Cuddling when sleeping....



  • MizTerry
    MizTerry Posts: 3,763 Member
    I can't do it either. It used to be it just kept me awake, but now due to back issues, it tends to be uncomfortable too. :ohwell:
  • stacshelb
    stacshelb Posts: 550 Member
    Not happening. Hate it!!
  • salembambi
    salembambi Posts: 5,592 Member
    if its cold I can cuddle to sleep until I turn around and do my own thing

    otherwise no cuddles
  • hbrittingham
    hbrittingham Posts: 2,518 Member
    My husband spoons me until I fall asleep and then he rolls over. He says that as soon as I fall asleep, my furnace kicks in and I get too hot for him to cuddle any more.
  • LoneWolf_70
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    cuddling to fall asleep and then moving to your "own" positions.
  • aliciagetshealthy
    aliciagetshealthy Posts: 946 Member
    My wife is always wanting to "spoon". I'm more of a "forker".

    All utensils for the WIN!

    I like the pre-sleep cuddling, but I just can't sleep like that. I'm a right side sleeper...he's a left side sleeper...but since I do like the contact (but not too much contact), we generally sleep with his butt in the curve of my back zzzzzzzzzzz
  • jmurray90
    jmurray90 Posts: 431 Member
    My old cat and I would often try to cuddle to sleep. No go.

    I'm sorry, I'm just too much of a wriggler. The future wife/hubby is probably gonna end up sleeping in a separate bed lol

    this made me giggle. the future "whatever I marry" haha.
  • SemperAnticus1643
    SemperAnticus1643 Posts: 703 Member
    My boyfriend and I have always been the type that had to touch when we slept. Whether he's spooning me, I'm spooning him, I'm tucked under his arm or he sleeps on my stomach, we are always in contact. Helps that we are that way since he works out of town a lot and stays in motels that have full size beds. So when I go spend the night with him it's not that big of a deal.
  • HerkMeOff
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    I can't either. I need the dude to scoot over so I can sprawl out.

    Why am I not surprised.
  • Booksandbeaches
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    I love my husband, but I can't fall asleep if he''s spooning me. Vice versa. It's too hot. I am a side sleeper and so is he, but we sleep on opposite sides, so cuddling really doesn't work for us. YMMV.
  • broox80
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  • susanwair
    susanwair Posts: 78 Member
    Can't stand it....too much body heat.
    I am a light sleeper too...
    I know what you mean about feeling strange cuz you don't like it...
    My hubby says he wished I would cuddle- but I bet you a million bucks that if I loved to cuddle he would say it was annoying...
  • PinkyFett
    PinkyFett Posts: 842 Member
    Love to cuddle, but can't sleep that way. I need my space :bigsmile:
  • kaseyr1505
    kaseyr1505 Posts: 624 Member
    I can only sleep cuddle when I am sick. My husband usually can tell when I need to call my doctor when I latch on to him like a parasite.

    We usually cuddle until one of us gets drowsy, then move to our sides of the bed.
  • Erin_goBrahScience
    Erin_goBrahScience Posts: 1,215 Member
    NOPE...I have a king size bed so I don't have to touch my SO. I want that bed for myself

  • Lisa1971
    Lisa1971 Posts: 3,069 Member
    I can't either. I need the dude to scoot over so I can sprawl out.

  • fuzilojak
    fuzilojak Posts: 269 Member
    I can go either way but I like to have more than 10% of the bed to sleep on. Nothing worse than sleeping halfway on the bed with no covers since she's rolled herself into a burrito and taking the other 90% of the bed. :\
  • Miss_TeaPot
    Miss_TeaPot Posts: 55 Member
    You are not weird. I sleep on my right side and my partner sleeps on his back because of shoulder pain. I try to sleep on my left to accommodate but as I fall asleep I typically switch over to my right side.

    We could probably switch sides of the bed but I prefer sleeping next to my window and he is a freeze baby.
  • MelissR75
    MelissR75 Posts: 760 Member
    I can't stand it. I don't even like sharing a bed! My poor husband!! lol