to use the 20lb weights that I wanted.

    Tami, Happy Anniversary! I hope that you enjoyed your meal cooked by your DH. Great job on the workouts also. I hope that your DH starts to relax, that is very scary that he is going through such stress. Glad that your shopping experience was a good one. That is one thing that I have not had to do. It gives DH a chance to get out of the house, besides walking the dog. He said that he was going on a long walk today. ;) I'm past the anyx right now, it really really helped to not listen to the media anymore.

    Thelma, Great job on the workout, that one is really a good one. I will keep hoping and praying that you receive some good news for your Uncle. Your Aunt has been in my prayers to give her strength to get through this. Every state, county and local is handling this situation in a different way that is for sure. It can get kind of confusing, and frustrating at times.

    Have a great day!
  • StiringWendelStiringWendel Posts: 2,787Member Member Posts: 2,787Member Member
    Hi Ladies! Well, I actually slept last night so today’s workout felt great. I did a 45 minute HiiT and Hills Peloton ride followed by 45 minutes of yoga with Kristin McGee. No change in my grand niece’s condition, but I am beginning to think that is good news for her. At least I hope. To get myself to be able to sleep last night, I decided to limit my news intake, including no news in the evening. It seemed to help.

    Tami, I am glad to hear they are working towards getting you to be able to work from home. But I am sorry to hear your DH is so anxious about this. To be honest, I have been right there with him with the nightmares and middle of the night panic attacks. That’s why I have to limit the news right now because I just can’t deal with the full reality of what is happening and my increasing frustration on how it is being addressed (or not addressed as is the case in Alabama right now). I hope he can get to a point where he can turn it off a bit as well. Great workouts! I am glad your trip to Costco went well. How often can anybody really say that?!? :D

    Thelma, great workout! Isn’t that LITE Pyramid Lower Body such a good one? So tough. Anyway, I am glad your uncle is fighting this, but I cannot imagine your aunt’s stress. She must feel so helpless and alone. My heart just breaks for her. And for you. Please take care of yourself. I wouldn’t call us ‘adventurous’ for going out this weekend. More like ‘stupid’. But I was beginning to feel a little crazy locking myself in when, by and large, everybody else around me is kind of carrying on as normal. People are still working on the houses next to us, neighbors and DH are going to work, people are still doing lawn care and cleaning homes.....and I had locked myself in the house. I think I needed to go out and just see how I felt.....and I now know that, mentally, I am better at home. About my DH’s work, we always knew he was going to need to work a few days this week. Because he is a Department of Defense contractor, his job would be considered essential. And the system he has been building is in its final stage of testing this week before they send it up to the military base in Alaska. So......I wish it wasn’t so, but I don’t get a vote. :p But at least the number of people he is in contact with is limited, so that helps. I love that meme! Made me smile. I will be praying for your aunt and uncle.

    Laurie, great workout, but I am sorry to hear there was no stretching. That doesn’t make sense to me, but I really need the stretches these days. I saw that order by your governor yesterday. I am so confused right now with so many states shutting down and the federal government indicating they might lift federal restrictions as early as next week. :o The thought here in Alabama (or so I read this morning) is the governor may not increase restrictions and may actually relax some in response to that, which is about opposite of where I think we should be headed. is all a mess right now, which doesn’t help the stress levels for sure. Thank goodness for my workouts, the calming influence of my DH, books, and wine or else I might be really crazy! :D

    See you tomorrow.

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  • fitzfourfitzfour Posts: 1,226Member Member Posts: 1,226Member Member
    Hi Ladies,

    Yesterday was a good day...the sun was out for the first time in weeks and the temps were out of the 30's too. We went on a walk, and I also did a virtual happy hour with a girlfriend, as we had to cancel our live one. I slept good the night before and had a great workout. Work is definitely slowing down a lot. I like it more in the middle...busy enough for time to pass quickly, but not everyone in a panic. Now, I think I'm down to just a handful of clients still with their doors open, thus why it's so quiet.

    We haven't left the house in a couple days. I'm picking up groceries curbside on Thursday, but that's it for us. We are staying away from family and friends, as everyone around us has put themselves at some sort of risk (ie, air travel, being around lots of people, etc). We're hanging in there, but honestly I don't even think we've hit the bad part of this whole stay at home movement.

