Things that suck about losing weight...



  • Pasukaru2
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    - My clothes are now wayyyy too big for me :angry: But I don't want to buy new ones since I know I've still have some weight to lose
    - This one's half annoying / half funny, People constantly asking me how i lost all that weight saying i look great etc... And when I say ''Just eating properly and doing exercise 6 times a week '' I see them first :noway: and then :indifferent: Saying like '' Oh right, that's the only good way isn't it? '' Yup, it is!
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    I guess mine could all be considered silly...

    1. My boobs are flat, that is more from three pregnancies though.
    2. Having people tell me that I don't need to lose any more weight
    3. Having people tell me that I couldn't possibly get any smaller
    4. I am on the verge of having to shop in the little girls clothing...
    5. The low amount of calories that my body requires, is hard to maintain.
    6. My awful wrinkly belly.
    7. Losing motivation to continue this lifestyle because of all of the above.
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    Spending money on clothes you are determined won't fit a month from now.
    Looking in the mirror and "seeing" the 30 lb heavier version of yourself.
    Being told by family and friends you don't need to lose any more weight. I know what is the right size for me so do not discourage me because you haven't yet got on board with becoming a healthier version of you.
    The fact that all my weightloss appears to have happened from the waste up. Why won't these thights go away already???
    Feeling like you can't cheat ever because it will set you back.
    Currently nursing a knee injury. All I want to do is run and I keep getting told no. (I don't want to be injured, but I do love that I have a deep desire to exercise)
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    I'm at the EXACT SAME PLACE. I've been 147 for over 6 months and its infuriating! When I mention anything about my dieting woes to my family, they roll their eyes and make sarcastic comments. They don't understand that I will still be healthy at 135, continuing to exercise like I have for the past 15 years. I do not have an in unrealistic view of my body, but I know how I feel!!
  • SabrinaLC
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    I know how you feel! I carry my weight in my lower half and have been desperately trying to lose it. Everyone tells me I don't need to lose anymore weight or get any smaller. Um... yes I do.

    Besides, I thought I would look a lot different at my current weight. Not where I want to be :-/

    I hate when people tell me dont lose anymore weight -_- you dont even know my body.. i d ont go up to ppl dont get any fatter please .. like seriously im at 156 and i want to be at 125lb im 5'3 soo it normal lol
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    I'll agree on the clothes thing. I'm in between sizes and I refuse to spend a lot of money on clothes I won't wear very long, so most of my jeans are very baggy and all of my shirts are pretty frumpy looking. When I put on something that actually fits, I look about 20 pounds lighter than I do in the rest of my clothes! Oh, and nearly all of my current shirts are hand-me-downs from my mom, so they aren't "me" if you know what I mean. I pretty much hate 90% of my clothes. Yes, I know I could go to Goodwill or second hand stores, but I hate spending even that much money on clothes I'll only wear a few months. lol

    And I'm cold. All the time. Which is bad enough, but in winter in Minnesota, it's really bad.

    But, I think the worst is that I really have no one to talk to about all of this outside this forum and my (poor) husband. Most of my friends either really don't want to hear it, or they are the type to want to offer *unwanted advice. And most of my family have way out of whack ideas about weight loss, but don't want to hear they are wrong.

    *By unwanted advice, I mean things of this nature: "you are looking great! How much have you lost?" "About 55 pounds." "That's awesome! Hey, have you tried South Beach/Aitkins/cabbage soup/diet pill/etc? I hear you can lose crazy amounts of weight without trying!" And all I can think is, you just said I look great, I've lost 50+ pounds, so why on earth would I want to try something else that may be unhealthy at best and dangerous at worst?

    I'm from Montana, and COMPLETELY agree about being cold. It sounds like alot of people are saying the same thing, but I think it is way worse if you live in a cooler climate like ours!

    I, also, really don't have any support outside of this site & FB. My dad is the only one who knows about me trying. I was going to say something to the others in my family, but before I could (at 20lbs) I was told that I needed to do a cleanse "so maybe you can finally start losing weight" so I kept me mouth shut. Now, all I hear about is the Lap Band, WW, etc.

