You are smaller than you think you are



  • This is an amazing self confidence boost! I really didnt think I was actually smaller than I thought and then to be told 'perfect hourglass figure' - Im going to take them lovely words away with me! Thanks for this :)
  • sugarkissprincess
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    I was pretty dead on, that was actually neat to see :) thank you for sharing
  • 115s
    115s Posts: 344 Member
    No no, I'm still quite big, I assure you. One day at a time.
  • MarthaQ2
    MarthaQ2 Posts: 47 Member
    Wow! Thank you so much! I picked the 9th one! I am actually the 4th one! I guess I still think of myself as I did when I was bulimic.
  • Kitten2629
    Kitten2629 Posts: 1,359 Member
    smaller than I thought I was
  • msmonsi
    msmonsi Posts: 13 Member
    I was actually 7.5% smaller and I originally wasn't sure if I should pick the one I did or the next larger one. Nice to know I'm smaller than I think I am even if by around 7.5%... :)
  • TXRanchGirl
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    thank you for posting this! Im 10% smaller then I thought..I picked the second body and it actually put me OFF the line with my actual measurements..
  • 19kat55
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  • MrsBooBear
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    I picked the 3rd model and apparently I'm halfway between the 1st and 2nd. :happy:
  • kotarea
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    wow I got 25% smaller, I have always been really hard on myself however. Just this week I had a customer come into my work and ask me if I lost weight because I looked smaller, I don't see the weight loss but others are!
  • redheadmommy
    redheadmommy Posts: 908 Member
    This is crazy. I picked the second fattest mode ( 9 out of 10)l, and it showed me I am the 4th???? It says I am 25% smaller than I think. Wow, this is an eye opener.
  • littlelaura
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    I was 5% smaller than I thought I was and a pear shape. Smaller in anyway is nice.
  • lulushort
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    I am the first body omggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • rhonniema
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    I picked between the last 2 models & I got 7th model.
    I got 12.5% smaller & pear shape.
  • my2kin04
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    Mine was 5% larger ...oh well
  • swissmish
    swissmish Posts: 183 Member
    I actually guessed my size perfectly :smile:
  • hmadrone
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    I nailed it. I guess that's what comes of taking progress photos for so many years....
  • lmr0528
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    I'll have to remember to check this out when I get home from work. I don't know what any of my current measurements are right now.
  • ameliad87
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    Even after I took some progress pictures yesterday, I was still off by 17.5%. I guessed the 8th one, and actually between the 4th and 5th. Crazy! Now to get down to that first one...
  • Meerataila
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    I was in between the first two and thought I was the third. That's an eye opener.