What do your meals look like (show me pictures)....



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    Breakfast, 1 egg plus 1 egg white, pico de gallo and feta. I added a toasted ciabatta bun and all of it was only 317 calories.☕️🍳🍅

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    Forgot the photo of the salad.
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    Diatonic12 wrote: »
    Thank you! Definitely the more, the merrier! Maybe we can go for a long hike after feasting. 😉

    Yup--I've got a Coloseum that I could show you.


    I've got some oceanfront property in Arizona and I'll throw the Golden Gate in for free if youins save me a place.

    For YOU (and safarigal) there is always a place at the head of the table.

    @Diatonic12 @snowflake954

    Just the thought of coming over for dinner!! Let me know what I should bring from NYC :)
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    Dutch herring salad. We found the salted (not pickled) herrings at a Polish grocer.

    @acpgee — I’ve had a jar of herring in the fridge like - all my life lol ... this looks awesome!!

    I’m a maatjes fan! There is a Holland herring festival here in June .. hoping to get some neuwe harring!
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    Sous vide chicken breast with asian dressings normally served with steamed chicken. Sichuan aubergine and minced pork stir fry stretched with a little quorn mince. Sticky rice.

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    Scallops and roasted veggiesbcehh0bevrgy.jpg
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    Frozen food tonight. It's OK but not something I'd buy again. Sole fish with gluten-free breading and potato wedges with parm and herbs. Primal Kitchen Chipotle Lime mayo for potato dipping.

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    Greek chicken and potatoes served over rice. Forgot what a yummy recipe this is and that it’s toddler approved!
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    Pulled the last of the homemade salt beef from the freezer and made the Serious Eats St Patrick's day dinner.
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    Baked cod with zucchini

    So simple. So good. So good for you.