    One other oddity, according to people I've talked to, is my joints hurt. My ankles & knees kill me in the morning where they didn't before.
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    Arrrgghhh yes! Saggy boobs! I look like Magda from Something About Mary!
    Then my husband says I need a boob job.

    Muffin top that won't go away no matter how many sit ups I do because I am 45 and have had 4 kids. Can't afford a tummy tuck....

    And YES - people who say "you don't need to lose more weight." you know I find that those people are either a) skinnier than me and don't want that to change or b) way heavier and don't want to do anything about themselves so decide that no one should lose weight.

    Having said all of that.... I'm happy to be where I am and I am NOT stopping any time soon!:happy:
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    my sternum sticks out
    my butt-bone makes it uncomfortable to sit on hard surfaces
    my rings all fall off
    excess baby-tummy skin
    elephant butt syndrome

    and yes, being cold and having sad little raisin boobs

    I feel for you, I really do, but reading this made me laugh out loud. You are hilarious.
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    Yes, the girls need some love and hubby says I have to wait til Sept. Tres sad...
  • Here's mine- people telling me that I "don't need to lose any more weight."

    They don't know my body, I do!

    I know that I was a knockout at a solid, awesomely toned 135-138lbs, and I want that back! Right now I'm at 147. Just because I don't have a lot to lose doesn't make my goals frivolous or less important.

    Rant completed, and thank you for the thread :-)

    YEAH! I am tired of hearing that! These people have NOT seen me NAKED!!!
    Nor can anyone see what WE FEEL.
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    Oh my goodness...the breasts are definitely losing their perk since the weight loss. Hubby noticed but he's happier about the weight loss because it's given him motivation as well. And clothes! I love shopping but I had to pump my brakes because, like everyone else, it's not in the budget to buy new jeans-my fav-every 10 pounds. My stuff really hangs off of me. Glad I'm not the only one who's joints are creaking a bit too.
  • I have the boobs because they are gel implants (I had no boobs before I got them), but the clothes are a huge issue.
    I shop thrift stores when I can but I am reluctant because I know that I will shrink more and what I am getting won't work for long.
    I am blessed to not have a job I have to dress for. My boxers, tees and housecoat work for me!
    My girls get tired of me wearing the same stuff. They're such DIVAS, lol.
    I am blessed that their dad doesn't complain about it.
  • lose skin, jealousy that turns into back handed compliments, going through clothes like nothing, and yes, not being able to afford new things.

    The skin is the worst though. It makes me feel so much bigger.
  • Arrrgghhh yes! Saggy boobs! I look like Magda from Something About Mary!

    AHAHAHAHA! MAGDA!! This thread is hilarious!
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    I bought a few bras from Victoria's Secret (I have never done that, and spent over $100), back in December. Already too saggy on me. I don't care if my boobs shrink, after breastfeeding four kids, I've given up on my boobs. I just hate that I spent that much money on bras that don't fit me anymore.
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    Here's mine- people telling me that I "don't need to lose any more weight."

    They don't know my body, I do!

    I know that I was a knockout at a solid, awesomely toned 135-138lbs, and I want that back! Right now I'm at 147. Just because I don't have a lot to lose doesn't make my goals frivolous or less important.

    Rant completed, and thank you for the thread :-)

    ^^^^ This! :)
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    So agree with this.
  • I've been freezing lately.. FREEZING to the point I just want to sit in a sauna all damn day long...

    I've also lost my boobs, I'm losing more inches around my bust / chest then I am on my waist / belly....

    My fiance will not touch healthy food, so now I'm in the kitchen twice as long trying to prepare my meals, and his.. -_-

    On the plus side, all those squats are making my *kitten* look pretty nice.. ;-)

    I agree, the meal thing is hard- Family of 5 here. I make what I make (thank God I only cook for everyone at night) and they can eat it or make their own!!
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    losing my boobs :( and that my boyfriend complains every time I try to lose weight...
  • I'm from Wisconsin and this is the coldest winter EVER for me! 22 pounds of insulation gone!