Read this if you never want to eat pop-tarts again.



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    Well, all I can say is that since horses are now allowed to be sold for human consumption, and these meat eaters are posting how they love meat, might as well put dogs and cats on the menu, and lets use every part of them. We kill dogs and cats everyday because their owners can't take care of them.

    We should just eat them, and not waste any part of them!
    And in most of the world, they do just that.
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    As a longtime vegetarian, I was aware of this, but I think it's good that people know that 'gelatin' is any amount of random crap, not kosher, not in accordance with certain other religious or dietary preferences, and even at times including other domestic animal remains (sometimes they say cats and dogs, depending on the area and sleazy charnelhouse suppliers, but you have to research sources). So, gross although it is, I am glad people become aware. Also, they make all kinds of crunchy-granola vegetarian poptart type things that taste similar, have no extra chemicals, and have sort of a lot of sugar for those who like it. I forget the name, but have had them in the past, so there is a decent alternative if you can find them--
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    Love me some gummy bears.

    Did you know vegetables often grow in dirt! gasp!
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    It tastes exactly how it sounds........ delicious.
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    Meh. Isn't this the same with, say, all Jell-o products?
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    Still going to eat them.
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    my mom worked at an apple juice making company for a short time and rats would fall in and nobody would get them out...there is so much nasty gross stuff that happens to our food...
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    Who cares. It doesn't taste like pork and people have been using every part of the animal for millennia.
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    I hope this doesn't come out the wrong way (I'm not trying to insult) but, if you're not a vegetarian, then what's the problem?

    Who says what's the "leftover" part of the meat. An animal is an animal and humans eat many different varieties of animals. Now, if they injected the pig with some sort of gelatin enhancing man-made chemical that's not so healthy for humans, I might have a problem with it.

    Either way, Pop Tarts certainly are tasty. :smile:

    i don,t usually explain y i became veggie but u hit 1 of the reasons on the head . when i was 16 i read a book and it was about a survey that had been done i think it was north america anyway between these 2 dates the babies that were being born the girls had extra hair growth and the males breasts and hormonal things and the only coincidence was the meat these people were eating as the farmers had injected their cattle with hormones to get bigger animals so they got more money per weight ( now i know it is illegal to do this in most countries now ) but it was just 1 of the reasons i gave up meat .although nearly everything i eat now is processed as im too lazy to cook from scratch

    Well, that's probably the best reason as to why someone would go vegetarian that I've ever heard. They also say that disposable diapers are cause for some of the stuff with girls....because of all the chemicals that touch their body. I only wish that organic meat was cheaper....but the f'ers that have to shoot their animals up to make them bigger....they ruin it for everyone. I just want fresh/natural meat without chemicals....
  • The reason why it gels up is from saturated fat, which is animal fat. Animal fat is good for you. Anyway I agree with someone else on here who wrote how they would rather eat something that came from an animal, rather than something that came from a chemical any day!
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    The reason why it gels up is from saturated fat, which is animal fat. Animal fat is good for you. Anyway I agree with someone else on here who wrote how they would rather eat something that came from an animal, rather than something that came from a chemical any day!

    Actually no. Gelatine is not a fat, it's 99% protein.
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    Try eating black pudding. It's basically oats, barley, pig fat, and pigs blood. And it's pretty tasty.

    Hey, you forgot one of the major ingredients: Salt! I found it inedible just because of the sheer volume of salt contained.
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    Thank you for the post. Now I want pop tarts and will petition the company to start making bacon flavored pop tarts.

    I know, right? Interestingly enough, I had this very conversation with my family last night. We came to the conclusion that there's some company making a toaster pastry thing that has eggs and bacon in it already, so maybe they figured the market's already saturated...

    It's Pillsbury, dear, the breakfast Toaster Strudel products. I think a bacon PopTart with maple frosting would be tastier. I'd never buy them, but the idea *sounds* good.
  • Already knew that, I thought everybody did. I will probably have poptarts for breakfast in the morning. Smores is my fav. Flavor
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    I just got this awesome idea.

    Pop tart sandwich with bacon
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    I need some pop tarts...
  • I had a pop tart for the first time last week. It wasn't good..though it was smashed up though. I might actually try it again but actually toasted.
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    I like pork and I don't like Pop-Tarts.

    Now I'm confused...what is it I should be horrified about?
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    Who knew I could get pork while eating a pop tart?

    So... pop tarts are even better than I thought!!! ;o)