    Thelma, I'm praying so very hard for your uncle. We had a prayer candle from my youngest son's confirmation group that we are supposed to light when we want to pray for someone/something. Needless to say, the candle is all burned down :( I know all too well what that feeling is like waiting for a call or text. I went through the same situation with my dad several years ago...he was intubated and it was literally minute to minute. He spent 2 full weeks intubated with a 5% survival rate each day and somehow pulled through. I pray your uncle can do the same!
    Good job getting some fresh air and workouts as you're able!

    Tami, Happy Anniversary! Sounds wonderful having a homecooked meal by DH! I hope you are keeping busy enough with work to pass the time, and the workouts are helping keep some sort of sanity!

    Laurel, I'm with you...I'm a complete germaphobe but only if I let myself think about it. I work really hard to distract my mind, otherwise I go crazy thinking of all the germs (esp. having a hubby and 2 boys...boys just really don't have the same worry about germs!). I worry about exposure everytime one of us leaves the house (it's just been me and hubby for the last 2 boys haven't even left the yard!), but hopefully everyone is being extra careful! I'm praying for your great niece as well!

    Laurie, I heard about the governor's stay at home order starting today as I have a couple co workers and lots of clients in WI. I'm sure we aren't too far behind with it being mandated...right now it's just a recommendation to stay home in MN and all non-essential businesses are closed. Nice work on getting in the challenging workouts...anything from Michelle always is a killer workout!

    Sending lots of healing prayers for those that need it and some healthy vibes for others!

  • 2BLean2BLean Posts: 2,323Member, Premium Member Posts: 2,323Member, Premium Member
    Hi Ladies ~ We had a pretty nice dinner at home last night. He cooked one of our favorites, which is a Thai Coconut Milk Shrimp with fresh cilantro over rice. YUM. He felt he messed it up because he poured too much Coconut Milk on it but I thought it was really good. Today’s workout is a Peloton Ride when I get home and upper body tomorrow a.m. Thank you for the Anniversary wishes ladies.

    Thelma: Way to go with your workouts today! I absolutely love the LITE Pyramid Lower workout. Truly a tough one and all of my favorite moves included. No dread factor other then I usually get some DOMS from it. LOL Please keep us posted on your Aunt and of course I will continue to pray for her. My sister has some friends in Italy and she is very worried about them. So scary. So tomorrow is supposed to be my “trial at home work” day. They sent me home with a PC because our boss cannot find laptops in any of the stores that are open. SO I am going to try and set it up again tonight. Our IT guy forgot to include an ethernet cable so it was a “no go” last night. Love the meme. I better learn how to knit! (joking … sort of). I saw a funny post on IG today it said:

    “I used to treat a toilet paper roll like I was spinning the wheel of fortune, now I treat it like I am cracking open the lock to a safe” so true and hilarious. :D:D:D

    Laurie: Good job getting in another one of Micelle’s workouts! Sounds like a good one. We are still day-by-day at work I guess. It is sort of unclear but feel it will be a State mandated order to stay at home very soon, following suit with the states bordering us. There aren’t a lot of staff members prepared for this, which scares me. I think our boss is just kind of “testing” it out and then we come back but myself and three others are the only people I know who will be trying it out. YIKES. I truly hope my DH starts to relax too. It kind of sucks right now being at work because I am bored whitless and feel that uselessness again and at home I feel uneasy with his nerves all bundled up and constant nattering. We don’t watch the news at all anymore.

    Laurel: Way to go with the Peloton Ride and Yoga. I am so glad you actually slept last night. I am dedicated to sticking to this rotation with you ladies so tomorrow I will make sure I get up and get that upper body done that I missed yesterday; will combine all together I think .. following what Thelma did yesterday with Burn Sets. I am sorry you are sharing similar feelings that my DH is feeling …. Knowing what his anx level is not fun. Last night he said he was feeling better. Maybe because he was putting on his brave face for me since it was our Anniversary. I don’t know. Trying to be as calm as I can for him but it makes me feel the feels forsure.

    Erika: Such a difference when the sun comes out. We had beautiful weather last week which was so refreshing in light of all the panic happening around the community, world, etc. Now it is rainy, snow tomorrow, sunshine, rain and gray all mixed throughout the day. I am glad things have slowed down slightly for you, that is good to hear and I am sure gives you a moment to catch your breath. DH is with you on not even being at the bad part of the stay at home movement. We have such limited cases in our county that people aren’t taking it as serious as it can and probably will be. But the fact we border a state that is a hot spot (Washington State/Seattle is scary) So hoping everyone gets on the same page soon in our area. Our Governor is being pretty quiet and slow to react in my opinion. Only “necessary” businesses are open …. Not sure that real estate and tile companies are necessary but our boss thinks so.

    Please stay safe and healthy my friends .... I will check in with you all tomorrow! Tami

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  • ThelmaSWThelmaSW Posts: 1,485Member Member Posts: 1,485Member Member
    Hi Ladies! My workouts today were Yoga Basics, JS HIIT Cardio & Core and XT Burn Sets Biceps & Triceps.
    My heart rate monitor died! I think I just need a replacement strap because the transmitter part seems OK. I ordered a new strap so I hope that is the issue.

    My uncle remains in a stable state. No progress in either direction. His kidneys seem to be acting up but I don't know anything else. My aunt was much calmer today. One of her neighbors saw her when she went out to the balcony and asked her if she needed anything. She needed some groceries and the lady happened to have that at home and two minutes later she rang my aunt's doorbell. Thank God for sending her this angel. I was worried about how she'd get food!

    Thank you all so much for keeping my family in your prayers. We all appreciate your prayers very much.

    The rain here has been incredibly heavy. The thunder this morning was very loud and I think they were right above our house because the house was shaking.

    Laurie, I'm glad you were able to get a nice leg workout in. It's a good thing that your dd and DH don't have to worry about going out and that you will get a letter from work.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for those prayers, Laurie!
    It really is confusing about the way every state is handling this situation in different ways.

    Laurel, great workout combo!
    I think that if your niece is stable then, it sounds like a good thing. At least that is how I feel about my uncle's stable condition. So glad you slept better last night!

    I can't get over how hard that Pyramid Pump workout was! I actually have DOMS!
    My aunt definitely feels helpless and alone. it is really sad. At least she sounded calmer today and that calms me down.
    It sounds like you needed to go out to see how everything looked like outside the safety of your home. I'm getting this crazy idea of making a quick trip to the supermarket 'before' the virus gets here. My aunt would kill me if I told her I'm thinking of doing that! I am also frustrated about how this virus situation is NOT being handled here at all.
    I was hoping your DH would be able to work from home, but if his job requires him to be there in person he must do it. Let's pray he'll be safe. He just has to make sure he follows the protection guidelines. Thanks so much for praying for my family!

    Erika, I'm glad you had a good day on Monday. Great idea to have a virtual party with your friend! Sorry, your job is slowing down. I bet it will pick up really quickly once people return to work.

    Thank you so very much for your prayers. Thanks for making him part of that special candle prayer. I am so glad your dad was able to recover from his illness with such a low survival rate! I pray my uncle recovers just like your dad did too!

    Tami, I'm so glad you had a nice anniversary dinner! That Thai dish sounds wonderful! Great job getting that Peloton ride in!

    I wasn't expecting that Pyramid workout to be so tough because it was part of the LITE series! WRONG! I actually have some DOMS from it today!
    I will keep you posted about my aunt and my uncle. Thank you for your prayers. We really appreciate them.
    I'm sure your sister is worried about her friends in Italy. It's a scary situation.
    I'm not surprised your boss wasn't able to find laptops. Lots of people must've bought them in order to work from home. A lot of businesses are closed too. At least you a computer that will allow you to work from home.
    You can ask Laurel or Laurie to knit that wonderful "necktie" for your DH!!!
    OMG, that TP meme! That is me now! I used to loosely fold the paper into squares and now I fold it tightly and into a rectangular shape. I am actually saving lots of TP!

