Anyone here take vitamins on a daily basis?



  • lanie37
    lanie37 Posts: 204 Member
    1 x Multi vitamin
    2 x Omega 3
    1 x Calcium with vitamin D

    I dont have caffeine anymore and feel so much better for it.
  • CallMePat
    CallMePat Posts: 74 Member
    Pretty much the same as you. I take a multivitamin (nearly) daily and a heart health with Omega 3,6,9 flax and borage oil. I feel like Im missing something else in there.
    Also, some mornings I take Animal Flex which is like a joint support and lubricant.
  • tealbubbles
    tealbubbles Posts: 21 Member
    I WANT to take vitamins, and TRY to take my vitamins but am so horrible at remembering so it's been hit and miss for years.... until I visited the USA a couple months back and discovered the wonderful invention of gummy vitamins for adults :) Now I NEVER forget to take them (I sound like an ad for them haha) And then once I take those I remember to take my others at the same time.
    I take the gummy multivitamin, gummy vit c, and then regular odourless garlic, vit D, and either b50 or b100 (I kinda bounce around between those 2). I do seem to feel a little less "draggy" when I remember to take my vitamins so obviously they are doing something!! :)
  • dcipolone
    dcipolone Posts: 11 Member
    I take:
    Vitamin C
    a women's multi
  • MamaKeeks
    MamaKeeks Posts: 234
    Multi vit
    B- complex
    Lutein (for my eyes, hereditary blindness in my family)
    Omega 3 fish oil capsules (3)

    I have an autoimmune blood disorder and very low platelets, so my body takes a beating from working out a lot. But the combination of the B complex and the iron have really helped me keep my energy levels high.
  • deirdre60302
    deirdre60302 Posts: 16 Member
    Every day:
    Vitamin D

    C, E, Zinc, Probiotics
  • 6spdeg
    6spdeg Posts: 394 Member
    did alot of looking for fish oils.. apparently they are not all treated the same.. and the epa and dha are diff.. some only provide 30% of what is stated but found one that is supposed to be 60%.. also for the full benefits you need is 1.5-3mg per day 1800mg is supposed to be the minimum to get the full benefits. usually you have to take 7-12 pills for some cheap brands where some you only need the recommended 2-4..

    I take life extension Enteric Coated( which is important) super omega 3 EPS/ DHA with sesame lignans nd olive fruit extract.

    EPA 700mg and DHA 500mg

    also make sure molecularly distilled and one that is independently tested for heavy metals and mercury.

    25.00 for a month supply not to bad.
  • Frozen300
    Frozen300 Posts: 223 Member
    B100, GNC Men's multi-vitamin, vit D, vit E, omega 3, zinc, calcium, green tea pill.
    My urine is so bright that I can pee with the light out.
  • WendyTerry420
    WendyTerry420 Posts: 13,274 Member
    I take B-12 and Vitamin D when I remember to do so.
  • trekkietaz
    I take a multi vitamin and three fish oil tablets at night
  • AnninStPaul
    AnninStPaul Posts: 1,372 Member
    multivitamin, mega red (krill oil - more potent than fish oil without the fish burps), vitamin D (for winters in Minnesota)
  • dixiewhiskey
    dixiewhiskey Posts: 3,333 Member
    I take a Multivitamin for women, CLA 4000mg through 6 softgels a day, Green Tea Extract 340mg a day and Genuine Health's lean+ extra strength.
  • darkhakai
    I've been taking Women's One-A-Day Active Metabolism everyday with lunch. I'm hoping to bump it up to breakfast soon though once I start getting in the habit of eating one daily, lol.
  • newcs
    newcs Posts: 717 Member
    Half a dose (1 tablet) of GNC Energy & Metabolism + a pill for iron
  • barbie_g1rl
    i take a multivitiman plus iron and my agnuns castus which keeps my hormones in balance ;)
  • ShinyFuture
    ShinyFuture Posts: 314 Member
    I use Emergen-C (lemon lime). I generally pour a packet in my water 2-3 times a day.
  • mikeyboy
    mikeyboy Posts: 1,057 Member
    I take a multi-vitamin. Lately it's been Vitafusion Men's Gummy. I also take a fish oil supp. and some flax seed when I can.
  • Scribetoo
    Scribetoo Posts: 181 Member
    I am supposed to take a multi-vitamin every day for the rest of my life. Currently, I'm taking Centrum Complete formula for Women under 50. No other supplements at the moment though I do have a few I COULD and probably SHOULD be taking.. but I'm waiting until after I see my new doc today and get my blood work done to decide if all this will change..

  • bayertablets
    bayertablets Posts: 213 Member
    I used to take a bunch to try to lower my blood pressure: garlic, fish oil, Co-Q10, etc., but I also have acid reflux, so I was burping garlicy fish all day long. My breath was AMAZING. lol

    Now I just take a daily multpile with iron (since I donate plasma twice a week) and Vitamin D.
  • AnnieMae07
    AnnieMae07 Posts: 31 Member
    1 Centrum Women Under 50 multivitamin