CROCKtober - break out your crock pot recipes for October!



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    So many good recipes to try. I did use my crockpot recently for the chicken taco with salsa, lime juice, taco seasoning. Turned out very good.
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    Bump for later! Many thanks for sharing these delicious sounding recipes.
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    Bump for all the fantastic ideas. Thanks
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    Loving this!! Thank you everyone!
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    I'm making Scotch Broth in mine at the moment.

    I used a potato instead of the turnip and didn't put the kale in (because I didn't have any and couldn't be bothered going to the shop).

    The recipe calculator puts it at about 135 calories a bowl

    Edit: It serves 6.
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  • all of these sound so good! I love my crock pot!
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    8 boneless Pork Chops at least 1/2 in. thick
    1 packet Hidden Valley Seasoning Packet
    1 or 2 cans Cream of Chicken Soup - if you use 1 can, then add 1 can of water

    Mix all ingredients together in crock pot, cook on Low for about 6 hours.

    Makes the most delicious, tender pork chops ever.... with a great gravy.

    This is a great recipe, the best pork chops ever![/quote]

    Im making this tonight! :p
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    + 1 for those broken bookmark days. :)

    Thanks to all who've added to these great threads...Crockpots are so helpful and so much can be done with them.

    I wince when I see a 'cream of soup' ingredient in a recipe anymore because since eating healthier I try to watch the sodium more carefully so I usually slowly skim over those thinking.......mmmm LOL

    But it doesn't mean I don't remember how yummy it all tasted back in the day with the canned soups.

    I do have a 'cream of soups' dry ingredient recipe (I'll share it when I get a moment if anyone is interested) that you add water to that works the same way but has a bit healthier ingredients in it.. I really need to make up some batches of the powder and stick them in the cupboard for recipes like these. Because...porkchops <3

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    I'm interested in your dry soup recipe, thank you! I also try to watch my sodium and really miss the days of using canned soup :(
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