How to target back fat?



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    And one more thing before I go:


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    strength training

    strength training

    strength training

    trust me, you'll love it. give up all that cardio. you don't need it. 2-3 days a week tops. the rest of the time, you should be doing dead lisfts, squats, chest press, and over head press.

    this and the other post about lose more weight..

    oh and you can't spot reduce goes from certain places and sticks to other places...for me it is lower stomach as I believe that is where the next 3% body fat is coming off of...
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    Don't listen to these men. Hire a FEMALE personal trainer and talk to her. Men don't understand a woman's body. It's not the same. Women's bodies are even designed to hold on to fat in preparation for childbirth. It doesn't know there isn't a famine around the corner. Women even have certain days of the month they should be buffing and certain days of the month they should be boosting. It's based on hormones. Your diet and your workouts should be based on that. How many men can explain that one?

    1. Lose more weight.
    2. Start strength training
    3. If you have a back, chest, arms and shoulders, upper body strength training is probably a good idea.


    So, what is the miracle it takes to make me lose weight since old-fashioned diet and exercise won't work? And don't tell me patience and dedication....I am about fed up after 13 months.
    watch Dr. Oz that guys is an alchemist who will magically turn your fat into muscle...
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    My legs and butt look fantastic

    I do not do any strength training except for my legs and butt

    This thread is a mess, but I'll throw in my 2 cents anyway. I think there is a relation here. Because from my experience (including my own past approach to exercise), pure cardio doesn't give you a nice butt. It gave me a flat pancake butt even worse than the one I already had. I understand that you don't want a six-pack or huge biceps- but that's not a reason not to strength train. When I see a women with a six pack and muscle definition, I think "Damn- that women works HARD!" I think you be ignoring the fact that strength training has already contributed to the results that you have been happy with.

    And like others have said- you WILL NOT build mass on a caloric deficit. You will lose fat (including back fat) while maintaining your lean body mass. You have been doing tons and tons of cardio for a long time now, and you have identified that this has not given you the results you want. You need to make a change. Yes, that may mean cutting out some cardio to make room for full body strength training. Squats, deadlifts, bent over rows, overhead press etc. Again, I understand you don't want to "bulk" but to say that you won't even attempt these exercise because of it is a bit of an insult to women who have spent hours and years strength training, and eating at above maintenance in order to gain mass.

    Good luck on your journey. :)

    ETA: As someone else just mentioned- OP has already decided to take all the good advice. So my comment is useless. :P I got to about page 12 and then decided to comment- so sorry for being redundant!
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    this thread is real ugly. glad i could take part.

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    Haha, yes...a thread full of this much fail is allowed to continue while a bday thread gets shut down real fast
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    You're effing hot and people would rather be jealous than actually listen to your wisdom.

    I bet you say that to all the girls :flowerforyou:

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    I don't like Chunky Monkey, but I'd get you some as thanks for all your helpful advice and knowledge you've given. :flowerforyou:
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    After all this craziness (mostly fun crazy)...I will most def incorporate resistance training. I just assumed cardio would "melt" the fat off if doing excessive amounts.

    I do have to go to a doctor and get my thyroid tested which I have been meaning to for a couple of years. I also learned about RMR. I didn't know you could get it tested which would help a lot, knowing I have really screwed up my metabolism. I watched the whole 27 minutes of the video and found it interesting and very informative. I think I just have to "reset" my metabolism the correct way and will take a long time.

    Thanks for all your help!

    ^This thread is so absurd that i think many people did not see this post.

    This is one of the most important posts on this entire ridiculous thread. OP, I wanted you to get recognition for this post. I am happy to hear that you obtained useful information and that you are going to try some of the outstanding suggestions you received here. This will serve you well. You need to simply eat in a small deficit and do some strength training to preserve muscle to reach your stated goal. It really does work. I am 47 years old and look better than I did when I was 27 all because of strength training (despite never really being overweight). Good luck and keep us posted!

    ^because it needed to be said twice. The OP plans to try the sensible advice she obtained here. The end.
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    Women seem to carry back fat, especially around their bras. I HATE THAT. Nothing works on it. It just grows there one day and it stays. I honestly think it is an, "age thing" . Or it is hereditary in some women. It's where i carry fat. If all else fails I am going to get laser on it. I like Elxis, it shrinks the fat and helps you grow collagen. It tightens the skin during treatments and continues to tighten after treatments are done. IT's $400 a treatment and usually three are needed. This may not be the answer you were looking for, but i have tried EVERYTHING I can think of and it won't budge. I really don't want to be self conscious of it so that is what I am doing. They won't do it at my spa unless a person is of healthy/normal BMI height and weight. I am glad for that.

    i HAD back fat, key word....HAD. Don't listen to this person OP. Pick up some weights and train HARD. Do upper body training along with lower body and only 2 or 3 days of cardio. It will take a few weeks but it will leave, trust me!
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    bump...i heard this was a good read
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    how did I miss this?
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    It's clearly because you are not pooping enough. Up your fiber and your back fat will disappear. Trust me, I heard someone say they had a friend who heard about it on Dr. Oz
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    Nothing works on it. It just grows there one day and it stays.

    completely untrue. a calorie deficit and strength training works. patience works too.
    It is true. Unless you are a female, you can't say for sure. Women are NOT men. Women's bodies are not the same as men's bodies. I am so tired of men who do not understand a woman's body is different who gives advice.

    In that case I'll say "completly untrue. a calorie deficit and strength training works. Patience works too."

    There, I suppose that since I have a vag and therefore am totally qualified to say for sure that this is an accurate statement. You can't target fat, but you can decrease your overall fat by eating at a deficit and exercising particularly strength training. Please look at the picture in my profile and let me know where "it just stayed." I dare you . . . fact is I worked hard, I lifted heavy, now the only back fat I ever have to deal with is on vegetables.
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    It's clearly because you are not pooping enough. Up your fiber and your back fat will disappear. Trust me, I heard someone say they had a friend who heard about it on Dr. Oz

    LMAO Ben for the win!!!
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    This thread right here is why I love the MFP forums so much! Thank you everyone!!!
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    Start incorporating exercises that work the back into your OVERALL strength training routine - preferably in a circuit style routine. Add in some cardio if you haven't already and hope for the best!


    Probably missed a few but these are the ones that IN ADDITION to healthy eating and exercise totally eradicated my back fat (NO MORE ROLLS :smile: ). Don't forget to do these with dumbbells ..