Are you logging your calories on Christmas Day?



  • Of course. Ignoring what you eat on any day does NOT EQUAL zero calories. Holidays included.
  • GymTennis
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    I'll be logging my 6000 calories..why not?
  • Savyna
    Savyna Posts: 789 Member
    yes I plan on logging it.
  • czechwolf52
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    Yep, but I won't give a damn if I go over. I want my once a year sweets.
  • togmo
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    No, I don't log weekends or public holidays. I will probably have the next week or two off from logging my food.

    Once you have figured out roughly how many calories and how much fat, carbs and protein are in foods you can guesstimate how naughty you have been without logging anyway...
  • babs987
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    I'll be logging everything I eat for Christmas. It's amazing to see how much we over indulge during the holidays. Seeing the calories that day makes it much easier to get back to reality the day after.
  • 04hoopsgal73
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    Yes. Fa la la la la, la-la-la!!!:smile:
  • Giraffe33991
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    Definitely log your food every day whether you are over in calories or not.

    For me, it makes me think before I shove some other goodie into my mouth. Moderation is key & my willpower isn't the best so knowing I will be logging it stops my binges.
  • No.
  • Efflictim
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    Nope. I plan on eating everything, so logging will take too much time, and will be pointless as I will definitely be going over my calories. Plus, if I log it I will feel guilty, and it isn't worth feeling bad just for enjoying food for one day.

    Totally agree
  • littleburgy
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    Sort of. Maybe. :smokin:
  • allaboutthecake
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    Logging. But we don't go overboard on gift-buying so will have plenty of time to mess around on the computer. :bigsmile: I hope to get a nice bike session in, too. :happy:
  • vagabondgoddess
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    Yes I'll log everything even if its :sad: . :laugh: :happy:

    I'm not going to feel bad about it though.
  • thesimsisters
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    Yes, I have already started pre-logging a lot of it since I'm making our Christmas dinner. So been using the recipe feature a lot. If I wasn't the one cooking I cannot imagine trying to keep track! For the day of our Christmas party at work I estimated calories for the items I ate.

    I'll be over my calories on Christmas Day, but I don't expect it to be too bad from what I've already figured up. Actually figuring it up has helped me make modifications when I saw it all starting to total up too high! We eat leftovers the next day, so just splitting up portions a little more between the two days instead of so loaded on one day helped. Of course I do want the huge heaping plate lol, but going to scale it back a little ;) Overall, it's a special day so you got to go with it some ya know.
  • GoMizzou99
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    Hell yeah!
  • westendcurls
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    were celebrating on the 3rd. and I'll guesstimate the next day but the day of I'm not going to worry about calories.
  • Girlrose
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    Nope! I actually haven't been logging for a few weeks because I have had that many holiday parties, receptions, birthday, etc this month. 0_0
  • nxd10
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    I always log. Sometimes I choose not to hit my calorie goals, but I ALWAYS log. What's to lose and there's lots to gain.
  • lynn_glenmont
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    I will be logging this Christmas. For a lot of people, Christmas is an indulgent time of drinking, snacking, picking, large portions, heavy meals and under exercising. This makes it all the more important for me to know that everything I eat is countable, I will be more conscious about what I am eating at that time. A little bit of this, a little bit of that adds up so quickly and it is the reason that I need to keep a diary.

    My MFP diary is still new. I am trying to avoid the slippery slope of reasons not to keep it up. First it is Christmas, then New Year's Eve celebrations, then birthdays, anniversaries, special get togethers and so forth. More seasoned MFP diary loggers may find it easier to avoid such stumbling blocks, but I am not there yet. I do not have to log it at the time, I just have to make sure that the days intake is recorded at some point.

    I know that I am in control of my diet on the majority of healthy days and on a day when I relax a little, like Christmas. I believe this Christmas will be a healthier one than previously enjoyed because I am now more aware of what I am eating and how much work it takes to burn it off.

    I will not be calorie counting everything I eat when I eat it and may not make all healthy food choices, nor be concerned if I have not burnt sufficient calories on the day. I intend to enjoy how I spend the day and what I eat. I will make a conscious choice of healthy or not and know the difference and if I do less exercise on that day, I will know that I have made a choice to work harder after Christmas. Nothing is ruined, nothing is irreparable and nothing is going to stop me focussing on my goal after the celebrations are over.

    I will log my food and exercise when I can and when it calculates the calories, I will make a note of any extra calories that I have taken in and try to balance them out over a sustainable period of time. I probably will not like having to work harder on my diet and exercise on the days it takes to make up the difference, but if I have chosen this route, I will see it through, knowing that I have had a good Christmas and enjoyed my treat.

    My long term goal is to lose weight but not at the expense of enjoying life's special moments. We have a lifetime of monitoring our weight and working towards and sustaining our health and fitness goals. For some people that means, strict dieting and exercise regimes each day, regardless of the date, for others like me, it means be mindful of my health but working harder on some days to make up for the days I have chosen to be more relaxed, as long as such days are far and few between.

    Merry Christmas.

    You don't necessarily need to "balance" your extra calories on this one day with extra cutting and exercise on other other days. Let's say your goal is one pound a week weight loss - that's 500 calories a day. Can you accept that this week you'll just maintain -- not lose, not gain? If you just meet your daily goal the other six days of the week (no "extra" deficit), you can eat 3,000 calories above maintenance, or 3500 calories above your normal daily calorie goal, and still maintain for the week (you might put on a little water weight, if you get more sodium than usual). So if 3500 calories more than you usually eat is enough to satisfy you, you can just tell yourself this is a maintenance week, not panic if you gain a couple of pounds of water weight, and just stick with your basic plan on other days, rather than kill yourself trying to make up for enjoying yourself on Christmas. (Or maybe you don't need the full 3500 extra calories, and maybe you can pare back an extra 200 calories or so on the day or two after Christmas, when you might still be full from Christmas, and still end up losing a half pound for the week.

    ETA: Merry Christmas! (There should be a Santa smiley!)
  • terlyn20
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