    Goodnight ladies!
  • lvnascarlvnascar Posts: 2,580Member Member Posts: 2,580Member Member
    Morning Ladies,

    I made it to work before the officials could stop me. :D:D:D On a serious note, the traffic was the same as yesterday. The Safer at Home order is kind of a farce as far as I can tell. They won't let anyone cut hair, but you can give someone a massage. :| Anyway this morning my workout was Michelle's One on One Cardio Burn. First segment of this one seems to be pretty fast. This is in her normal style of Base, Assent, Climb and Peak. It was short, so only 2 Blocks of cardio. Overall it was a good workout, and I just need to do it again to get used to it.

    Laurel, Nice job on the workouts! For sure keeping your niece in the prayer chain, and I'm glad to hear so far so good. It will be nice to see what the Mobility workout is like in this Michelle series. I'm hoping that it is a good one. I'm going to guess that this week will really be a determining factor in how the spread has been going. NYC is of course the worst. We may all be walking around with masks this summer, should make for some interesting tan lines. :D

    Erika, I'm sure that it is really different having the whole gang home with you. How far are you into finishing up the Kelly workouts? I have always wanted to try going through her workouts starting at the beginning, but have never really sat down and put them in categories to create a rotation. Like I stated above, the dictate that was put out for WI isn't all that tight. We just need to have a letter with us, and I don't think that anyone is really going to be stopped. I think that our neighborhood is more dangerous than it is going into work. I had to dodge so many people walking yesterday it was crazy. :D

    Tami, That meal really does sound wonderful. Great job on the workout! I'm sure that is a bit different with the DH home and not having any sports to watch. Has he been watching the rugby that they have been playing on the sports channels? I was talking to our oldest yesterday and she has her letter, so she is an employee that can move around also. So it is only dd and myself that have the letters. My DH has the FEMA official one, but he is at home unless there is an emergency. I think he is going a little crazy, but today is suppose to be in the 50's so maybe he can get outside and clean up some of the debris in the yard. And the debris is the doggy variety. :D

    Thelma, Awesome job on the workouts! Sorry to hear about the strap not working. Good news on your Uncle, and that your Aunt has that Angel to help her out. I believe in the power of prayer, so everyone is in my prayers through this whole thing. I'm sure that in the next few weeks there will be things that we need to do differently to protect the most vulnerable, but we can't be shut down for to long. Even in Germany they are still manufacturing, because we where told that parts will still be available for our production equipment. I'm trying to end everyone's message with some happiness, and was having a hard time for you. Then I thought of that wonderful dog that you had in your yard recently, and it brought some wonderful thoughts about how much fun it was having it chase the turkeys. :D

    Have a great day!
  • StiringWendelStiringWendel Posts: 2,787Member Member Posts: 2,787Member Member
    Hi Ladies! Today’s workout was Burn Sets Bi’s and Tri’s followed by Party Rockin’ Step 2 73 minute premix. It felt great.

    The update on my grand niece was more positive yesterday. She didn’t need any Tylenol until the afternoon, but her cough is still bad. That she is showing improvement at all has me hopeful.

    But, boy, did we have a night last night. :o We knew there were storms in the area, but because I have decided no news in the evening, DH and I were watching a very silly movie (‘Dodgeball’), and drinking a glass of wine and feeling pretty normal.....until all the tornado warnings went off. Our phones, the sirens outside the house.....everything. So we quickly turn on the local news and there is this big red weather cell right over our house and the anchor people saying ‘everybody in this area, take shelter immediately!’ DH looks at me and says ‘We should go.....but I am going to finish my wine first’. :D Made me laugh at least. We did run outside to move the patio furniture and plants to try to prevent them from being tossed around, but the second the hail hit, we went into the pantry (the smallest, most interior room in the house). We could still here the TV people yelling for people to shelter NOW! The storm pushed through pretty quickly and, thankfully, the little mountain we live on pushed it to the south so it didn’t pass over the more populated areas. I don’t think it ever produced a tornado, but it was wicked. Our yard is full of tree branches, it blew the portapotty at the construction site next door all the way down the road :o , and still managed to move our patio furniture around despite it being tucked away. Not too many storms scare me anymore, but there was that ‘tornado roar’ with this one that got me pretty alarmed for a few minutes. My heart bleeds for the people in Mississippi who had this storm come through a few hours before us who lost everything. I just cannot even imagine that right now with everything else going on.

