Unexpected results of weight loss



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    Bekk927 wrote: »
    I hadn't really connected a lot of these things to weight loss until reading this thread (shoe size, cold etc. )

    One not so great side effect for me has been hair loss, I'm not sure why but when I started to lose weight I started losing hair volume too.. weird I know

    People tend to have hair issues when they diet because they are either deficient in a micro nutrient, or they go "fat-free". Fat is actually good for your hair! So if you are ultra low-fat, trying increasing it for awhile (lowering carbs or protein to make up for it). Otherwise, ask your doctor for a vitamin panel, or just start taking a good multi-vitamin (and fish oil! That will help with the fat issues too).
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    Can't believe there's over 500 posts here now - and I've read and loved them all! THANK YOU! :-)
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    albalegume wrote: »
    Not having to flip the mattress around every month to get rid of that big dent in it. ....because I don't make a dent anymore. Seeing my waist again. Seeing belly sack disappearing, Being able to look at my reflection in glass windows. Buying clothes because I like them and not because thank god it fits, it's ugly but it fits. 40 more pounds to go and I'm ok with it!

    You've been spying into my life, ha ha.....
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    Many unexpected, but the first one that comes to mind is "sitting on a wooden chair is now uncomfortable, as I no longer have 'padding' back there" ... as I fidget in my chair!
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    I remember when I was very big, I bought a pair of shorts but was clearly disillusioned because they were 2 sizes too small :p then after a few months of dieting, I remember being shocked that they fit, and now they're way too big ^^
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    Such a fantastic thread, reading through all these I'm saying snap and snap so many changes have happened along the way and everything people have listed I sooo identify with.
    So many positives - Being able to comfortably cross my legs, seeing my collar bone, having my wedding rings resized down as they didn’t even fit on my middle finger but kept sliding off.
    The biggest positive though we being able to get off blood pressure and cholesterol tablets and being told by my doctor that I am no longer at risk of diabetes.
    I'm also still struggling to get my brain to catch up although I’ve lost 115 pounds (50+ kilos) I still see an overweight person in the mirror but I know I’ve gone from a firm size 24 to a comfortable size 14 (Aust)
    But I will get there as will we all :-)
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    These are all terrific posts. Discovering the bony growth was your spine is just mind bending. CONGRATULATIONS EVERYONE.
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    I'm starting to love buying clothes. Wasn't really ever a shopping girl but now that I've started dieting,I feel that I can wear nice dresses and not look frumpy ^^
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    Couple of things for me. Firstly I look in the mirror and see my cousin, I've become the spitting image of her at certain angles!!

    Secondly I was in a very long training class for work into the evening, and the last one standing! I seem to have found some stamina from somewhere which was a surprise! My capacity to work hard and play hard seems too have increased massively....
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    This is such a great thread! I totally agree with the side sleeping knee thing! And the best day was getting my wedding ring resized because it flew off when I was clapping the day before.
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    I used to be a UK size 8 and around 8/9 stone. I always was all the way through my life. Then I stopped smoking, hit 40 and my weight got to what it is now (at aged 45) and that is 15 stone.

    Reading all of these posts takes me back to a time when I could feel my knees and ankles rubbing togyher, my thighs had a gap between them, I got so cold all the time, I used to get sores on my spine where my bra catch used to run, and I shudder to think of the pain I used to feel when I bumped into work counters and my hip bones were the first thing that hit and took the full force of my clumsyness!

    Oh how I long to get back to that pain!!! Fat better than what I have now with my thighs rubbing together, not being able to see my toes, having to have my rings cut off my fingers as they got too fat.... The list goes on.

    One day (soon I hope!) I will be back to my pre-40 year old weight and I too shall be having my knee caps rubbing together again in bed!!!!

    Thank you all for your posts, they are inspiring. I am more determined than ever to get back to what I used to be as your posts have reminded me of what I used to be and what I can be again!!

    Feel free to add me and support each other.

    Dawn x
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    Excuse typos in my previous post!!
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    Went to the beach Sunday and was able to take off my shirt and not feel like a beached whale
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    These are awesome. Thank you people.
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    emilyrigh wrote: »
    The cuts in my arms, legs, and stomach from muscle gain. I'll catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror when I'm working out and I see the muscle I'm using. It's an awesome feeling.

    YES! My favorite!

    I had kind of a lightbulb moment the other day. As I was lifting a 50-pound bag of horse feed out of a barrel, I realized that I was lifting the same amount of weight I had lost. It felt good knowing that I wasn't carrying all that extra weight around all day every day anymore!
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    These are so great! Really enjoying reading about the perks of weight loss!
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