Before and After... -118lbs



  • teagin2002
    teagin2002 Posts: 1,901 Member
    You look wonderful love, much healthier and full of confidence too. I still think you were cute before you lost all the weight. Something about that smile, you look like a very sweet guy. Always love you for who you are and it will shine through.
  • samsteve2012
    samsteve2012 Posts: 53 Member
    well done you should be very proud of yourself :-)
  • bri0628
    bri0628 Posts: 86 Member
    Great success. Congratulations
  • shan0881
    shan0881 Posts: 15 Member
    Wow! You look SO good, Totally hot! Great must feel so good now :) Well done!
  • Vee5555
    Vee5555 Posts: 1
  • djjc76
    djjc76 Posts: 69 Member
    Thanks MFP friends!
  • dtoney14
    dtoney14 Posts: 16
    Well done & awesome dedication! Amazing results! Great motivation for me to continue! TY
  • super_J73
    super_J73 Posts: 257 Member
    You look fantastic! Great job :-)
  • KBOTheMan
    KBOTheMan Posts: 2
  • thmscle
    thmscle Posts: 1
    Awesome job. Congratulations....
  • 5n0wbal1
    5n0wbal1 Posts: 429 Member
    Wow. You look awesome. Great pics, too.
  • MissyBenj
    MissyBenj Posts: 186 Member
    You look amazing! Fantastic work.
  • ay1978pa
    ay1978pa Posts: 142 Member
    Very impressive!
  • runRobin01
    runRobin01 Posts: 10
    you look great, thanks for inspiring!
  • nygrl4evr
    nygrl4evr Posts: 196 Member
    You look amazing! Great job!!
  • beckydragonpoet
    beckydragonpoet Posts: 50 Member
    You look fantastic! Your hard work paid off.
  • MattN1972
    MattN1972 Posts: 117
    Great work!
  • santamommy
    santamommy Posts: 88
    I am working so hard to do what you did. I've never been heavy in my entire life, and within 5 years I went from 135 to 289. I don't even look like the same person.
    I've lost 11 in the last 10 days...Congratulations! Thanks for being an inspiration. ;):drinker:
  • SenseiCole
    SenseiCole Posts: 429 Member
  • Lady1945
    Lady1945 Posts: 10 Member
    Good job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You look great.
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