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  • lvnascarlvnascar Posts: 2,580Member Member Posts: 2,580Member Member
    Morning Ladies,

    This morning was Michelle's One on One Total Body. This was a good metabolic strength workout.

    Laurel, What a scary night you had, and very glad to hear that you are safe. Very glad to hear about your niece, and I hope that she has a speedy recovery. Great job on your workout, that sure was a good long one. ;) I never really thought about the heat factor with the mask, I'm sure that would really be uncomfortable. We have been having people from IL venture into our area, and they are suppose to be Stay at Home just like us. The mandate that we where given had the state parks open for free. One of our guys goes to these parks all the time, and he said that yesterday there where so many people there. Of course they where keeping the social distance. One of the things that Michelle can do is move, and those 360 workout are fun to do.

    Erika, Nice job with the Kelly workout! Love the sound of a happy hour, but you might see me crocheting. :D No they are not checking and stopping people. The police have way to much to do. My DH is the grocery store person, so we have been well stocked at home. I'm glad about that, because once I get home I just want to decompress. Although he really has been enjoying my cooking lately. :D

    Thelma, I'm sorry to hear about your Uncle's condition. I will continue to pray, and of course give your Aunt the extra special one for strength. I'm sure that her emotions are out of control right now. How nice of your neighbor to do that for you, and that you are now set for a month. Hopefully they do slow the virus down, and are able to have a vaccine before the flu starts up again in September.

    Have a wonderful day!
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    Hi Ladies! I tried to workout with Cathe live again today....and did for almost 40 minutes before it kicked me back to the beginning again (just like last week). But, unlike last week, I opted not to start over again. The workout was a total body workout, and I was on the last grouping of exercises (legs, chest and back), and since I am planning an upper body workout tomorrow, I decided I had done enough of that particular workout. After a break, I decided to do my planned workout for today, which was Lower Body Trisets and Cardio Supersets from Cathe’s Low Impact Series. Loved them both today. We are going to be in the 80s :o the next few days, so I took advantage of DH being home, and made him go on a long walk with me as well. Felt so nice to be in the warm sunshine and able to see more trees budding. He will need to work Saturday and one day next week, but then he should be home most of the time. I am looking forward to that.

    The bad news is my little grand niece took a turn for the worse yesterday with a higher fever and worse cough. Thankfully neither parent shows any signs of the illness yet, which is good. I have read this happens with coronavirus, so hopefully yesterday was her ‘peak’ and now she will recover.

    Erika, I love the idea of a Zoom Happy Hour! I will have to figure out Zoom, but that isn’t a problem. I am glad your boys will be back at school soon. Hopefully that eases some of the testiness off a bit. I was texting with my sister yesterday and she has her two teenaged daughters and home. And she said everything is great outside when they go for walks and such. But inside things are a bit dicier. No doubt!

    Thelma, I am so sorry to hear about your uncle. I will keep praying for him and your aunt. How wonderful that your neighbor offered to get you groceries! I am hoping I can come up with some sort of situation that makes grocery shopping something we will need to do every ten day or two weeks. My problem is fresh fruit and vegetables, which we kind of live off of. But outside of those items, I am hoping we don’t have to do any major shopping until mid May at the earliest. We have already planted some herbs, tomatoes, cucumber and zucchini, so by summer we should have some fresh veggies of our own. I am sorry the virus has found it’s way to your community. I know our cases in our county are exploding right now, but that is more a sign that they are finally testing than anything. I am sure it was here long before the first case was reported.

    Laurie, great workout! One good thing about living in Alabama is nobody wants to come here. :DB) I think our biggest issue, though, is the Army base and the fact that the space industry here does bring in a lot of business people from outside the area. And now with Birmingham being shut down (it is two hours south of us) more and more people from the rural counties will come here for shopping, so......things are going to get way worse before they get better for sure.

    Until tomorrow.

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    Hello Ladies!

    Today was a nice long walk with the pups and hubby. It hit about 45 today, which felt like's been so cold here! I did virtual happy our on our patio with 2 of my girlfriends, which was so fun. We played apples to apples, trivia and a sketching game too. It was super fun!

    Thelma, I'm praying like crazy. I just can't even believe that this virus is so relentless. We have gotten several claims in our company already, and looks like we'll have more. I just keep praying my weird "psychic" dreams I have from time to time come true. I have been having a repeated dream that this goes away once spring fully hits, much like the flu. I'm praying for you and also for your aunt and uncle!

    Laurel, nothing worse than the workout stopping before it's done. That's my only holdback to going back to Cathe live. I really struggle if there are any interruptions to my workouts...seems I lose all motivation! Good job picking up with the next scheduled workout. Also praying for your great niece. I just wish this virus would go away, I hate knowing people are getting this and feeling terrible!

    Laurie, good thing you have your hubby at the grocery store...that seems to be where everyone's needs are right now...I just got an order delivered to my car that I hope lasts a couple weeks at least. Love your metabolic workout with Michelle!

    Hi Tami!

    If you ladies want to schedule a happy hour, let me know. I currently have Mondays and Thursdays set already (look at me being all social!), but Tuesday or Wednesday would work. I'm open on time too. All I'd need to do is get you ladies the link. I think I have to email it to you, but may be able to post it on here too. I'm in central time zone and anytime 4pm or later works well. Let me know what you all think and I'll see if we can get something lined up!!

  • ThelmaSWThelmaSW Posts: 1,485Member Member Posts: 1,485Member Member
    Hi Ladies, I had a really good workout day today: HIIT Sculpting, Jessica Smith Low Impact Hiit, and LIS TB Trisets-Lower Body Split.
    My replacement HRM strap came today! Yaay!

    We had a really beautiful day. We hit 70 in the afternoon and it was sunny. 80's tomorrow.

    My uncle's condition is the same. I didn't talk to my aunt today but she did speak with my aunt in El Salvador. It seems that she may have gotten her doctor to prescribe a tranquilizer and she started eating 3 days ago. I don't think she's eaten much in over two weeks. Her wonderful neighbor picked up her prescriptions!
    My aunt in El Salvador told me that Tita (my aunt in Italy) told her that she wouldn't recognize her because of the way she looks now. She's very petite and she must've lost a lot of weight, I'm sure she hasn't colored her hair, and of course her grief. She asked us to continue praying for my uncle because she feels that as long as he is alive, there's hope.
    My aunt asked me to tell you how much she appreciates your prayers and to thank you for her.

