150 lbs in one year, my story so far.. with pics



  • askeates
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    Holy WOW!!!! Amazing job, congratulations on your continued success and improved healthy. :drinker:
  • jax71868
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    Congratulations!! What an inspiring story.
  • missomgitsica
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    Congrats, that's awesome!! Well done.
  • BranMuffin86
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    FANTASTIC!!! Your story is definitely one for the books!! Congrats!!
  • Deven, your story brought tears to my eyes. You give new meaning to the word "awesome." Thank you for the hope and the good example.
  • karllundy
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    Fantastic!! Way to kick *kitten* for yourself! Good luck with the goals for 2014 and enjoy the 199 when it happens...I cried on the scale as only one year earlier I would have never dreamed my weight could start with a "1". Go out and get it!!
  • Deven, all I can say is, "Wow! Good. For. You!" You deserve all of your success. Thank you for inspiring me. Onward and upward!
  • jessica182517
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    Thats AMAZING!! Great Job! :)
  • purple180
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    Congrats! Amazing story, I am so proud of you. You look amazing and I am sure you feel just as FABULOUS. Job well done. :-)
  • mom2boxerdogs
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    Amazing stories like yours is why I won't give up. My metabolism is broken, but I keep trying anyway. You are beautiful!
  • seltzermint555
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    Dude! That is sick! You're an incredible success story. I'd be honored if you would add me as a MFP friend. KEEP KICKING *kitten*!!!

    Love this!!! I'm getting bro love chills. That is not a sarcastic comment, either lol.

    Also, way to be awesome and take CONTROL of a daunting health/body situation, OP!!! You rock!!
  • Hodgie12345
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    Excellent and a vision to everyone about life. Well done. Merry Christmas. Hodgie x
  • shred_me_up
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    Very well written story and so inspirational, congratulations on your results and for getting your life back in your hands - you are amazing.
  • KendraElmendorf
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    What a wonderful, inspirational story. I am so glad for you! you look amazing! This is such an incredible success story, I think everyone should read it!
  • RachelX04
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    awesome work, your doing amazing. well done
  • sbaldino29
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    You are truly inspiring! Congratulations on your hard work... keep it up :smile:
  • mhopp71
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    Praise the Lord for your victory! I too have beaten addiction. Mine was to meth, coke, and tons of beer. Don't miss it a bit. Congrats and GREAT WORK!!!
  • _Resolve_
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    Im blown away by all the responses. Thank you all very much, i never thought my story would speak to so many people.
  • Andrea1877
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    A BIG Congratulations to you... quitting smoking and your determination to get healthy is so inspiring! I'm in awe of you and all your hard work :) Thanks for sharing with us !!
  • Your story is awesome!!! What you did took a lot of courage!! Go you!!! Congrats!!:smokin: