What item did you cut out that made a difference?



  • JoseCastaneda
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    Mainly sodas, bread, deep fried stuff, sugar in coffee, and the laziness to go out and walk/bike/run...

    Oh, and also, extra salt, and snacking... I think that's it.
  • wonko221
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    I've "struggled" with my weight for my entire adult life. But really, i just rationalized staying overweight.

    Just recently quit smoking, and the process gave me a great insight into getting fit: my body is a product of what i eat, and how much i make it move. It raises/sinks to the level that i actually put it to, not matter what mental gymnastics i go through to justify laziness and gluttony.

    Now i won't make excuses. I won't wait for a miracle diet, or that one magical workout. I'm learning about nutrition, i'm being mindful of what i eat, and i'm getting out in the sunshine more often. No more excuses, and i'm seeing the success!
  • FatAsianNerd
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    I cut out being a lazy bum, that made a huge difference.

  • hermann341
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    Most carb-heavy foods like rice, bread and pasta. Made a world of difference. The only one I miss from time to time is bread, but I have low-carb recipes for that, or I get low carb bread items if they're one sale.

    and potatoes
  • BobbieLee1959
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  • rebeccal01
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    I cut out getting other people's approval on my weight loss journey. I know what has worked and what hasn't work for me. I don't talk about it on FB, Twitter, or any place else. If I explain to someone I won't eat something I don't feel compelled to explain why. I don't want their opinion and if they feel the need to thrust it upon me I simply walk away. I have a couple of friends who are also on a different weight loss journey as me but we don't discuss the specifics we just support each other regardless.
  • Laughter_Girl
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    Like others, the biggest thing I gave up was excuses.
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    I totally agree with this!
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  • NoMoreBlameGame
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    I think I already replied to this, but I forgot the one food item I cut out that I feel has made a huge difference; blocks of processed Velveeta cheese. I used to use that stuff like crazy...with rotel for dip, in my chili, etc. I still eat cheese...just "whole cheeses" now (and in moderation) instead of "cheese food", etc.
  • pkw58
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    This is complete hogwash. Meal timing is irrelevant. Drinking warm water? Wtf? :huh: :noway: :noway: :sick:

    In order to break my nasty snack habits, i too tried the warm water /weak tea in place of snacks and stopped eating after 6 pm because I could snack the night away. I realize I could stretch my calories over any time frame, but the warm weak tea during the day and after dinner and no eating after 6 really broke the bad habit of "grazing" all day and night.
  • Kellbellftw
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    Soda and fried foods! It was hard at first, but now I rarely think about them! :smile:
  • Timelordlady85
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    I have changed how much I eat and how often I eat certain unhealthier food choices, I don't deprive myself completely of anything but I do notice that I don't crave things I used to anymore especially knowing what and how many calories id be putting into my mouth.
  • angie007az
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  • SarahMuffin99
    Fizzy drinks!
  • serindipte
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    I didn't (wouldn't) cut out anything. I cut way,way back on fried foods, but sometimes you just have to have wings. I eat frozen yogurt frequently. Weighing your food, looking at what a real serving is, helps immensely. Depriving yourself of something you crave will not work. Just go easy. And get off the couch and walk, run, whatever.

    This. I didn't cut out anything. I cut down on a lot of things and upped my veggies. I decreased my carbs.. not to "low carb" but to a reasonable level. I learned that I don't have to have a carb at every meal but, if I want that piece of garlic bread? I have one. Key there is One. Not half a loaf.

    I have eaten ice cream, sometimes every night for a month. I have eaten fried foods, birthday cake, cookies, chocolate. Anything I want. I don't drink many of my calories by choice. I do diet sodas and/or water. If I do want something, though, I have it and just balance it out through the rest of the day.
  • chadya07
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    excuses was a good one.

    for me, i cut out keeping bags of chips and 2 liters of soda next to my spot on the couch. where i sat on my bum most of the day.

    then i gave up frying my food in fats and eating whole bags of things like fried chicken pieces

    then i gave up eating all day long while sitting on the couch

    i gave up buying packages of pastries and eating them all at once.

    i started eating actual serving sizes. logging. didnt give up any of those things above, just the quantities and regularity which i ate them.

    i am pretty sure i was on a death wish depression downward spiral.

    i started exersizing and replacing binges with workouts. now when i want to eat a bag of chips and two liter on the couch, i grab my barbell, or go to the gym or for a walk. and if i am ACTUALLY hungry, i eat. serving size.

    there are a few, only a few, things i cannot buy because i know i will not stop once i start. cocoa almonds, for example. i eat the whole can if i start. i will only buy them if i have room in my menu for the whole can because a serving just makes me crazy with desire for more.

    basically i gave up eating more calories than i burn.
  • Clareevans52
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    Carbs - especially bread. Can guarantee my weight will go up if I have carbs or give in to a craving for bread. I don't abstain totally but only have bread as toast or sandwiches occasionally while I'm trying to lose the weight. Try to exercise every day and I don't eat to make up the exercise calorie deficit. This seems to work better for me.

    Logging everything I ate certainly helped to stay focused. Most veg has few calories, so easy to fill up without going over the daily allowance.

    Don't eat after 7.30pm if you can help it and only have a light meal in the evening.
  • rainbow198
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    Pop, store-bought drinks and alcohol.

    I lovedddd pop and I drank a lot of it. I slowly weaned myself off of it and now I can't stomach the stuff.

    Store bought drinks taste too artificial for me now plus it's too sweet after making my own tasty freshly squeezed juice.

    My favourite alcoholic drinks all contains around 300 - 500 calories. No thanks, I'd rather eat those calories (although I may have a drink or two a couple of times during the year like on vacations). Not only that but it made me prone to want to snack and eat greasy food.

    Now I mainly drink water and herbal teas (and homemade juice, shakes and smoothies). It makes my skin glow and helped my digestion.

    Regarding foods, when I was losing I tried not to eat chips because there's no way I could eat one serving size. Other then that I didn't cut out any foods. I fit them into my calories and/or earned or burned some of it off through exercise.

    I do close the kitchen after a certain time though. Doing that helped me to stop my mindless evening snacking. I also write everything I eat in my notebook and I pre-plan meals the night before which helps me to plan out my calories. It has worked great and I've continued even though I'm maintaining.