    Laurie, great job with your workout. It really sounds like a good one!
    Our friends have offered to continue doing our food shopping for us while we're sheltering in place! Thank God! I really hope we can slow this virus down. I don't get how is it that heat kills the virus because it is surviving quite well in hot countries.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for those prayers.

    Laurel, great workout combo. I wonder why the "Cathe live" service has all those problems. I did the LIS Lower Body Trisets too and that wasn't an easy workout. I think my glutes are still sore from the Pyramid workout! Great idea to go for a walk with your DH! I took a short walk today and it felt so good. The warm sunshine did feel wonderful! It will be great having your hubby at home.

    I'm sorry about your grand niece! Is she at home? Hopefully, she'll feel better soon and her parents won't catch it.

    We appreciate those prayers, Laurel. Our neighbor offered to do more food shopping for us which is wonderful. I am giving up fresh fruits and vegetables now. I bought frozen vegetables.
    You are going to have a very nice garden this year too! I wish we could have a garden but we have deer, squirrels, rabbits, and turkeys.
    So far we only have one case of the virus here and all the counties around us have declared health emergencies. I think that is good, but I wish the shelter in place part would be mandatory.

    Erika, how wonderful that you're getting out with your hubby and the pups for those walks! Glad you had warm temps and that you had a fun happy hour with your friends!

    Thank you so very much for your prayers. We are praying like crazy too. This virus is something out of the bible I think.
    I'm sure you're going to be pretty busy soon with lots of claims.
    I hope your psychic dreams come true too!

    Hi Tami!

    Goodnight ladies and have a wonderful weekend!
  • lvnascarlvnascar Posts: 2,580Member Member Posts: 2,580Member Member
    Morning Ladies,

    This morning I did the Mobility and Core workouts. The Core workout was 20 min., and have to say it was really good. It was planks and pilates type moves. The mobility workout was a good stretch, and was 10 min. This weekend I'm going to make my oldest dd some homemade masks, because she is in contact with different people throughout her day. I think it will give her some peace of mind, and ease some anxiety that she is experiencing. I have DH checking out my stash of fabric, so that I don't have to order anything on line and have to pick it up.

    Laurel, Great job on your workouts, but I'm sorry to hear that the live workouts are giving you those problems. Very nice getting out for a walk with the DH. I'm pretty sure that DH will be taking Rocket for a long walk today. The poor dog is pooped from daycare yesterday, but I'm sure he will be ready to go for a walk again. He already had one this morning. I hope that all goes well with you niece, and that this is just the normal course of her illness. I had read similar things about how the fever can come and go. Of course children are so crazy with those fevers anyway. ;) LOL about no one wanting to come to Alabama. The big cities are the areas that are getting hit the worst, probably because of the mass transit aspect. They didn't start making changes to how people get on and off the bus until yesterday, and now they are making it free. That will probably mean that even more people are going to hop on the bus. :o

    Erika, Glad that you where able to get out and enjoy the nice weather. At least nice for our areas. Glad that you had a good time with your virtual party. Since I'm working I wouldn't really be available until after 5:30, and any day of the week is good except Friday's. I to would love for this virus to go away also, but they are saying that it can take up to 18 months. They have been doing some clinical trials on a vaccine, but of course that process takes a while to determine if it works. Message me if you need my e-mail.

    Thelma, Great job on your workouts! Nice that you have your strap also. That weather sounds wonderful, and I'm looking forward to this summer for sure. Continued prayers for you family, and I'm very glad to hear that your Aunt is starting to take care of herself. I think a lot of us will be flooding to see our hair stylist to get our color done. I will probably make my youngest some of those masks, that way she can wear them when we finally get back to moving around. This thing has to move through, but it will still be around all summer and then heat back up when the flu season starts again. China is still having new cases, but not as many.

    Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
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    Hi Ladies! Today’s workout was LIS Upper Body Trisets followed by a 45 minute Peloton ride. Yesterday was a much better day for my little grand niece. Her temperature was 99 all day and her parents felt good enough about that to give her body a break from the Tylenol. Hopefully she is on her road to recovery.

    Thelma, great workouts! That LIS Lower Body Trisets workout always gives me DOMS in my Glutes and hamstrings. I was definitely feeling that in my spin ride today. :o I am glad your aunt is starting to take care of herself. I was wondering how she was feeling given she has the virus as well. I will continue to pray for her and your uncle. Enjoy these warm temperatures!

    Erika, aren’t those long walks nice? I am glad your enjoyed your Happy Hour. I am good for any night at any time. I will send my email if you need it. I think this issue I am experiencing with Cathe Live is actually on my end and not on Cathe’s end. We are struggling a little bit with our internet right now, probably because everybody is now on it all day long! I really hope your psychic dreams are right. I get some pretty strong gut feelings at times, and on New Year’s Eve, I told DH that all I saw for 2020 was Doom. I don’t like my gut being right.....but with that said, my gut is telling me that things will clear up a bit for summer before (as Laurie pointed out) another hit in winter. I so hope that is the case and the little break gives people and hospitals time to prepare for Round 2.

    Laurie, sounds like another good workout. I didn’t know your DD had customer contact in her work. I would definitely think some form of mask would make her feel better about that. Yes, cities are definitely getting hit the hardest, especially cities like New York where people are living on top of each other. If this does go on long enough, I think I might just let my hair go gray. :o I have been toying with it for a couple of years. I figure by the end of April, I will have a pretty good idea of how much gray I have. I will probably be buying color from before Easter! :D

    Tami, hope you are well.

    Enjoy the weekend.

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    Hi Ladies ~ Happy FriYAY! Doesn’t seem like Friday because every day feels soooooooooo long and nearly like Groundhog Day. Get Up – Work – Home Repeat. LOL Workouts have been pretty good. So Wednesday when I worked from home I did Burn Sets Chest/Back/Shoulders as planned plus a Peloton Ride. Yesterday I did Burn Sets Bis/Tris and then today was Fit Split Legs + Peloton Ride tonight. I will do a make up workout from yesterday’s missed plus hopefully a Yoga tomorrow. I really need to "choose" which workouts I am going to try and hit and write them down. I felt a little disorganized this week. But if I am being honest, it all feels a little out of whack.

