Do I look better curvy or slim? (pics)



  • ironanimal
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  • livingleanlivingclean
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    I think you look good both ways.

    Add muscle instead. :drinker:

    I think adding muscle mass would make a huge difference

    I personally prefer the first pic, but I'd add curves to it by lifting, not adding fat.
  • beltinches
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    I see the difference, but they are both beautiful. Whichever fits better with your total life....

    ^^What they said!
  • jwdieter
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    I think you look good both ways.

    Add muscle instead. :drinker:

    I think adding muscle mass would make a huge difference

    I personally prefer the first pic, but I'd add curves to it by lifting, not adding fat.

    Was gonna say nobody indicated a preference for the first pic, but then somebody did. Anyway, so far results are heavily weighted toward "second" among respondents with a stated preference.
  • BinaryPulsar
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    Well, whichever looks best when you have your clothes on.

    Like, unless you work as a lifeguard/beach babe whatever, then who's going to be seeing you without your clothes?

  • DownsizingAaron
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    everyone's opinion is going to differ. you look good either way-- which i'm sure you already know. truth is maybe you should evaluate which body shape *you* feel most confident having regardless of the opinions of others.

  • seltzermint555
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    I think you have a gorgeous enviable body in both but my honest purely aesthetic opinion is that you look better in #1, more proportional upper and lower body (legs) but I think most women out there would kill for either bod!
  • janf15
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    Forget about curvy vs. slim. You need to start loving you and a person - and not your body.
  • Nikoruo
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    From the pictures there isn't a big big difference but it all comes down to what you feel most comfortable as. What fits into your lifestyle. I'd say on my personal note, the second (or curvy) is a more feminine look. Your features are softer and more what's the word.... oomph lol. Whereas the thin one is also beautiful but in a sort of........ younger girl way? If that is understandable haha
  • saffron981
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    Lucky you! You seem to gain all your weight in the right places, so you look amazing in the curvy pic.
  • what matters is what YOU think. That's it. Not what anyone else thinks. At all.
  • Candi_land
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    Um, honestly I'd probably find every excuse in the book to wear as little clothing as possible if I were Blessed enough to look like either of the two. However, for my preference I really like the second one best.

    Also, the OCD neat freak in me is twitching a bit at the mess in the background.
  • jonice3boys
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    slim you look like a little girl and curvy you look like a young woman
  • TheSlorax
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    Hey OP, you look good in both and should do what suits you etc. etc. That being said... you really need some photo help there girl. That room is a no. Trust me, I'm a selfie expert. Good luck!
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    Wondering if OP is over the age of 18. Something about the pics, post, mess, etc. is screaming 15 year old at me.:ohwell:
  • mamma_nee
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    I vote for curvy
  • born2be_me
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    you look both slim and curvy in both. You looks great!
  • action_figure
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    You look good in both pictures, but I'd like to see option #3 before deciding which would be you in total badass mode. Try lifting! See how you feel with the same weight as in picture #2, but the same body fat percentage as picture #1.
  • Hi, I just checked your pics and in my opinion, I like the slimmer look better. With that said, I am female and I myself am slim and like the look. Men are going to like the curvier one better. This is just something I have learned over the years. My husband is always begging me to put on weight!!!! Crazy!!!!!! Whichever way you decide to go, you can't lose. You look terrific either way!
  • Holly_Roman_Empire
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    You look the same in both.