First day of 2013!! What was your first workout?!!



  • wtw0n
    wtw0n Posts: 1,083 Member
    I did TurboFire 60 + Stretch 10 and felt great!
  • Cinflo58
    Cinflo58 Posts: 326 Member
    Walked the mutts for 2 miles this morning and did c25k tonight -i am on week 6 day 3. I registered for a 5K race in March. I gained 3 lbs over the holidays and must get them off of me! Get off! Get off!!!
  • saldelmar
    saldelmar Posts: 40 Member
    My usual: walking 4.0mph on the treadmill for 30 minutes (while reading a new book on the Nook, The Hunger Games, Vol. 2. The time completely flew). What can I say, I know what I like and I like what I know... :)
  • Jett8888
    Jett8888 Posts: 43 Member
    30 day shred level 2 day 7 and its still kicking my butt
  • iris2811
    iris2811 Posts: 124 Member
    I'm normally a cyclist but would really like to be able to do 5k runs as it'd be easy to do anywhere, anytime...

    So day two of week one ct5k :-)
  • myJOF
    myJOF Posts: 26
    I completed a Basic Training I workout from New Rules of Weightlifting Supercharged with my husband,
  • HeatherSanto
    HeatherSanto Posts: 138 Member
    I did Hip Hop Abs
  • Duck_Puddle
    Duck_Puddle Posts: 3,224 Member
    Went for a run for an hour, then came home and had two cookie dough topped brownies. Damn-not going to be under my calorie goal for today...again.
  • RideaYeti
    RideaYeti Posts: 211 Member
    50 mile bike ride, the LBS calls it The Resolution Ride. A little cold, wet, and windy but a fun ride anyway.
  • brownshuga30
    brownshuga30 Posts: 106 Member
    Jillian Michael 30 day shred level 1 and some of 6 weeks 6 pack.
  • Suzzan47
    Suzzan47 Posts: 2 Member
    Kettle Bell workout and treadmill (C25K W1D1)
  • WDEvy
    WDEvy Posts: 814 Member
    2 x Leslie Sanson walk at home videos (since it's -21 outside) and 25 min of heavy lifting
  • dlw13
    dlw13 Posts: 119 Member
    I ran 4 miles on the beach!
  • Worked out for 100 minutes on my Elliptical. Getting use to it after 15 years on the treadmill. I will be doing yoga before later to close out my day.
  • I did a quick body rock Tv workout
  • Donica_Marie
    Donica_Marie Posts: 64 Member
    An hour of Zumba :)
  • JustPeachy044
    JustPeachy044 Posts: 778 Member
    whoohooo! you just keep raising the bar, don't you!? way to go.

    I did kenpoX from p90X then ran on the treadmill at 6.0 for 10 minutes. didn't quite hit my 500 calorie goal, but i will tomorrow!
  • Not a good start to 2013. I wanted to go for a walk in my favorite park but have been sick in bed all day with a stomach bug. Walking to the kitchen to get the soda crackers and ginger ale was all I could muster up. :(
  • threeonethree
    threeonethree Posts: 182 Member
    30 mins on bike, 60 mins on treadmill, and 5 mins of weight machine. Felt so good. I'm ready for 2013.
  • sndiane
    sndiane Posts: 83 Member
    I use I did Metabolic Hip Hop and DB15 Let's Move.