What's Your Most Recent NSV



  • Esabettie
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    Esabettie wrote: »
    This is my first post ever! I ran/jog half an hour without stopping for the first time ever.

    This is the perfect place for your first post and congratulations on your run.

    My NSV is that I packed up a box of 3X shirts for Goodwill that are now way to big for me. :smiley:

    Thank you!! Good for you too!

    Tuesday I almost knocked myself down, my alarm went off and I was so deeply asleep that in my hurry to turn it off I hit my lip pretty hard on the night stand, but even tough it hurt I thought: "Ok, I'm already awake let's do it, elliptical time".
    I hope I can run this weekend, it has been raining.
  • SteampunkSongbird
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    My BMI has finally slipped down from overweight into healthy! It's still in the lower range of healthy, but it's progress! :D
  • owlheartt
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    For the past four years I haven't done much except play video games for 12+ hours, eat fast food, and my daily exercise has been a walk to the fridge or bathroom. Two weeks ago I decided to get in shape and during that time I've spent a maximum total of just ONE hour on the games. I feel so much more productive!

    Also, my workplace has an unwritten rule: "If it is your birthday you MUST bring treats (preferably the kind that comes with sugar)." In the past two weeks two people have brought lots of yummy treats but I didn't eat them and instead went for a nice walk outside so they weren't taunting me as I ate lunch. :smile: Next week I plan to bring this count up to three!
  • allenpriest
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    Went shopping in my own closet. Found a suit I bought in 2007 but never wore because I blow past the size so fast.

    It fit.
  • JordisTSM
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    Bought a pair of pants just before Christmas. Didn't bother trying them on in the store, came home, and there was no way in hell I was going to get the button done up. Could have driven a truck through that gap.

    Just tried them on. Button and zip.... no problem :smile:

    I still have one hell of a long way to go, but it's little things like this that keep me going. Aaaand, now I'm starting to cry.
  • SuziAstro26
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    Not eating bread :)
  • haydiz70
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    My doctor shook my hand yesterday because of the progress I've made in the past 3 months. :)
  • Reema_capricorn
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    I kind of had an epiphany 1.5 weeks ago. I was feeling bored and lonely one afternoon, so I ordered spring rolls. Mid meal I realised my lips were coated with oil used to deep fry the rolls and I felt such a strong wave of guilt. I haven't touched anything "bad" since then! Although I haven't lost any weight, I feel really good about myself :)
  • seltzermint555
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    The UPS guy walked into my office and he's NOT a flirty/creepy type but he said, "You have a new hairstyle or you're losing a LOT of weight or both...what is going on here?? Because you are almost unrecognizable from a month ago"

    And that's happened in various versions THREE times this week. Wat!? Yay!! (I am trying to grow my hair but I am at the same weight since mid-December so this is a great NSV for me)
  • Need2Exerc1se
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    Being able to wear these type of dresses, without my rolls showing!

  • Need2Exerc1se
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    Today I have on my skinny jeans (new after some inches lost) and a tight sweater and NO MUFFIN TOP!! B)
  • 0505jen
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    New jeans for me as well start size 16-18 new jeans size 6!
  • CJisinShape
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    triciab79 wrote: »
    There is not one ounce difference between these 2 photos but this is 6weeks of working out and the scale doesn't need to show me progress.

  • fitfatty88
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    So yesterday at the gym was a basic 3 miler followed by arms and abs. Since I knew it was a shorter treadmill run, I wanted to see how long I could run without slowing down.
    I did my normal 3 minute speed walking warm up, then ran for 25 minutes STRAIGHT, varying speed from 4.8-5.1!! I psyched myself out into slowing down to 4.0 for 3 minutes then went back up for the last 7 minutes. My pace time was FINALLY sub 13 minutes (12:40!)! This sounds so slow compared to some of the other runners I saw at the gym but for me..this was huge. I'd never run longer than 10 minutes straight on the treadmill until yesterday.
  • asm2014
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    i didnt have the struggle to put my jeans on! The buttons meet right where they're supposed to.
  • silverarcheress
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    Today I got to the gym earlier than the class I was waiting for. I decided to kill time with an easy 20min run, but ended up really enjoying a much more challenging speed without struggling in the slightest. I think I'm becoming someone who can just run for fun :smile:
  • mrssaver
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    7.0km running...on my way to 10km
  • maggierenee88
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    Had to put in at least 5 more notches on my belts, and in some cases my 'small' belts that would go under my boobs for tops are now for my waist lol!
  • funjen1972
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    When looking straight on in the mirror, my waist used to be a single indentation on either side below my chest. That single point is now elongated... I have a solid 3-4" of slim before i curve for hips & chest. I have a nice waistline again!