July 2015 Running Challenge



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    bbandme wrote: »
    1.5 miles done this morning, I went early and already its getting pretty warm out there :smile:


    It gets warm and HUMID fast in the mornings around here. Or at least it has the last few mornings. I felt like I'd just finished swimming when I finished up my morning run today!

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    Aresende90 wrote: »

    @skippygirlsmom I don't understand why they put treadmills in front of mirrors like that...my gym does it...I ended up staring at the ceiling through the mirror why I got stuck on one of them.. oh and my iPod died..so I was a hot mess as well, it was torture!

    If I see myself in the mirror while running, I tend to think -- boy, I hope I don't make all those goofy faces while I'm out road running. :)

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    There is some impressive mileage in here! I am still doing the C25k and walking on days I am not doing the program. I am up to 10.79 miles this month:
    7/1- 1.5
    7/3- 1.6
    7/4- 3.25
    7/5- 1.6
    7/6- 1.26
    7/8- 1.58

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    7lenny7 wrote: »
    Question for those who have been running for a while...when do you buy new shoes?

    Before I give way too much detail - my simple response is 400 miles.

    I run in the Brooks Adrenaline GTS, Right now I have a pair of GTS 12s that I just relegated to "hiking and yard work" at about 450 miles. one GTS 14 with about 300, one GTS 15 with 150 and another GTS 15 with about 50. I run them to about 400 miles. Most places I've read, and people I've talked to, say 300-500 miles is good so I split that right down the middle. I use the Nike+Running app which allows me to tag each run with a shoe and count the miles for me. The other thing I do is look at the bottom, at about 400miles is where the front part of the shoe (where my foot hits) starts to get smooth. It's just like when car tires get bald. I suppose the surface you're running on would make a difference there (my guess is I lose more material running on blacktop than I would running on bark chips).

    The other thing I do is bag up all my shoes when one pair gets to 400 and take them into my shop and have them look them over and see if I'm still in the right shoe.


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    7/1 - 3.3 miles - usually my rest day, but keeping my streak alive (3 more days!)
    7/2 - 4.6 miles while eating lots of breakfast gnats yuck!
    7/3 - 2.3 miles - short run today - took a new running partner who hasn't run in a while. She did great! It was cooler and raining.
    7/4 - 6.2 miles - last day of my Memorial Day to 4th of July 41 Days of Awesome running challenge.
    7/5 - rest day and travel to El Paso ugh what a trip
    7/6 - 2.5 horrible dreadmill miles
    7/7 - 4.2 miles and 2.25 - went and ran where my boss told me. It was beautiful. It was like 90 and no shade during the run and my breathing is taking a beating, but it was worth to 30 min drive to get there.
    7/8 - 5.5 miles
    7/9 - 3.7 miles

    34.5 miles out of 100


    @bigorangemichael - ha ha I look in the mirror and think the same thing. I like to think I look like FloJo when I run I don't want to see what I really look like

    I rotate 2 pair of runners but they are same Brooks Glycerin 12s I love them! I agree on the Expo for shoes, I got Skip the ones she wears (normally $130) for $40 at the last expo we went to. She also get a 15% discount at Fleet Feet because she's on the cross country team so that helps. I change stop using them at around 400 miles. Skip at around 250 - 300, she wears inserts in her shoes so sometimes at 250 we just get her new inserts (like we will tomorrow) and she can wear them for another 100+ miles if her foot hasn't grown to put her in the next size. She'll get new spikes tomorrow and she can't wait!

    Beautiful sunrise during the run this morning. I'm going to miss running in this little park, so many nice people out there.


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    OooOooo! Shoe talk, I could talk running shoes for hours. A favorite conversation of mine. I'm a firm believer in that rotating is good for multiple reasons, but most importantly, it allows me a decent excuse for a small collection. My absolute, hands down favorite all time running shoe is the Bare Access Trail from Merrell. My heart seriously swoons when I look at them, even though they smell like dead fish and rotten mushrooms. Accidentally left them in my bathroom overnight once with the door closed, that is one mistake I will never make again. Also have the Bare Access Ultras, Karhu Flow Trails, NB 870, and just ordered some Minimus Trails. I have only several months ago began running more regularly so yet to have a decent pair need to be retired, but am tracking mileage on them.
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    I'm always amazed at how many "serious amateur" runners end up in Brooks. I absolutely love mine.

    FWIW: I put another 4 on them today. Still on track.


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    6 more miles today including another 4 mile speedwork ladder @ 6:52/miles.

    @7lenny7 I definitely rotate between (at least) 2 pairs of shoes as I run nearly daily and like to give my shoes a day to uncompress. That way I can always have a pair that is ready for an upcoming race (my lower mileage ones), and I now replace them about every 300-400 miles. When I was in the 260lb range (starting off), I got about 250 miles/pair out of my shoes (started off with reebok rezig's due to cushioning which felt great but didn't do well on wear), but have been getting closer to 400 miles/pair now that I'm down to 160 and mostly run in Asics nimbus & cumulus. I also just picked up some flatter shoes for track/speedwork/5k-10ks (DS trainers & tri noosas), but no idea what sort of mileage I'll get out of those.

