What do you regret eating today? Did you log it?



  • MsMimidoll
    MsMimidoll Posts: 249 Member
    Nada, I'm usually under my cals so I don't really worry too much, and I haven't been craving anything too bad either. I did binge a few times since I came back, but they were mini binges mostly, and I made it up in the few days after, just hope it won't happen next month :-/
  • Jessicao33
    Jessicao33 Posts: 189 Member
    Never logged it in and I snacked a lot today, candy was bad, need to get snacking under control soon
  • jbug5j
    jbug5j Posts: 277 Member
    cookies and pizza... and no. i dont plan on it. tomorrow is a new day and i refuse to feel guilty about food :)
  • Lift_This_
    Lift_This_ Posts: 2,756 Member
    i drank an entire bottle of wine today...and no, i didn't log it.
  • Sarahnade42x
    Sarahnade42x Posts: 308 Member
    Three pieces of candy...I did it early enough that I could fit them into my day, but I definitely didn't need them. They were almost as many cals as a whole meal!
    I always make sure to log those things anyways...lots of people have been adding me recently specifically to see my diary, and I feel like I'd be doing them an injustice if I didn't show them how imperfect my nutrition can be.
  • gossipkween
    gossipkween Posts: 35 Member
    binged on chex mix then ate two godivas truffles.

    tomorrow im having a pizza party at a friends place and thurs is a work holiday function. friday thai food for dinner, saturday is dinner and cocktails with girlfriends.

    this week will NOT be good with all the eating out and drinking, but im planning on getting back on track as soon as next week rolls around!
  • amaysngrace
    amaysngrace Posts: 742 Member
    I regret eating Chinese food at the buffet today because it was a day's worth of calories, but it was worth it. It was delicious, and I was craving it, and I love sushi...Oh and of course, I logged it.
  • kkay3182
    kkay3182 Posts: 90 Member
    I regret saturday date night at PF CHANGS and dreading my weigh in tomorrow, pretty much had 3 days worth of delicious calories I logged every morsel (ohhh the alarm and dread when 2 mai tais came up as 800+ cals), Thank God I only go to this place a few times a year. Whew....This christmas season is also teaming up to be a challenge, more time on the road less time to cook at home and pre plan!! At this point I am just hoping to get thru the holidays without gaining and concentrate on losing afterwards!!:drinker: :blushing:
  • padams2359
    padams2359 Posts: 1,093 Member
    Yesterday I had my usual latte at home, no biggy. I had my son with me, and splurged on Egg, Sausage Biscuit for breakfast at 6a. I love them, just dont eat them very often. Did not have anything else to eat until 4p, Quarter Pounder with cheese, med fry and reg drink (don't like the taste of artificial sweetener). I don't even like McDonald's, but was getting a headache from not eating all day. It was late, he was a musical play practice all day, and had not eaten anything else all day. That was it for the day. Logged it all, and came up 189 cals under daily limit. Fast food is the devil. You literally have to starve yourself in order to eat any of this crap, and be under your limits on any form of healthy eating program.
  • eldamiano
    eldamiano Posts: 2,667 Member
    No. I just prefer to log the things that look good. That way I stay within my calorie intake and I lose weight. Surely?
  • livingleanlivingclean
    livingleanlivingclean Posts: 11,751 Member
    No...I don't regret any food I eat, and log everything .
  • _db_
    _db_ Posts: 179 Member
    Not really a regret, but maybe the Walkers Prawn Cocktail crisps weren't the most prudent choice for a snack. Of course, it's logged.
  • Adrianachiarato
    Adrianachiarato Posts: 362 Member
    I always log everything. Otherwise I'll never get the right idea of where I went wrong if I put weight on. I regret having chocolate mousse.
  • refuseresist
    refuseresist Posts: 934 Member
    I ate a bag of cheesy nibbles yesterday. It was either that or my desk.
    I did log it, and compensated at dinner time so I think I did ok in the end.
  • greenhudler
    Not necessarily a regret, but I did eat over half of my days calories in buffalo wings yesterday at lunch haha. And yes I logged it, I log EVERYTHING.
  • fairygirlpie9
    fairygirlpie9 Posts: 288 Member
    I ALWAYS log its cheating otherwise. Yesterday I ate 6 roses chocolates and a lot of crisps. DISGRACE
  • blably
    blably Posts: 490 Member
    nothing at all.
  • sarahertzberger
    sarahertzberger Posts: 534 Member
    nope yesterday, I ate two brownies and enjoyed every single bite of them, and I was still way under my calories!
  • Sedna_51
    Sedna_51 Posts: 277 Member
    I had a half-eaten bag of potato chips that I finished off last night. I'd already had some chips that day at lunch, and eating it ended up putting me over goal...so yeah, I regret eating those a little. (I justified it to myself by saying I was going in for dental work today and wouldn't be able to have crunchy foods for a while, which is true. But still.) Sure were delicious though. :D And yes, I did log them.
  • Jestinia
    Jestinia Posts: 1,154 Member
    It was the weekend that got me. I was pining for one of those mall cookies with a cream filling and griping about how there is nothing like it in the grocery store. My ever-helpful son suggested buying some cookies and some cake frosting and combining them. Genius! How did I never realize this was possible? Fool that I am, I went and tried it. Delicious experiment. Ate myself sick. Never again. Well, maybe someday, if I'm ever trapped in a wilderness and then rescued and get told solemnly by the medical professionals that I must concentrate on gaining as much weight as possible, as fast as possible.

    Excuse me, I'm about to go get lost in the woods now.