What do you all drink?



  • Tavo77
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    Water is the only thing I drink for the most part. I rarely drink juice, but I do enjoy it once in a while. No soda for me. I haven't drank the stuff in more than 6 years.

    Yea, I'm grateful I've never been a big soda drinker ~ I hear it's tough to kick that habit.

    It's definitely not easy! You have legit withdrawals. Especially when you quit cold turkey like I did! Migraine level headaches are so not fun!

    To the OP's ?: water & the occasional glass of milk. When I'm feeling wild, I'll add some flavored stuff to my water.
    My sister is having withdrawals:(

    All i drink is ice cold water and almond mike(sometimes dark chocolate):D
  • MommaChocoLatte
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    I made a big pitcher of flavored water. Its still water but with natural flavorings and no added sugar. I filled a gallon sized pitcher with 10 cups of water, 6 strawberries- cut up, and a lime-thinly sliced. I let it sit overnight. I also added a tray of ice cubes. For the entire pitcher, it came to 43 calories thru the recipe builder.

    I also did cucumber lemon. Same process. I haven't run this recipe yet though but it's not much.

    Other than that, I have coffee and the occasional diet pepsi.
  • SarahDavs
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    I like the banana-strawberry-orange flavored crystal lite, sprite zero, sunkist orange 10 (the 10 calorie one) coffee w/stevia. I've heard tell of a diet cream soda that I'm in the market for.

    ETA: champagne once in a blue moon. ;-)
  • ForMyTomorrow
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    Sun-Thursday: water and two cans of diet mtn. Dew. Love diet mtn. Dew couldn't make it without it!
    Friday and Sat the same but add budlight select 55 or grey goose. A girls got to have fun after all.
  • MarielStarr
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    I drink water, Crystal Light, Kool-Aid made with granulated splenda, diet soda, and Swiss Miss diet hot chocolate. I know it is a lot of fake sugar but it keeps me from drinking the real sugar-stuff!
  • Missyb322
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    Unfortunately I'm not a water drinker...can't drink hardly any without feeling full and bloated. So therefore I probably stay dehydrated. Only thing I usually drink is 1-2 large coffees a day with occasional unsweetened tea or sugar free kool aid. I know I need to try to find a way to improve on this.
  • cschiff
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    Try lemon or lime juice in water with no sugar

    yes. this.

    cucumber slices are nice, too. adds a "spa like" quality.
  • MorgueBabe
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    coffee (black)
    Tea brewed with hot eater (black)
    Protein shakes.
    Maybe a beer every now and then.

    ANd then pretty much water, and LOTS of it.
  • Sharkington
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    I drink lots of water, green tea, and coffee most days. Once, or twice a week I might drink wine and vodka...and on rare occasions, I'll drink a 7-Up. I cut out soda long ago, but I still get cravings for diet 7-Up of all things, from time to time.
  • Mellsy1997
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    Try adding a splash of lemon juice to your water or I've started using the flavor packets like Crystal Light. I've been using the knock off brands to add flavor. One packet is 10 calories. I love sweet ice tea for dinner so the flavored water was a great alternative to the calories and sugar. Just find flavors that you like.
  • amonieg
    amonieg Posts: 16 Member
    Normally just H20 green tea, coffee. No sodas or juices
  • danger_kitteh
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    water all day
    2x cups of coffee with a 1/4 ounce of almond milk in each in the morning
  • My typical day's worth of drinks:

    Start my morning off with a green tea with a wedge of lemon (large- no milk, no sugar)

    Bottled water (I try and drink 2 x 600 ml bottles at the minimum per day)

    Coffee (no sugars) at work (about two per day- one in morning, one in the afternoon)

    At dinner time I get a bit more creative- usually a soda water with a wedge of lemon squeezed in- gives you that fizzy feeling without the calories!

    If you have to drink alcohol- go the same with a dash of lime juice for sweetness and a shot of vodka in a tall glass, you could also do the same but with raspberry or cranberry juice for low calories.
  • vixtris
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    I know you probably dont want to hear it, but I only drink water.

    I was a huge soda drinker, coke with everything. hardly ever drank water. It took about a week to get over the headaches from no soda and getting used to having no flavor of soda with my meals, but it was worth it.

    but, i mean like with cereal, ill have milk. lol.
  • Diet Coke is my ultimate treat. But you can also try making your own soda. Try Club Soda, squeeze lemon and honey. That could be a substitute to your Mountain Dew. Good luck!
  • I drink shakeology from beachbody and mostly water. I started drinking a lil cup of tea to replace the coffe i used to drink. The shakeology is awesome. It gives me all the nutrients i need. Also since it has so many nutrients, it gives me energy. I drink the tea to keep from getting a caffiene headach
  • cmcis
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    I used to be quite a coca cola drinker. Sometimes drinking two cans a day. I find it can be quite addictive. It's hard to stop once I've started, so I make sure that I don't have any in the house. The only time I tend to have coke now is when I go to see a movie.

    Since joining MFP I have switched to primarily water (that's the one thing when you have to log what you eat, you start to notice the calorie cost). I also occasionally have orange juice, since that's a good means of getting vitamin C.
  • sherri33s
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    I drink water. Sometimes I put piece of fruit in pitcher of water over night for a different taste. And green tea. I use mint instead of sugars
  • violettatx
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    Water, a little coffee, and red wine. Sometimes white wine if I need a change.
  • Radiocynic
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    Lucky enough to have never liked soda or beer, so they're not a temptation. But also don't like artificial sweetener, so for me it's lots of water and coffee and unsweetened iced tea.

    If you have a Panera Bread near you, I recommend their Acai Berry Unsweetened Iced Tea. Of several unsweetened zero-calorie drinks I've tried, it seems to have the most flavor.

    Part of my "realism regimen" is to still allow myself wine and the occasional vodka, both in moderation; just has to count against the calorie totals!