    7/1 - 6 miles
    7/2 - 6 miles (w. 0.25-mile-0.25 ladder @ 1:45 pace)
    7/3 - 5 miles w. strides
    7/5 - 13 miles
    7/6 - 6.5 miles
    7/7 - 7 miles w. strides
    7/9 - 6 miles (w. 0.25-mile-0.25 ladder @ 1:43 pace)

    Total: 43.5 miles, 1 speedwork session
    Goal: 140 miles, 5 speedwork sessions
    Remaining: 96.5 miles, 4 speedwork sessions
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    Thanks for all the input so far on shoe replacement! I use a Forerunner 305 when I run and have it set up to track my shoe miles. So far I have 134 miles on my Glycerins.

    I'll have to try the Glycerin 13's sometime, but in looking up what the differences are between the 12's and the 13's, I found that Brooks is currently having a Summer Clearance Sale and I bought another pair of Glycerin 12's for $98! I'll run in those for a few weeks so if there's a problem I can return them within the 30 day guarantee, then put them up until my old pair are worn out. Meanwhile, I'll buy the Asics Gel Nimbus 17's to alternate with my Brooks.
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    What what sale on Brooks!!!! Thank you @7lenny7

    edited to add: nothing in my size left :cry:
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    July 1 - rest
    July 2 - 5
    July 3 - 10.5
    July 4 - rest
    July 5 - 14.3
    July 6 - 5.2
    July 7 - 7.6
    July 8 - 8.8
    July 9 - 10

    Total - 61.3 Km

    Today's workout was a long (10k) tempo run. It was supposed to be "a bit" faster than goal marathon pace. I ended up running "quite a bit" faster faster than goal marathon pace. I feel good though and I'm hoping this will translate to a faster race :)
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    7lenny7 wrote: »
    ...I found that Brooks is currently having a Summer Clearance Sale and I bought another pair of Glycerin 12's for $98!
    Interesting. I just did the exact same thing after reading that!:tongue:
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    Figured I would weigh in on the shoe discussion! Like @melaniefave41, I love to talk about running shoes and see what everyone is wearing and how they like them. Like @Runningmischka, I could replace all my shoes with running shoes if I allowed myself to buy amok. I also rotate through 2-3 pairs of running shoes. I had been running in Altra One2 and loved them. Managed to put in just over 400 miles on them and knew they needed to be replaced. They are thin and very light weight so don't last as long as some others might. I was hoping Altra would have an update but when they did not I went with Skoras. I bought 2 pairs (on sale online) and love both of them (PhaseX and Tempo). I especially like the Tempos - like the Altras they are very light but a bit sturdier. I think I may be able to go 500 miles in them. The upper is very thin and allows the air to flow thru nicely. I also have Brooks PureFlows and thought I would love them but they are just ok. I use them for shorter runs but they are just not that comfortable and my toes go to sleep on one foot no matter what I do with them.

    @Daisy471 - that is so funny that your cat followed you! I guess she was really hungry and wanted to make sure you got home to feed her.
    @LittlePinkShotgun - thanks for pointing out the km vs miles! 10 minute pace is still not bad but you could have just let me think 'Damn, she's fast!' lol
    @dennie24 - so glad you are allowed to get back to running and lifting again!

    I am still not running and it is a struggle. It was a perfect, cool drizzly morning here for a run and I really just wanted to be out there. My knee is feeling better but not yet 100%. I may try a VERY short run tomorrow and see how it goes. Otherwise I will be hitting the gym tomorrow for some stationary bike cardio.
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    Hi there, everyone!
    I'm a bit late to the party this month - came back from vacation last weekend, and haven't quite managed to catch up with everything yet. So I'm also a bit unsure what kind of goal to set. Maybe just 60km, with the option to increase that later in the month...



    @Runningmischka I saw the photo on the first page of this thread. Your Anya is so sweet! Congratulations, and all the best for you and her flowersmh.gif


    Regarding buying running shoes, I just have to share this with you guys (because I complained about it to my father, but as a non-runner he didn't get it at all...):
    There was an (older) Criminal Minds episode on TV tonight, where a woman goes missing. She was really into running and training for a marathon. They didn't find any running shoes in her home, so the conclusion was that she had been kidnapped while she was out running. How unrealistic is that? I mean, who has just one single pair of running shoes - isn't that absolutely unthinkable? ;)
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    @shanaber I bought a pair of Brooks Pure Cadence a few months ago, wanted them since Christmas, thought I'd love them, but they just felt like too much shoe. Mailed them to my sister. Altras came up in another shoe conversation I was having today, glad to read your input on them.
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    @_nikkiwolf_ Hahaha! Great observation!
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    @_nikkiwolf_ So true. Instead they should have been able to tell if she was on a long run or short run based on the wear of the shoes left behind, and found her along one of the routes she frequented on her running app.
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    7lenny7 wrote: »
    ...I found that Brooks is currently having a Summer Clearance Sale and I bought another pair of Glycerin 12's for $98!
    Interesting. I just did the exact same thing after reading that!:tongue:

    Did you get the Hokas, too?!
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    Did you get the Hokas, too?!
    Not yet. I'm going to the store for those. I want to test the various models and find the right one (assuming there is one). I'm about to go now, under the guise of going to the store and bringing home dinner. It's just a stop along the way...
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    1- rest
    2-lunch swim, 12.15 bike
    3-0.52 GI upset. Decided to lay on couch and eat popsicles instead.
    4-5.18 hot. HI 99, temp 89 humidity 60%
    5- 4.80 run, cold spring dip, run
    7- 3.27 80° 90% precip.
    9- 3.65 86° 62% humidity


    I'm gonna have to step it up! I'm not off my training plan, but a bit behind my mileage goal.