    So the update in our State and County is a state at home order (we can all still go for walks, be outside just not something too far from your house, grocery store is ok too for now). Businesses all closed unless you are considered an essential business. Our business along with banks and courthouse is considered essential so we are coming to work still. I did my practice round at home on Wednesday and as far as policies go it was great. I was able to get a lot of them done and my supervisor was thrilled. She didn't have me even try anything else, which was frustrating but I guess she wasn't prepared for that. We have our office doors all locked to the public and it is appt only. They will re-evaluate next week and see where our county is at. Only about 10 in our direct county and 8 of them were people who had recently traveled. Anyway, fingers crossed. They are still getting things geared if we all have to go home.

    Laurel: Thank you for the Anniversary wishes. Yours is coming up right? Fabulous job with the workouts as always! I need to write down which workout I am going to pick in the guideline you set out for us. Love that of course we have some flexibility. I think we all need a little bit of that right now. Yay to hear your grand niece is doing better & showing improvement. Thank goodness. Yes, you nailed it on the description of DH. Mr. Prepared for the worse case scenario. He keeps telling me …. “I know you think I am overreacting but I am preparing for the very worse case so that I feel like I took care of us the best I could”. It’s very sweet but at the same time I think I will need a cleaning job to use all the Lysol sanitizers he keeps finding at the store. I used a squirt of Clorox Bleach spray the other day and I thought he was going to lose his mind. Why are you using that, we cannot find that at stores right now? WHOA. :#

    Thelma: Excellent job with your workouts this week! I am glad your uncle is stable and that angels are helping to take care of your aunt. Will continue praying for them. We had snow the other day when I was working from home …. Seemed fitting in a way that I was stuck at home and it was all coming down. Just cloudy and cold now but supposed to be getting a bunch of rain.

    Laurie: Happy to hear you are staying safe and things are going well for you guys too. Way to go with those Michelle D. workouts this week! We have letters to carry as well just in case it gets to being more enforced. My DH has been watching old baseball games, homerun derbys and sports center seems to be keeping him up at night. He said he has enjoyed it.

    Erika: Way to go with your workouts and keeping your sanity! Enjoy that sunshine. It really does help and if you can, send some my way.

    Have a great weekend ladies . . . stay healthy and safe, Tami

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    Hi Ladies! I hope you had a nice weekend. It was very nice around here. The weather was just beautiful.

    My workouts were Restorative Yoga on Friday, walking on Saturday and XT Burn Sets Chest, Back, Shoulders today.

    I wanted to thank you again for your prayers for my uncle. We were bracing for the worst on Friday but when the doctor called my aunt with her daily update there was good news! His heart and kidneys are working properly again, his temp is back to normal. His meds are being reduced. The doctors have started to reduce the oxygen levels on the respirator and are reducing the sedatives to see if he can start breathing on his own. Today's status was that he is stable. Everyone in the family is very happy and hopeful about the news. We were all crying and thanking the Lord!
    My aunt never got the tranquilizers but just knowing that her husband is doing better was enough tranquilizer for her. She is doing so much better emotionally. She also started eating again.

    The people from Atlanta were up here in the mountains over the weekend, according to the locals' posts on FB. People just don't get it. We're up to 3 cases.

    Laurie, I love the sound of that Mobility and Core workouts!
    What a great idea to make your oldest dd some masks! I don't blame her for being stressed about the virus. Do you need to make some for yourself too?

    Thank you again for those prayers! My yoga friends are all worried about their hair color! LOL
    I had a hair appointment last Tue but I canceled it. I am having CVS mail my prescriptions to my house. The local CVS (8 mins from my house) fills the prescription and they mail them. The post office is across the road from CVS. I am so glad CVS has this service!
    Great idea to make those masks for your girls Laurie. I really hope this virus will die at some point in time. People in the US say that the virus doesn't live under warm temps but it is very much alive in El Salvador where it is super hot. I hope they come up with a vaccine soon.
    I heard that NY is conducting a clinical study with 1000 patients. They are testing the hydroxychloroquine and z=pack cocktail. I think it will be a big success.

    Laurel, great workouts! I'm glad your grand niece had a better day on Thursday! I hope she is improving every day! This virus is horrific. I read someone's experience with the virus and she said that she'd be really sick one day and the next she'd feel better just to get hit the next day with a new symptom! This lady said that you lose your sense of smell and taste and my aunt said the same thing.
    My aunt is definitely doing better. She still has a bit of a dry cough but at least she is eating again.

    Tami, I'm so glad you've been able to workout given your busy work schedule! I was hoping you'd be working from home but I just read you're considered essential personnel. I'm glad the office is closed to the public. Is everyone keeping 6 ft apart?
    I'm glad your work at home practice went well.

    Thank you so much for your prayers! I keep forgetting that just because it's warm here, it doesn't mean other parts are warm too! It's only the end of March so snow is still a possibility.
    Spring and its pollen are definitely in the air. Pops of color can be seen all across the valley.

    Have a great week ladies!
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    Morning Ladies,

    Well I don't like to brag, but I think that I'm probably one of the few people in our state that was able to get my hair colored and cut this weekend. :D It is nice having a hair stylist live in your house. ;) Anyway I didn't workout, it was just easier to be a lump. This is probably how I'm coping with the stress level during the week. Anyway I finished the afghan that I made for our friends in New Mexico. Will post a pic as soon as I take one. Yesterday I made 5 masks for my oldest. This morning was Kelly's 30MTF Weights Workout 2, which is Bi's, Tri's and Shoulders.

    Laurel, I hope that your niece has seen improvement over the weekend, it is good to hear that her temp was under 100. Great job on your workout! I can tell you that I was super happy that my dd bought some hair die, I thought that she was only going to cut my hair. It really does make me feel better to see that gray hair gone. ;) My dd did say that the hair color was flying off the shelves at Walmart. :D

    Tami, Great job on your workouts even though it felt disjointed for you. Nice that you got all that work done on the policies, but having to do that on a constant basis will probably get old. Glad to hear that your DH is entertaining himself with the old sports. I have been on Hulu a lot, because I can't seem to find anything else to watch. While I was finishing up the afghan on Saturday, I was watching the Miss Marple series one after the other. ;)

    Thelma, I'm so so happy to hear of the improvement with your Uncle, and that your Aunt didn't need meds to help her relax. I will continue to keep those prayers going for everyone. Our Pastor has gotten very good with youtube services during this. I hope that he continues to use it for daily devotions. Great job on your workouts! I don't think that I need to make the masks for myself. If someone is coughing or sneezing in our office, even with a mask I probably would get it. My dd on the other hand is with these people for about and hour or so, and a cloth mask is probably helpful for this type of meeting. She will have to wash them in color safe bleach every night though.

    Have a great day!
  • fitzfourfitzfour Posts: 1,226Member Member Posts: 1,226Member Member
    Hi Ladies, Happy Monday!

    We had a rainy weekend but finished up our painting in the basement and the laundry room. Only rooms left now are the boy's rooms, but we'll wait until they leave for college to tackle those, as they have all kinds of things hung on the walls and stuck to the walls, so it will be a task to fill all of that up!

    Friday I worked out over Zoom with a friend to KCM's Cardio Pump workout 2 (the pyramid one). It was a great workout, and I was able to get in the Cardio Live workout on Saturday. Sunday was a rest day and today will be another KCM weights workout and a walk outside (supposed to be 60 here today!).

    If you all are game for a meet-up/HH virtually, let me know what time zone you are all in and what time works best. I think we are all in differing ones, so I'll see if I can find a time that works well for us all. I believe Tami is in Mountain Time, I'm in Central with Laurie and I think Thelma and Laurel you are both Eastern? I'm pretty flexible on time, so I'll leave it up to you all on what works best. Even a 1/2 hour would be fun to all get together. Tuesdays/Wednesdays seem to work out best for me.

    Thelma, I am SOOOO happy to hear the good report! I have been thinking about you and your family all weekend. This is wonderful to hear!!! Great job on the workouts and staying active with all of the family stress going on. It's hard to not just glue yourself to your phone waiting for an update (I've been there, and that's exactly all I did!).

    Laurie, I'm excited to see the picture of the afghan and great job on the masks. If I was a little better with my sewing skills, I'd make some too. Still working on those skills!! I think taking the weekend off of workouts to focus on something else and do some sewing is just as much a stress reliever as a workout! I bet that felt good to get your hair done! I don't color mine anymore, but I like getting it cut every 6-8 weeks, so I'll be itching for that soon!

    Laurel, I'm happy to hear about your great niece, the prayers are working! I keep having the same dream over and over that this all leaves before May 1st, I really hope I'm right! I hear you though on the feeling of the year not being the best one. I felt sad when 2020 was starting and couldn't figure out why...probably the same reason as you! Nice work on the trisets workout and peloton...sounds fabulous!

    Tami, sounds like you are keeping busy at work with being an essential business. Ours is slowing down a bit as more of our clients shut down with the stay at home order that started at midnight on Friday. I'm with you on the groundhog day feeling...I don't even know what day it is sometimes and the work week feels especially long! Great job on the peloton ride and fit split/burn sets! Those are fun ones for sure!

    Have a great Monday. Once we decide on a date/time, I'll have you all email me so I can get you my zoom information. I think it will be fun for us all to "meet"!

  • StiringWendelStiringWendel Posts: 2,787Member Member Posts: 2,787Member Member
    Hi Ladies! Our weekend was nice but quiet. DH did the grocery shopping on Saturday morning, and I ventured down the hill with him to go to an outdoor nursery for veggie plants. I felt that was relatively safe because we were able to stay outside. I also kind of consider buying plants that will feed us as grocery shopping for the future. :) We had very warm days both days, which made it feel like summer. But back to rain tomorrow. Regarding my little grand niece, she seemed to turn a corner on Saturday with no temperature and, as my nephew said, her color had improved from ‘death’ to ‘pasty’. :o:D I haven’t had an update since, but I take that as good news.

    For workouts, on Saturday, I did a 30 minute walk with Jessica Smith followed by 30 minutes of yoga with Kristin McGee. Yesterday was STS Disc 26/Plyo Legs followed by a 30 minute Peloton spin. Today was STS Disc 25/Chest and Back followed by Cathe Live Jabs and Abs.

    Tami, great workouts! I agree with you so much on everything feeling out of whack, but I think in a week or two, somehow, there will be a sense of something of a new ‘normal’. At least I hope so. I am glad your day working at home was productive and you can do that more and more if you need to. You are right about DHs and my anniversary. We will be celebrating 30 years on your birthday next month! All I hope for for our anniversary this year is that we are both healthy. That and maybe a nice glass of wine. :) I can’t believe you can find Lysol wipes there. We haven’t had any here for weeks and, still, there are absolutely no paper products in the store (according to DH). Thankfully I had quite a few of those Lysol wipes before this ever started (thank you, Sam’s Club for selling things like that in ridiculously huge packages :) ), but the lack of them in the stores now for several weeks has me wondering how long they are going to last. So I guess I am a bit like your DH with that. B) But I haven’t rationed them to DH.....yet. :#;)

    Thelma, that is absolutely the best news!! I so hope every update brings continuing good news. Your aunt must feel so much better. I am glad she is beginning to eat again. Hopefully it won’t be too long before he can return home. Such good news! I have heard the same thing about this virus....that it is constantly evolving and impacts you differently on different days. I pray every day for some good news in treating it and, down the road, preventing it. But, for now, I am (pretty much) staying home. I can’t believe people are still touristing in Blue Ridge. It makes no sense to me at all. Great workouts!

    Erika, sounds like a productive weekend. Great workouts! I think it’s fun you did a workout via Zoom! I am in central time. Tuesday or Wednesday is good for me except for maybe between 6:00 and 7:00pm (dinner time). Other than that, I can make any time work. Still hoping your dreams about this virus come true!

    Laurie, lucky you getting your hair fixed up this weekend! I was wondering if your daughter has heard about her job with Ulta and whether they are keeping her on. If I recall, the initial closure was only supposed to go through tomorrow, but it looks like that will probably be extended at least a month. I really hope she doesn’t lose her job. I love your ‘I didn’t workout because it was easier to be a lump’ comment! I was SO with you on that yesterday. I did get my workout in, but after breakfast, DH decided to re-wire the Ethernet cables in the house so was drilling through walls and dragging insulation everywhere. And I sat down, finished a book, started a puzzle, etc. I just didn’t have it in me yesterday to work up any enthusiasm for, well, anything except for doing nothing! But given the stress of everything and trying to keep normalcy and such.....I think it is just fine to be a lump some days for sure! Great workout this morning. Hope those masks work for your DD. And I hope nobody sneezes at your work! :o:#

    See you tomorrow.

