Official "Get Friends" Thread



  • JanesGame
    JanesGame Posts: 53 Member
    So I'm Jane, 21 and looking to loose the chub! I'm currently waiting for surgery (more info on my page) so I have to be quite sedative in my active levels. I pretty much used this as an excuse as to why I can gain weight. Now I'm regretting it!! I may be temporally immobile but that doesn't mean I can't loose weight.

    So I'm needing good motivation and encouragement to lose the chub and once I'm fully recovered (no matter how long it takes) I'll be back in the fitness game too ;)
    until then its good old fashioned low calorie power food
  • Kelven23
    Kelven23 Posts: 51
    Hello, looking for active running and fitness friends. Active on here active in life, please add me
  • c_aw
    c_aw Posts: 128 Member
    heey, add me if you want
  • chetan04
    chetan04 Posts: 62 Member
    I'm Chetan. I'm from India. Looking to lose a lot of weight. Add me :)
  • NancyNiles
    NancyNiles Posts: 145 Member
    I'm Nancy, 42, live in Florida. Need to lose about 100 lbs. I did well here for awhile, suffered an exercise injury and used that as an excuse to fall off the wagon completely. Joined Weight Watchers with my mother, I did okay but it's kind of expensive. So I'm back here looking to picking up where I left off. Except all my old friends here are inactive. Looking to make new friends. Add me!
  • KingNitty
    KingNitty Posts: 40 Member
    Feel free to add me. Always looking for new motivation.
  • handyrunner
    handyrunner Posts: 32,662 Member
    Hi on part 4...anyone can add me if they like.

    always happy to make new friends especially chatty types.
  • jbowman_13
    jbowman_13 Posts: 4 Member
    I'm 22. On the 100 lbs weight loss journey. My girlfriend and I have been using MFP for about a month. Just looking to add new friends. It's much more fun that way! Let's motivate each other! Feel free to add me
  • emteal
    emteal Posts: 11
    Looking for all the motivation I can get to keep me FOCUSED!
    Feel free to add me! Or follow along on Instagram- #EricaTeal
  • pogosticks
    Please add me. My name is Maria and I live in the Bronx, NY.
  • 692ecs
    692ecs Posts: 33 Member
    Hi, please feel free to add me. My name is Emily and I am in the Portsmouth area (UK). I have managed 5lbs off in my 2 weeks here so am really motivated at the moment to keep it up to lose the remaining 47lbs.
  • stevesilk
    stevesilk Posts: 204 Member
    Hi. My name's Steve and I've been here for a while. In maintenance but I'm looking for some new friends who enjoy the give and take that goes in here in MFP!
  • kennethbane
    kennethbane Posts: 4 Member
    My name is Ken. Really motivated to make this a lifelong change. Was really in shape and athletic in high school and my early 20's, then it went off the rails...ready to get back in shape!
  • caitlynmary1995
    Hey! I'm Caitlyn Mary, or just Caitlyn or Cait. I'm looking to lose 80-90 pounds safely. I've got a serious heart condition that really limits the physical activities I can do and the length I can do them in. I do walk and participate in my college marching band however, I can't really run or weight lift or any isometric activity. I'm looking for someone to help motivate me that I can also motivate who has fun activities that won't raise me heart rate near 180 bpm. Feel free to add me!
  • Ansie13
    Ansie13 Posts: 86
    Always welcoming new friends :flowerforyou:
  • jeepgirl130
    Hello everyone! I'm Theresa. I have a little over 100 lbs to lose. Although I have a good handle on the keys to success , I'm having trouble getting motivated. I would love to develop a support system and meet new friends.
    Please,......Add me :)
  • ihavalhasa2
    Hi my name is Haley. I have been logging my food and exercise for about 20 days now, and would love to be able to follow other's experiences. I have about 70 - 100 lbs to lose in order to be at a comfortable weight. Recently, I ruled out having weight-loss surgery because I realized that I do have the ability to lose weight if I just eat healthy and exercise. Part of the process of getting ready for bariatric surgery is to see a dietitian and the doctor weekly. Although I've ruled out of surgery, I still get to see them for non-surgical weight-loss assistance. So I am very lucky that I have someone every week to teach me how to eat and encourage me. Maybe my progress could help someone else? I would love to have new friends!
  • thepandapost
    thepandapost Posts: 117 Member
    Looking for friends here. I rejoined MFP back in May 2014 and have had a slow restart but slow and steady wins the race right? My whole story can found in my profile so feel free to add me everyone :-)
  • moijo75
    moijo75 Posts: 11
    feel free to add me.. one needs ones *kitten* kicked :P
  • Itslozzamate

    I'm Lauren. Heaviest weight 210lbs and managed to get down to 154lbs by the beginning of 2013. However, I have gained weight back. Re-started my journey at the beginning of August at 185lbs and i'm already down2 lbs!
    I post regularly and share my recipes :)

    Feel free to add me!