chubby or skinny



  • Cranquistador
    Cranquistador Posts: 39,744 Member
    who cares?
  • Mia_RagazzaTosta
    Mia_RagazzaTosta Posts: 4,885 Member
    The one with the highest credit score and deepest wallet.
  • Escloflowne
    Escloflowne Posts: 2,038 Member
    who cares?

    I care!!!! I mean seriously though, as long as she has nice teeth!!!!!
  • Sovi_
    Sovi_ Posts: 575 Member
    I just want someone to hold me.
  • Nikita86xo
    I'd lean more toward the chubby side.
  • MB2MN
    MB2MN Posts: 334 Member
    Depends. Which one is smart, funny and nice?

    This. My hubby is pretty skinny (6'2 175) but I chose him for much more than that.
  • vulpesgirl
    I prefer somewhere in the middle...I'm marrying a guy who's a little on the chubby side now, but so am I, and we're both working on it.

    My relationships with skinnies have never worked out (I've always had curves even at lower weights and I don't like feeling bigger than my guy!), but I'll admit to having a thing for skinny guys, especially skinny South Korean guys in amazing clothes, a la Boys Over Flowers. ;)
  • condoleezachiapet
    I love them both. :flowerforyou: :love:
    In the types I've gone for in the past, I typically think of chubby as endearing and skinny as sexy, but those associations become invalid when other traits are weighed.
  • nikki0753
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    it really should'nt matter either way!
  • chelstakencharge
    chelstakencharge Posts: 1,021 Member
    been married to an overweight man (divorce hearing next week). Being that I am fit now (not skinny) I am leaning toward wanting someone that is fit as well. That does not mean skinny. My focus should be on the heart and personality
  • Eleonora91
    Eleonora91 Posts: 688 Member
    I would obviously date both! I might have my own preferences, but overall, when I start liking someone there are a lot of other things I care about. It's like when you say you like green eyes, but always fall in love with brown-eyed people. And I think that's beautiful because it can really show you how deceiving preferences can be!
  • LeanneHarrington3
    LeanneHarrington3 Posts: 100 Member
    I like big guys. My other half is 19 stone. I love a bit of squish!
  • bigtwagner
    Prefer chubby but it doesn't really matter.
  • cad39too
    cad39too Posts: 874 Member
    Chubby over skinny
  • invisibubble
    invisibubble Posts: 662 Member
    I don't like an emaciated man. I like my men to be more chubby than skinny, but that's just aesthetics. I've been attracted to guys of all builds.
  • Diesel_Girl
    <<<--- CHUBBY CHASER
  • miss_jessiejane
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  • rml_16
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    Do you need to insult people to feel good about yourself? Skinny or chubby, I wouldn't date someone so insecure.
  • kelleygi
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    I just want someone to hold me.

    Come here, Angel. :smokin:
  • PghPensFan69
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    Which one makes the better sammich?