  • 2BLean2BLean Posts: 2,323Member, Premium Member Posts: 2,323Member, Premium Member
    Hi Ladies ~ I had a pretty nice weekend. I was able to get in my workouts and also accomplished a couple tedious things I haven’t really “felt” like doing. So that was productive. :D I also filed my nails down by myself (I have acrylics remember and can’t go to the salon for who knows how long) at any rate, not a big deal aesthetically, just the fact they were too long for all the typing I do. So I conquered that task as well. Workouts were: Friday after work I did a 30 min Peloton ride which felt great to unwind and then Saturday was LIS Upper Body + Peloton 45 min Ride, Sunday I did LITE Pyramid Legs followed by a HiiT & Hills Peloton ride … then in the evening I did a Peloton 30 min walk. That was a fun change of pace for a walk and the fresh air despite the wind and rain felt great. Yes, even in the rain. It was only sprinkling and then poured down when I arrived at the house. Tonight will either be a Peloton ride or if DH is out puttering in his shop (his new favorite thing to do) I will do XT Burn Sets Chest/Should/Back.

    Thelma: Happy to hear you had some nice weather! Makes such a difference. One of these days we will have some nice weather come back … I’m sure of it. LOL Way to go with your workouts. That is such fabulous news about your uncle. YAY! So happy for you….I’m glad this happened for your aunt so she can start feeling better too. Definitely doing our best to keep 6 feet apart from staff. The hallways aren’t quite big enough for that but still hardly any interaction. Day by day for us. I see a bunch of new computers in the hallway for those who haven’t had their day at home. My sister is crazy with worry that we should just all go home and what is he waiting for. DH called our Health District this a.m. and they said what we are doing is ok, ideally if we all went home it would be better but sort of gave him piece of mind a little bit. Such a crazy time.

    Laurie: Sounds like a perfect weekend and just what you needed. Brag away, you are lucky to get prettied up during a challenging time! I think it is great you did whatever you felt like doing ….. this is such a weird time and I keep hearing the words “self care” and important we do that for ourselves. So good on ya! Great job finishing up the afghan. I bet they are going to love it. Excellent job with your workout this a.m. I am sure it felt great to get back in it. I finally talked DH into watching a series on NetFlix. IT was actually by accident though. We thought it was a movie and then he was stuck. Ha Ha. It is called Iron Fist. It is pretty intense at parts but good. We took a little break from watching any yesterday but something that has our attention for now.

    Erika: Sounds like a very productive weekend. DH asked if we should do some painting while we are home all the time now. I’m thinking on it because it would probably be a lot more tedious then he thinks since we would need every supply possible to do this. Painting is not something we have done in a very long time. I was shocked that he is thinking about it. He also mentioned helping him re-paint a big pile of fishing lures that he has. UMMMMMMMMM maybe I said. Glad things are mellowing out for you.

    Laurel: Fabulous job as always with your workouts! Sounds like a nice venture out buying plants for gardening. Yay for your Grand Niece turning that corner. What a relief! I hope I am reading the rotation right. I know we said we could stray away and whatever works forsure. I see you did some STS workouts. I was thinking this week was basically a repeat of last week?!? Maybe I am reading it wrong and/or totally off. I hope you are right about this becoming kind of a new normal for our lives. I would love to have that nervous uneasy feeling leave very soon. So I should clarify. Not Lysol wipes … those and Clorox wipes are non-existent forsure in our area too. The Lysol disinfectant spray is what he found. We have 4 bottles of that plus two others that he found a week ago. I keep asking which ones are ok for me to use in the house and which ones is he saving for emergency use only. :) I am glad you stocked up early. DH is learning to use the dish towels a lot more now. He used to go through paper towels like they were water and endless; like spinning the wheel of fortune. Not anymore!

    Lets make it a great week ladies ~ Talk to you tomorrow.
    Supposed to be super crazy busy (end of the month with recordings) so fingers crossed I can check in. If not, you are fore-warned! Tami
  • ThelmaSWThelmaSW Posts: 1,485Member Member Posts: 1,485Member Member
    Hi Ladies, I did gentle yoga, walking, and a low impact JS workout. Something happened with my left knee when I was walking downhill and it hurt when I bent my knee. I decided to skip Cathe's leg workout to give my knee a break. I iced it and took Aleve. I hope it's better in the morning.

    My uncle remains stable but his temp was a little high this morning. So far so good with the reduced oxygen too. My aunt was depressed today. I think she wants him better and at home now. I reminded her that it will be a slow recovery and that he had come a long way from where he was last Friday.

    Laurie, You're so lucky to have your hairstylist live at home with you! Can't wait to see the afghan's picture! Does your daughter wear glasses? If not she probably should. The virus can get in your body through the eyes too. Her employer should buy face shields for them!

    Thanks so much for those prayers, Laurie. They really are helping! I think everybody is getting good at communicating through the internet these days! Stay safe at work!

    Erika, congrats on that finishing all that painting! Great job with your workouts too! Tue or Wed would work for me but around 6 PM EST.

    Thanks for keeping my family in your thoughts. I've had days when I spend a lot of time on the phone with my aunts and don't feel like working out but I've managed to drag myself to the exercise room.

    Laurel, I'm glad you had a nice weekend. I want to go buy my summer flowery plants but I don't dare. I also am going crazy not being able to do my weekly food shopping. I want to go to the supermarket so bad! I think we have enough food for 2 more weeks. Possibly three weeks.
    I'm so happy your little grand-niece is doing better! I've been praying for her so I'm so happy our prayers are being answered.
    Great workouts!!

    So far the daily updates on my uncle have been good and very encouraging. My aunt does feel better and I'm happy she's eating again. This virus is really brutal. Did you hear POTUS got the FDA to approve the use of hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19? I'm thrilled about that because it has already helped some people. I hear a doctor tonight that we should have some results from the studies being conducted in NYC, DC, and Australia next week because they have plenty of patients. When this medicine works you see results within hours in some cases.

    Tami, I'm glad you had a nice and productive weekend! Good job taking care of those nails. I've been lazy about cutting my nails and they are super long so typing is getting difficult. Great workouts!!

    We had temps in the 60's today but it felt cold due to the wind.
    My uncle's improvement is definitely to make my aunt feel better.
    I'm glad you're trying to keep a safe distance at work. I don't blame your sister for being worried about you going to work these days. AWWWW!Your DH is worried about you going to work too. Don't be too hard on him for having called the Health District.

    Goodnight ladies!
  • lvnascarlvnascar Posts: 2,580Member Member Posts: 2,580Member Member
    Morning Ladies,

    This morning's workout was 30MTF Kickboxing Workout 1. I used my weighted gloves, and it felt great.

    Erika, LOL about waiting to paint the rooms after the boy's leave for college. We still have the paint from our dd's on the wall. Our youngest is really wanting to paint, which is something that she should probably do now while she isn't working. :D Great job on the Kelly workout and using Zoom. Hope that you had a nice day for a walk, since we had snow this morning. :D I just ordered the supplies for a quilt this morning, and they are going to deliver it to our house. They even offered to deliver for free, since they are just 5 miles away from us. A friend of ours just had a baby girl, so I am making a quilt for her. I so enjoy doing my crafts, it takes my mind off of all the crazy information that is going around.

    Laurel, Nice that you where able to get some plants for your garden. I don't know if death to pasty is good or not. :D Sounds like he is in good spirits, so that makes it sound like her pasty is a good sign. Great job on your workouts! Youngest dd has not heard what is happening yet, but we are hoping that we hear soon. When all of this is done, I'm sure that she will be rehired. She was one of their top stylists as far as bringing in $. Sounds like your DH is keeping himself really busy. I wish that we had warmer weather, it would give my DH more motivation to work in the garage. Of course he is still working from home, and his boss is a person that is super super scared and coming up with all kinds of demands. Some of them are unworkable.

    Tami, Great job on your workouts! Dang on having to deal with your nails, but I know what you mean with having them to long to type. My oldest is able to type with those long nails. :p DH and I have been watching this tv series from Canada called Murdoch Mysteries. We keep seeing the people from the Hallmark channels in these. Of course most of the actors in those Hallmark movies are Canadians. They have actors portraying Americans, but I can always tell when they pronouns house that they are from Canada. :D Sounds like everyone is finding things that where neglected, and getting them done during all of this.

    Thelma, Nice job with the workouts, but I'm sorry to hear about your knee. Glad that you where able to take care of it, you don't want to go through all the things that I had to deal with. I'm just glad that I have no pain anymore, and I'm sure it's because I have lost weight. Even more awesome news with your Uncle, hopefully this is a sign of recovery. Yes my youngest wears glasses, she doesn't want contact lenses. I have not been wearing mine since this whole thing started. I felt that I didn't need to be sticking my fingers in my eyes to much, even though I always wash my hands before I put them in and take them out. I'm sure that they will have to do some type of safeguards until there is some type of vaccine for this flu.

    Have a great day!
  • StiringWendelStiringWendel Posts: 2,787Member Member Posts: 2,787Member Member
    Hi Ladies! Today’s workout was a 45 minute Peloton ride that really lifted my spirits on this gloomy day. I followed it with a 10 minute core routine from Peloton and 30 minutes of yoga. No update on my grand niece which I take as a good sign. I talked to my sister yesterday and she also is taking it as everything is going well since her son promised to let her know if things got bad again. So thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

    Tami, sounds like a pretty good weekend and also productive. Great job with the workouts. Regarding the rotation, I probably could have spelled this out more clearly. If you’ve copied the post I made for this rotation a couple of weeks back, I think I put up by the name of the series the weeks it would be used in this 12 week rotation. So Burn Sets are weeks 1, 4, 7 and 10. What I didn’t do was put in the dates of those weeks, which would have made more sense. So here is what I have planned for each week:

    March 22-28 Burn Sets
    March 29-April 4 STS Week 1 Meso 3
    April 5-April 11 Slow and Heavy or Body Beast
    April 12-April 18 Burn Sets
    April 19-April 25 STS Week 2 Meso 3
    April 26-May 2 Slow and Heavy or Body Beast
    May 3-9 Burn Sets
    May 10-16 STS Week 3 Meso 3
    May 17-23 Slow and Heavy or Body Beast
    May 24-30 Burn Sets
    May 31-June 6 STS Week 4 Meso 3
    June 7-13 Slow and Heavy or Body Beast

    I did this only because I wanted to do 12 weeks and thought I would get very bored doing both Burn Sets and Slow and Heavy for four straight weeks, so I opted to alternate programs. But if you prefer to do them straight through, go for it! There is absolutely no science behind what I am doing. I just know I get bored easily. B) Anyhow, your Peloton walk sounds great. I may need to try one of those. I was telling my DH last night that I just wish I could stop feeling nervous right now. Sadly, I think the only way that would happen is if we never had to leave the house, and that just isn’t possible.....especially for as long as this might take. So if I can’t accept this as ‘normal’ soon, I am going to have to find a better way of dealing with the stress. I think I may dive into some of the meditation classes on Peloton to see if I can’t relax my over-active brain a bit. But, weirdly, I find myself wishing there was some authority out there to tell me how to cope with life during a global pandemic. But since this is pretty new to most people alive on earth today, I am thinking there is no expert on this. :o But my workouts help.

    Thelma, I am sorry to hear about your knee, but good job with the yoga and Jessica workout. I hope your uncle continues to improve. No doubt he has a pretty long road to recovery but that he is breathing better is a huge step. No doubt your aunt just wants to be able to see him again. I hear you on the grocery shopping. I keep getting these ideas of what I want to make and then realize.....nope, I would need to go to the store. The number of cases here are growing pretty rapidly, and I am hoping that we can get to doing the shopping every two weeks instead of every one. Thankfully we are pretty well stocked on staples, but it is the perishables I will miss the most. Yesterday the governor of Virginia extended their Stay at Home order until June 10! I know we probably don’t have staples until June 10th right now either, which has me wondering what to do about that if such an order were put in place here. I really need to stay off the internet for my own mental health!

    Laurie, great workout! I am so glad you are going to be able to get materials for your projects delivered to your house. That’s fantastic. And I am sure they appreciate the business. I got an email from Ulta yesterday saying they hope to keep paying their employees through the middle of April and will assess more as they get to that point. I would imagine many people will get re-hired once the stores open long as the stores stay in business. :| But I think businesses like Ulta stand a better chance of that than smaller businesses or those bigger retailers (like Macy’s) that were already suffering economically. But as a customer, I really appreciate how Ulta has handled this and their emphasis on taking care of their employees. That is a good sign....and makes me want to keep supporting them when things re-open.

    Until tomorrow.

  • ThelmaSWThelmaSW Posts: 1,485Member Member Posts: 1,485Member Member
    Hi Ladies, today's workouts were Yoga Basics and XT Burn Sets Bi's and Tri's. Week two of the new rotation and I already messed up! Thanks, Laurel for posting the rotation plan because it made me realize I and repeating week 1! My knee is doing a little better. I hope to feel better tomorrow so I can get a leg workout in.

    We had a rainy and damp day. I don't like these damp days. At least my bones didn't hurt much. The only bone that hurt was my left middle finger. It's been pretty windy since the late afternoon. The wind is so strong at times that I thought the windows were going to break. The temps will drop into the low 30's tonight! We've been having temps in the 60's at night!

    I decided to make a quick trip to the supermarket before the virus spreads like crazy. I am going to try to be at the supermarket by 7:30 tomorrow. I am going to use a bandana to cover my nose and mouth and will wear clear, protective goggles for my eyes. I also have latex gloves and will wear a pair of gloves. I will also take Lysol disinfectant wipes in a ziplock bag in case the supermarket doesn't have any. I heard someone stole the giant wipes tub from the supermarket!
    I heard that one of the local supermarkets has installed plastic shields to separate the cashiers from the customers. Walmart will be doing it but the supermarket I go to hasn't done it yet and we haven't heard they're planning to do it. My aunt told me that in Italy the cashiers wear face shields.

    My uncle had some kind of a crisis last night. My aunt was told that his kidneys weren't functioning well. She won't get another update until sometime tomorrow. I can't imagine the agony of having to wait 24 hours or more for the next condition update.

    Laurie, awesome workout! That is such a fun workout!
    I definitely need to take care of your knee. It took a while to get yours back to normal!
    I'm so glad your dd wears glasses. A fantastic idea to not wear your contacts for now! I heard someone recommend contact wearers to stop wearing them for now.
    Unfortunately, my uncle had that crisis last night. I hope we have better news tomorrow.

    Laurel, great workout combo! In the case of the coronavirus, no news is definitely good news!
    Thanks for posting the rotation plan because I wasn't thinking about what I was doing! I definitely like the idea of alternating the different programs.
    I hope my uncle is able to recover from the crisis he had last night. My poor aunt was very worried.
    The last time we went to the supermarket was on 3/16. I need to get some fresh produce, bread, eggs, milk, and meat.
    I read that the virus was spreading rapidly in AL and also about the Stay at Home order in VA! I think you can still go food shopping during a Stay at Home order. I've been ordering pantry staples from Amazon and Target so I don't waste time at the supermarket getting those things.

    Goodnight ladies!
  • lvnascarlvnascar Posts: 2,580Member Member Posts: 2,580Member Member
    Morning Ladies,

    This morning was 30MTF Shape Up Workout 1. This is a tough on for sure.

    Laurel, Great job on your workout! Glad that the no news is good news for your grand niece. So you will be on the slow & heavy workouts next week. Those are good ones, and glad that you only have them for a week. I to would be very bored with doing them week after week. My dd has not heard yet as to what they are doing, but she said that they are suppose to be informed by Friday. I think that this is going to kill the malls, they where already having problems as it is. For sure Ulta will probably do well through this, and I think my dd will be really busy with hair cuts and color when things start to get back to something normal.

    Thelma, Nice job with the workout, but you did a workout so you didn't mess up. :D I don't understand these people stealing things. They have caught a few people selling things on Craig's list, and have arrested them because the items where stolen. I hope that you venture out to the supermarket went well. Sorry to hear that your Uncle is having a relapse, and I hope that the news is good when you talk to your Aunt again. I was using the step for the workout this morning, and had not problems with my knee. I was even jumping up and down on a 8 inch step. I was super happy about that.

    Have a great day!
  • StiringWendelStiringWendel Posts: 2,787Member Member Posts: 2,787Member Member
    Hi Ladies! Today’s workout was STS Disc 27/Shoulders, Biceps and Triceps followed by Cathe Live Love Me Some Cardio Kickboxing. I think I will be doing a lot of kickboxing over the next several weeks. :D It feels good.

    Thelma, great workout and, as Laurie said, there is no messing up if you do a workout! I should have been a little clearer when I wrote down the rotation of my plan, so I apologize for that. I am sorry to hear your uncle had a relapse. I so hope today’s news is better. I hope your trip to the store went well. I was just telling DH that, as of right now, I think we need a 10 week plan for food and other needed items. So I need to do a good review of what we have over the next couple of days and try to make sure we have as much of what we need without hoarding anything we don’t need. I think we will have to hit the grocery store still every two weeks, but I am okay with that little minimal contact. It looks like there might be a recommendation now that people wear face masks when going out, and that one has me a bit stumped. I did just order some non-medical masks and bandannas from Amazon, but they won’t be here for this weekend, unfortunately. But at least I have something headed this way.

    Laurie, great workout! So glad to hear your knee is doing so well. Yes, I am going to give Slow and Heavy a try next week and hope I have the patience for it. Last week was a real struggle for me in concentrating on my workouts, but this week has been so much better. I am hoping that is a sign that I will mentally be able to do those workouts because they really are very good. If they do issue a recommendation for everybody to wear face masks (as you predicted), I think you should give us all lessons on how to make them! :D I agree about malls being hit very hard by these closures. I also think some restaurant chains won’t be back, at least in some places. It will be strange/curious/interesting/sad to see what survives this in terms of businesses, but there is absolutely no way of predicting since nobody has any idea of an end date.

    See you tomorrow.

  • 2BLean2BLean Posts: 2,323Member, Premium Member Posts: 2,323Member, Premium Member
    Hi Ladies ~ So what a day we had yesterday! :# In so many ways. Let me start with we set a new company record for open orders EVER for our company, then we set a record for recordings in one day. After those two things were over and we were all settling down for the day we all felt an earthquake!! WHAT?!?! We don’t usually get any kind of earthquakes that you can feel. It was so weird. Come to find out it was about 4 hours South of us where it hit at 6.5. Then we heard on the news about 2.5 hours West there was a small tornado! OMG. What is happening! During the day it poured down rain, then snowed, then sunshine, then hail, then snow, etc… now that weather pattern is normal for us this time of year. Crazy as it sounds. Other than all of that things are good. :DB) Despite our office manager not really wanting us to work from home I don't think. Due to the above "successes" he is really wanting things to just keep rolling "as is". He keeps saying he is prepared if someone gets sick or we all need to be at home but I don't think he truly is. It's driving my DH crazy and they keep arguing about it. Tough situation for me to be in as well. OY!

    Workouts were: Peloton Ride on Monday evening, yesterday was Burn Sets Chest/Back/Shoulders and today was Burn Sets Bis/Tris, Peloton Ride tonight.

    Thelma: Great job with your workouts. Sorry to hear your knee is bothering you. Sounds like you are taking it easy and caring for it though, which is great. I am happy to hear your uncle is still stable. I am sure you aunt is frustrated and wants it back to normal with him home. Good job coaching her along and offering her comfort/bright side to things. ;)

    Laurie: Way to go with your KCM workouts! Yes, the nails need to be filed down a bit or it just starts to bug me. LOL I can type, but not as fast. I am glad you and your DH have found a series you like, that is awesome. I am glad we found at least one for now. The evenings I need to keep his mind occupied, mine as well. Otherwise CORONA is all he will talk about. Ugh.

    Laurel: Fabulous job with your workouts! I definitely recommend one of those walking workouts, just different and keeps you going vs. a wandering pace. Plus the music was nice. My girlfriend has done a few of those meditations and I think she really likes them. I bet they would be relaxing. Let me know what you think if you decide to try one. Thank you so much for posting the specifics of the rotation. I didn’t mind going off script but I thought ….. what?! Did I read it that wrong. LOL So thanks again for mapping this out weekly. I also love the idea of changing it up weekly. :)

    Hi Erika :)

    Have a great evening ladies ~ I will talk to you all tomorrow Tami
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  • ThelmaSWThelmaSW Posts: 1,485Member Member Posts: 1,485Member Member
    Hi Ladies, my workouts today were gentle yoga and a Gina B. Hiit cardio workout. My knee is still bothering and lunges don't feel safe yet.

    We had pretty cool temps today. Maybe it felt extra cold because I've been mostly inside the house for two weeks. I went to the supermarket and it was pretty stressful being around other people. BR is a big retirement community so most of the shoppers were older people and most of them had masks and gloves. I was at the supermarket before 7:30 and I pretty much got 95% of the things on my list which is pretty good. I used a self-checkout station so I wouldn't have to be near the cashier. We have plenty of food for probably 7-8 weeks. Thank God we have an extra freezer! We wouldn't have fresh fruit or vegetables but we can live without for now. The supermarket didn't have disinfectant wipes for the customers. They had a girl at the door giving out one piece of the select a size paper towels, sprayed with some disinfectant. It's a good thing I had Lysol wipes in a sandwich bag just in case! I also had gloves on, goggles and my bandana covering my mouth and nose. Every time I walked near a person without a mask I held my breath and got away from them as fast as I could.

    Our governor finally ordered the state to shelter in place but I honestly don't think that will make a difference. People are not taking this pandemic seriously. We have 6 cases in our county.
    DH went out to run a couple of errands. We will both restart our quarantine tomorrow.

    I've been wondering how patients like myself with Lupus and RA who take hydroxycholoroquine every day were doing with this virus. I wondered if the med acted like a prophylactic. It sounds like it does, based on the findings from a Chinese study.
    Chinese doctors noticed that patients with autoimmune diseases such as lupus and RA were not getting the virus but patients with NO autoimmune diseases were getting it. They decided to find out what the difference was, and it was the fact that the Lupus/RA patients take hydroxychloroquine and the other patients don't. These findings are music to my ears and I feel I'm the one who is safe to go out to run to the supermarket or the transfer station. I am concerned about CVS not having the med to refill my prescription at the end of the month.

    My uncle took a turn for the worst last night. He now has a lung infection and the doctor told my aunt he didn't think her husband was going to make it. I will never forget my aunt's phone call to let me know the news. She was crying uncontrollably. She was suffering so bad and there was nothing I could do. She asked the doctor if she could go see her husband tomorrow. He said no because she could get sick. I want to comfort her but there is nothing I could say or do to comfort her.

    Laurie, great KCM workout! How wonderful about your knee doing so well and being able to handle the jump up/downs!
    People must be desperate and scared in order to be stealing disinfectant wipes!

    Laurel, fantastic combo. I am going to do an STS workout tomorrow!

    It wasn't your fault that repeated last week's workouts Laurel. My mind wasn't in the right place. I am just really worried about my aunt and her husband so I'm distracted.
    Great idea to take inventory about things that you need for different meals to last you for about 10 weeks. Keep in mind that certain pantry staples liked boxed or canned foods you could order via Amazon or Target. I got plenty of meats, frozen vegetables, eggs, cheese, egg whites, oat milk, butter, bread. I disinfected everything before we put it away. Now that I know that they hydroxychloroquine and my blood type are protecting me against this virus I might feel safe going out to the supermarket early in the morning in a couple of weeks but it all depends on how many cases we have here.
    I think wearing a mask is the way to go. Try getting a mask these days though! POTUS said last night that a scarf would work. The goggles I wore are the ones we use to protect our eyes when we go shooting and they were great. Try getting some latex gloves too. I saw the masks on Amazon but they didn't have reviews so I was afraid to order them. Remember to take some disinfectant wipes with you when you go to the supermarket.

    Tami, congratulations on setting that record for most open orders EVER!! How exciting! Congrats too for the company record! Wow!
    OMG with the earthquake! I just read that it was felt in Washington, Idaho, and Montana! 6.5 is a strong earthquake. You really had a crazy day between work records, earthquakes, and the weather!
    It really is a tough situation for you to be in when your DH is so concerned about the employees' health but your boss not so much.

    Great workouts! I love those Burn Sets!
    I really need to nurse this knee because I don't want to put myself out of commission for a long period of time.
    I wasn't able to offer any words of comfort for my aunt today. I keep imagining what it would be like to be in her situation and it just breaks my heart just thinking about it.

    Goodnight ladies and have a great weekend!
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