What is your workout today?



  • amlygo
    amlygo Posts: 126 Member
    25 minutes of a Jillian Michaels dvd
  • Lobnakhaled
    Lobnakhaled Posts: 46 Member
    T25 total body circuit
  • Focus T25 and a cool down jog!
  • ebayaddict0127
    ebayaddict0127 Posts: 523 Member
    Low Impact cardio workout for beginners from Fitness Blender.
  • SideSteel
    SideSteel Posts: 11,068 Member
    Squat and Bench press triples at about 85%1rm.

    Skipped deads due to back fatigue.
  • gingercurves
    gingercurves Posts: 35 Member
    not doing any work out today! working a 12 hour shift today and already gotten in over 15k steps :)
  • Plenty of walking and 80 minutes weight training/ mobility stretching.
  • paigenevaeh
    paigenevaeh Posts: 64 Member
    30 Day Shred, 15 minutes of pilates. Then a 6 hour shift at the restaurant I work at. My footsies hurt.
  • AusEliza
    AusEliza Posts: 60 Member
    20 minute cindy's. Any crossfitters will know what I mean
  • Strong Lifts 5x5 in the morning, 30 Day Shred in the evening
  • Caterpillar_17
    Caterpillar_17 Posts: 1,500 Member
    -Ran a mile and PR'd by 20 seconds
    -Arc for 60 minutes
    -Stairmaster for 10 minutes
    -Rowing for 10 minutes
    -Elliptical for 20 minutes
    Total calories burnt: 1,000 cals (accurate)

    I'm tired, but it's a good tired. :happy:
  • enipla
    enipla Posts: 46 Member
    Today was a rest day for me. Have not had a rest day in several weeks. Yesterday: 45 min spin with intervals and 45 min of weights with a focus on shoulders, triceps and core.
  • FromHereOnOut
    FromHereOnOut Posts: 3,237 Member
    partial run to the gym, upper body workout (arms, shoulders, chest & abs), ran back
    (note to self: take rest days on the first Monday of the month at the gym--it was packed):wink:
  • turtledove773
    turtledove773 Posts: 122 Member
    Cardio day for me.. 60 minutes of Zumba :heart:
  • doodlecakes_07
    doodlecakes_07 Posts: 69 Member
    -3 mi easy run (27 min)
    -20 min incline walking (4.0 speed)
    -Nike Training Club: Ab Burner (15 min)
    -Nike Training Club: Total Body Sculpting (45 min)

    The cardio was fun, enjoyable, and considerably easy. Nike Training Club, however, almost killed me. I'm going to be extremely sore tomorrow.
  • I have mild scoliosis so I try to do low impact exercise that's effective. So I usually workout to Leslie Sansone. She has a lot of great walking videos.
    Today I walked 5 miles:smile: I plan on swimming tomorrow :smile: