What do you plan on rewarding yourself with?



  • HannahJDiaz25
    HannahJDiaz25 Posts: 329 Member
    A slinky dress that always used to emphasize any soft spots...but...hopefully...will only show of toned spots now haha! And some new clothes in general :-)
  • AnimePrincess13
    AnimePrincess13 Posts: 60 Member
    Finishing my back tattoo.
  • Always love buying new workout clothes!
  • LadyMustard
    LadyMustard Posts: 105 Member
    My husband and I set up a bunch of small rewards every 5 pounds. We've been losing weight fairly slowly so it helps to keep us motivated. Usually a reward would be a small $10 book, new dice set for playing D&D, etc.

    Long term reward: 1.5 hour massage, and Runefactory 4 (videogame being released in July)
  • Tara_238
    Tara_238 Posts: 70 Member
    Once I get all the way to my major goal I would like a boob job.
  • lgreen37
    lgreen37 Posts: 196 Member
    I'm going to purchase LOTS of clothing!!! LOTS and LOTS and LOTS!!! Did I say LOTS?! LOL!!!!
  • g0ldenb0y55
    g0ldenb0y55 Posts: 66 Member
    More free weights for my home gym!
  • zenyacleveland
    zenyacleveland Posts: 45 Member
    An elliptical Machine for my house
  • knitbytes
    knitbytes Posts: 114
    I'm hoping to get one of the many tattoos I've been planning for years, but we're so broke I don't know if it will actually happen. Who knows, though? It's going to take at least a year, and a lot can happen in a year...
  • hpilon27
    hpilon27 Posts: 43
    Getting a hot tub! Will feel great after those hard workouts :-)
  • BrennLinn
    BrennLinn Posts: 178 Member
    I am so close to 50 Lbs. lost and once I hit that I will be buying myself a new pair of Nike Free Runs! Mine are pretty worn out!!
  • BurtHuttz
    BurtHuttz Posts: 3,653 Member
    Fitness! The ability to run like you've never run before, the ability to do things you never thought you could. Waking up in a strong healthy body! Pride in the marvelous machine that you were given, and fine tuning it to be the most badass vehicle it can be! Conquering obstacles and proving them wrong. The end IS the means!
  • RobertHendrix
    RobertHendrix Posts: 98 Member
    A fight

    When I get to my major goal of losing 50% of my body weight (245 lbs) I am going to start working out at a local MMA gym to train for a MMA fight.
  • brower47
    brower47 Posts: 16,356 Member
    I agree with you all, even the folks that have taken the superiority route (ie, better health is its greatest rewards). You guys are all awesome and good luck achieving your goals and (for those of you who plan to) treating yourself to something when you get there.
  • Saukratees
    Saukratees Posts: 2 Member
    Tailored Brooks Brothers Suit ! ! !
  • marybowldseddington
    marybowldseddington Posts: 71 Member
    I follow the mini reward route.

    150= 12 lbs lost Peicure only two more lbs until this!
    140=22 lb lost Tan Heels
    130=32 lb Vacation

    Now mind you I am going on vacation to Jamaica in June of 2014 regardless but it sure would be nice to go and have reached my first real goal weight. I will probably add new mini goals as a go along that coincide with sizes obtained. Right now I am at a size ten so I know I will celebrate with a new outfit when I reach single didget size!
  • LuHox
    LuHox Posts: 136
    Little things along the way...

    Heart Rate Monitor Watch
    New Running Shoes
    New clothes when they become necessary (due to the inability for current pants to stay up)
    That kind of stuff...

    I don't really have some "reward" planned for some "ultimate goal". I'd think being healthy & fit would be reward enough.
  • sreed016
    sreed016 Posts: 98 Member
    My first tattoo!!!

    I have about 5-8lbs to go so I hope to lose it and keep it off till the end of summer. Then I don't have to keep it covered up, out of water, etc while it heals.

    Can't wait!
  • nomalle
    nomalle Posts: 6 Member
    i agree! feeling good is your best reward. not feeling out of breath when climbing steps or any exercise. feeling like a kid again in terms of energy and feeling in control of my body. and of course looking great with new cloths to wear that actually fit perfect :and so i plan to reward myself with new cloths and a vacation. ::happy:
  • hedgiie
    hedgiie Posts: 1,245 Member
    planning to travel in asia and a wardrobe overhaul.