    Erika, sunshine seems to make all the difference. We had just a few glimpses of it yesterday afternoon, and my mood soared with just those few minutes. I am glad your work is calming down some to a happy medium. I am glad you are being safe and staying home as much as possible, especially because of your DH’s lung issues. Honestly, I have no clue in what direction all of this is taking us. They asked the governor of Alabama yesterday if she was going to order ‘stay at home’ and her answer was ‘No, this isn’t New York or California or even Louisiana’, and I still don’t quite know what that means. We have cases here, hospitals are getting full.....and I just watched my neighbor get some patio furniture delivered, :o:o It doesn’t make sense to me at all. I would much prefer everybody be under a stay at home order right now.

    Tami, I forgot to wish you Happy Anniversary yesterday! Happy Anniversary!! I am glad you enjoyed a nice meal and, hopefully, your DH is truly beginning to feel a bit better. I know I am. I realize that I can only do so much and the rest (which is an enormous amount) is completely out of my control. Getting angry at irresponsible people or the government or whatever was only hurting me. So I can stay inside, keep everything clean and try not to drive my DH crazy for things he can’t control either (like his job). My mind is well suited for carrying every possibility to its worst outcome (which is not a good trait) but I think that is a form of self defense because if I can imagine the worst case and try to figure out how I would react, I feel ‘prepared’. Your DH sounds like somebody who likes to be prepared too. I really hope he can find you can find peace too. About the rotation, I think we will all be playing it a bit loosely right now......but I know it helps me to have some idea of a workout every day. It makes me feel normal, even if it means deciding ‘no, I don’t feel like that’. At least I am starting from somewhere.

    Thelma, I am SO glad you didn’t get quite the same storm we had last night, though it sounds like you got part of it. They said it was moving into north Georgia and I was thinking ‘This is the last thing Thelma needs right now!’ I am also glad your uncle is staying stable and your aunt felt a little calmer. How wonderful of her neighbor to bring her some food. There are angels in this world. I so completely understand you wanting to run to the supermarket ‘before’ the virus hits. That is exactly how I felt last weekend. I won’t be going anymore though. Since DH has to work, I will probably have him pick the few things we need up when he is already out. I would prefer to stay home, and he has no problem being out. I saw that Atlanta had issued a stay at home order. I truly don’t understand how any of this can be effective if only some people are put under those orders. I mean, New York is ‘stay at home’, but Florida had to implement quarantine for those people from New York flying into the state. But, in a move that makes little sense, that same quarantine does not apply to people from New York driving into the state. So I am not sure how ‘stay at home’ translates into ‘let’s hop into the car and drive to Florida’. This frustration is why I can’t watch the news anymore! :D Anyhow, great job with the workouts.

    Laurie, that is so nice of you wanting to share positivity with all of us. Thank you! You did make me smile with the tan line joke! I cannot begin to imagine a face mask in the Alabama heat and humidity. Between that and my fuzzy half-gray and untrimmed hair.....I think I will be just staying in for the summer. :D:D That is SO strange that people can still give massages under your ‘safer at home’ order. But you did clarify for me that you really are issued documents when these orders go into effect. I have read about people needing to show their papers in Europe, and I wondered how that translated here. We will probably never know since, as I mentioned above, apparently Alabama is immune because it is not New York. :# Anyhow, sounds like an interesting workout. Sometimes it takes a few tries with new ones like that, especially if they move quickly. I will be curious about her mobility workout. I have only done one of her workouts (Body Fit 360, Vol 1), but was impressed with her range of motion moves in that. I really should do that one again soon!

    Enjoy the day.

  • fitzfourfitzfour Posts: 1,226Member Member Posts: 1,226Member Member
    Good Evening Ladies!

    Today was KCM RX Sculpt #2. That DVD is great, and that workout was just what I needed today!

    Busier day today for work, but manageable. I can tell we are getting tired of being stuck in the house together as there was a bit of an attitude in the house today. :o We also got our Safer at Home order starting on Friday for 2 weeks. We'll see if that does anything...we've already been in the "stay home" mode and non essential businesses were already closed to begin with. Schools start online schooling next week and go until at least the first week in May. Thank goodness for my work Zoom account to keep me sane...I'm scheduling coffee meetings and happy hours to keep social. If you ladies are ever interested in an evening "happy hour" I've got a Zoom room for work that I'm able to use to connect us all. Might be kind of fun!

