Being noticed (attractiveness)



  • 89nunu
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    I got crazy hair that changes in colour and shape every couple of months, so I get noticed for my hair a lot and get comments (mainly from weird much older men and no one my own age) apart from that I don't really notice, and if I do get noticed I think it's because of the hair...
  • Kalielspinner
    Nobody notices me..that's fine. The one important one did.
  • Viva81Diva
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    I've always been noticed, whether it was negatively or for being attractive. When I was "frumpy" as a pre-teen/early teen, no boys really noticed me, but would notice all of my friends and pick on me for the way I looked. I had frizzy hair, was shy, and didn't know much about style. I learned how to fix my hair and wear cuter outfits. After becoming popular in school, everyone noticed me. That's how I met my 1st husband at 16, and dated him until I was 21 when we got married. He always said men noticed me when we would go out, but I never paid it any mind because I was in love with my hubby.

    After I gained more weight, men just didn't seem to look at me like they did when I was slimmer. I noticed that! It never bothered me unless they started making mean comments or laughing at me. I would get pissed off. People can be completely shallow at times!

    I could care less if they find me attractive or not, but don't treat others bad because they are overweight.
  • kschoono
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    One of my guy friends insists that girls notice me. I've never caught anyone looking though.

    Matt Damon?!

    I agree he does look like Matt Damon. :)

    My sister says the guy is checking me out but I don't noticed it. :) Sometimes I do noticed when someone is looking at me, but I wonder if they are noticing my blue eyes, hair or maybe my cochlear implants. :)
  • gettinfitaus
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    Nope, completely invisible. Always have been even before kids when I was a total gym bunny.

    I would watch people hook up in the gym, make friends, chat etc and just feel invisible. Then after I had my first child it just got worse because I just stopped participating.

    Even now I stand on the edges of the group, whether that group be the playground or the school pickup.

    I must admit though I would like to be whistled at just once. Or bought a drink, one of our friends was laughing the other night about his wife being bought drinks at a bar while he was in the toilet, which he thought was hilarious because she ordered another beer for him... I just felt a little bit green because I would like to do that... just once.
  • nick1569000
    sometimes, but for me this is no matter....
  • slkehl
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    I'm the most attractive to drunk guys at the club at 2 am who are desperate to get laid.
  • pollyineedtobeskinny
    I don't think I'm very noticed to be fair :-( But then again, we might just not notice being noticed cos we aren't taking any notice. (think I said notice too many times)

    I think it comes down to not having confidence saying you are not being noticed though, I notice pretty much everybody..

    I walked into a pub the other day with my boyfriend and said "have you ever noticed that? When you walk into a pub, everyone stares." and he said "they are staring at you, you stand out" - should I take that as a compliment or think he's saying that because of my huge *kitten* hitting everyone as I walk in :laugh:
  • ladytinkerbell99
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    No, I don't think I am noticed. My husband tries to tell me that some of the men at the gym look at me, but if they have, I've never noticed it.

    I think those that you see that aren't all that attractive but still get a lot of attention are people who have a lot of confidence in themselves. People are drawn to people who are confident.

    ^ I agree with this comment 100%. :flowerforyou:
  • ZealousMissJJ
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    The funny thing is I feel I never got noticed except on MFP. Men are A LOT more straight forward here than in real life. Or maybe in real life I'm not as attractive :tongue:.

    It's nice to be noticed and I admit I enjoy when it happens. :blushing:
  • nick1569000
    the bad think with the internet, is that the most people says thinks that NEVER will say at the real life... every secret dark thought comes out here
  • zombilishious
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    When I was in my 20s...all the time...these days, if it happens, I'm oblivious. I wish it would would be nice to know I'm not dead even if I am in my 40s and a mom of 3....
  • jillybean0123
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    I get about as much attention as a white crayon. I suppose that means I am super average. I'm not good looking enough for a second look but I'm not trainwreck ugly so that people feel the need to stop and stare.
  • shonar68
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    I was never noticed at school, I was soo skinny and flat chested and looked so much younger that all my friends and I was (still am) only 5ft, boys never asked me out. It really affected my confidence, I gues I thought as myself as ugly during my young teanage years. Then I left school and got into make up and dressing like an actual girl lol and I started to get noticed. I find that I get noticed more by tall men or well built men when I am out, think its a cave man kind of thing lol, When I first met my husband he actually said "I could just fling you over my shoulder and run away with you" haha!!!
  • teshiburu
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    Rarely... Unless you count your nan telling you that you are a strapping young lad (when i was 10 lol)
  • alarae
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    No, I don't think I am noticed. My husband tries to tell me that some of the men at the gym look at me, but if they have, I've never noticed it.

    I think those that you see that aren't all that attractive but still get a lot of attention are people who have a lot of confidence in themselves. People are drawn to people who are confident.

  • ggxx100
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    My story seems like an ugly duckling swan story on the outside, at first..I did get noticed from time to time. Usually it was because of my lack of coordination or habit of laughing at the wrong time.

    When I lost weight, boy was I unprepared. I'm definitely not anywhere near Victoria's Secret Model after but I definitely got a lot of catcalls, more doors opened for me, and landed my first modeling gig.

    At first, I was bitter...was I really worth being nicer to just because I was thin? But I realized humans are just a visually driven, and yes unfortunately looks do get you farther. However, in no way does image determine worth.

    I realize that I was just as beautiful back then, and no less of a person when I was heavier. Funny thing is, I had to realize my worth and embrace myself before I was able to lose the weight (Cheesy, but true).
  • twelfty
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    i have no idea if i get noticed, i find if i'm looking no one notices and if i'm not i get noticed, best off just not worrying and some will notice you and give a hint
  • Showmm
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    I think that a lot of people aren't aware of someone noticing them unless that person then hits on them in some really obvious way ("Hey babe, how YOU doin'?") It doesn't mean you aren't being noticed, it means you don't notice it yourself!

    I spent my late teens and early twenties not realising that several of the guys I hung out with probably would have been happy to have been more than friends. It was only many years later, looking back at it, that I realised it.

    In general, I would say that I usually fly under the radar until I put some effort into how I look. Usually on a night out with nice clothes, some cleavage, full make-up and hair done nicely. I can't be bothered most of the time, even if I realise my special efforts are other's regular everyday efforts. I'm ok with that. I'd rather be noticed when I want it, once in a while, than all the time, when I often wouldn't be ready to deal with it, good or bad.