    Laurel, wow that storm sounds scary! I'd be in the same boat as you...I am trying to tune out of the news for some time each day to just focus on something else, and everytime I do something big happens! Glad you are safe and no tornadoes! Good news on your great niece!

    Laurie, are they actually checking people out on the roads there (or talking about it)? I don't know what the plan is here, but it's very quiet on the roads (and I'm in a pretty busy area). I'm heading out tomorrow afternoon to pick up groceries to go, that will be the first time out of my house since Sunday!

    Tami, your dinner sounds amazing...I'd love that dish! Glad you had some nice time with your hubby and a nice anniversary!

    Thelma, I'm glad to hear your uncle is stable and also that your aunt has someone to check in on her and make sure she has what she needs. I'll keep the prayers coming!!

    Stay safe, and I'm trying to send the sunshine to all of us...hopefully soon! :)

  • ThelmaSWThelmaSW Posts: 1,485Member Member Posts: 1,485Member Member
    Hi Ladies, I only did my Gentle yoga class today. My mind just wasn't into working out.

    The virus is already in our county. We have one case but since it takes about a week to get results this case is a week old. Rumor has it that we have up to three cases. Our town has ordered us to shelter in place until 4/15, but people can still go out for walks as long as they keep their distance. The usual places such as supermarkets, hardware stores, pharmacies, etc. will remain open.
    One of our friends offered to get us some groceries today which was so sweet and thoughtful. I had her get us bread, eggs, and bananas. This big favor will allow us to shelter in place for about a month.

    My uncle is not doing well. His left ventricle isn't pumping right. I got second-hand info so I'm not sure what is going on. My aunt sent me a text and I think the pump action doesn't work when they turn him. The doctor told Tita to prepare for the worst. Their friend the doctor told my aunt not to worry about him suffering because he is sedated. My poor aunt, of course, is the one suffering. I didn't call her today because I know she doesn't want to talk. She is just too sad and I believe depressed. My aunt begged me not to go out because this virus is terrible.
    Please pray for my aunt. I don't know how that broken heart of hers will ever recover from this.

    Laurie, good job getting to work before the officials stopped you! How is it possible that someone can still get a massage? That doesn't make sense! People don't seem to take these shelter in place orders. Great job with your workout!

    Thank you so much for your prayers. We definitely need to save our economy and people need to get back to work. I hope we can slow this virus down. I'm glad your company will be able to get the parts you need to continue production.
    Luna the dog was fun to have around. She recently made the lost and found pages again. She made herself at home at a rental and the guests were worried about her. I quickly recognized her! LOL
    You're so sweet about thinking of ending my paragraph with something positive! Thank you!

    Laurel, fantastic workout combo!! I am so happy about your grand niece's progress! Coughs are so hard to get rid of! She definitely is showing signs of improvement.
    I love the movie Dodgeball! LOL. How scary about the tornado warnings! We had a lot of rain last night but no warnings. Funny about your DH wanting to finish his wine before you took shelter. Thank God the storm pushed through quickly and that your mountain pushed it to the south! Thank God you're both safe!
    I can't believe the portapotty go blown down the street! OMG, the poor people in Mississippi! I've been away from the news for the last few days so I had no idea!

    I am so glad we only got the heavy rain last night. I don't know that my heart or my mind could've handled a tornado at this time.
    It really was nice of my aunt's neighbor to get her the food she needed. Thankfully God sent us an angel today and we really don't have to go to the supermarket. Good idea for you not to go out because your DH can pick things up for you.
    I totally agree with you about not seeing how we will flatten the curb when not everyone has to shelter in place. People are taking these stay at home orders as a time to go on vacation. It makes me so angry that people can be so selfish!

    Erika, so glad you picked a workout that made you feel really good today! I'm glad your work kept you a little busier today. It's a good thing the boys will have to start online school so hopefully, the attitude issues will go away. Zoom is great and it is the tool my yoga studio is using for our classes. I think it would be fun to do a happy hour!
    Thank you so much for your prayers. It really doesn't sound like he's going to make it. Keep my aunt in your prayers, please.

    I think our temps will be in the 70's tomorrow and 80's on Friday.

    Have a goodnight ladies!
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