What's Your Most Recent NSV



  • andympanda
    andympanda Posts: 763 Member
    Was out shopping, and bought myself some size 36 waist pant thinking they would fit me in a month or so but the fit me already.
  • Need2Exerc1se
    Need2Exerc1se Posts: 13,576 Member
    I had a house full of visitors for the several days. Lots of cooking and eating and drinking and front porch sitting. Today, I'm only up 2 lbs, which I imagine will be gone by the end of the week, and I'm right back to my normal eating/exercise plan.
  • Bakins929
    Bakins929 Posts: 896 Member
    This weekend I put on a shirt I couldn't wear 4 months ago and it's almost too big now! ;)
  • Sharon_73
    Sharon_73 Posts: 189 Member
    I went swimming at my friends house with a few women. I dislike wearing a bathing suit because I am self conscious. One of the other women said she wished she had a figure like mine and complimented me on having a flat belly!
  • fitfatty88
    fitfatty88 Posts: 273 Member
    Ran my third race of the year on Saturday - Goodyear Burn Rubber 10K. I had popped my knee out of place two weeks prior so my training took a nose dive, but I finished! Not dead last either! Finished over 3 minutes faster than my 10K pace in May :).
    Afterwards I went and ran a bunch of errands and wore a size 12 top from H&M I bought over a year ago because I liked it but never wore it. Ended up finishing the day at over 22K steps!
  • hallen17
    hallen17 Posts: 9 Member
    I noticed a vien that has always been pretty swollen(dang varicose veins) is no longer visible and flat to the touch! That is huge for me as it had once been checked on for DVT.
  • McCloud33
    McCloud33 Posts: 959 Member
    First video I've tried to do. I know it's not the best angle, I'll have to try and get a better one next time, and you can't even see the weight on the bar, but yes, it is 305# LOL. I was psyched to do over 300 for reps and just wanted to share.

  • cmcdonald525
    cmcdonald525 Posts: 140 Member
    I sat down with the personal training director at my gym to discuss a recent back injury and taking some time off to recover. She said to me, "at least you're in shape, that'll make recovery easier and you'll bounce back quicker." Me? In shape? That is so hard for me to wrap my head around!
  • RacerX_14
    RacerX_14 Posts: 578 Member
    Today marks the day I have lost 25% (50 lbs) of my total body since I started this transformation! Woo Hoo!!
  • whiteblossom14
    whiteblossom14 Posts: 240 Member
    ajones1965 wrote: »
    My most recent NSV is finally getting my blood sugars to the same level as a non diabetic. As of today one of my medications has been reduced. Still some way to go but it's a good start!

    Well done you x
  • whiteblossom14
    whiteblossom14 Posts: 240 Member
    I grabbed the wrong jeans for after the gym. They were the 1 size too small ones. I got out of the shower and felt defeated until I put them on. They were tighter than I like my jeans, but they fit.

    Also, my belt has run out of notches.

    Lastly, I ran for 6 minutes on the treadmill and didn't feel like I was going to die.

    That's fantastic major achievement
  • AnnPT77
    AnnPT77 Posts: 29,612 Member
    I love this thread: So motivating!

    I'm in the normal BMI range now, for the first time since (IIRC) the 1980s. And I have this odd (but pleasant) sense of unfamiliarity about my body: When I wash my hands, they feel smaller. When I put my hand on my hip, I feel muscles instead of fat rolls. My balance is better. I like it!
  • pootle1972
    pootle1972 Posts: 579 Member
    Jillish23 wrote: »
    lseed87 wrote: »

    I went to Forever21 a few weeks ago. Heard how in their shorts that you should go a size up for a better fit... but the 18s fit me fine and I was wearing 22/24 sizes elsewhere. Sizes are so weird. Like ive also heard a 22uk is 16us but how come im not a 16 here then?? Actually do own a uk pair of pants. Sorry for a bit of randomness

    UK equivalent sizes are 2 sizes 'higher' i.e. a US 18 is a UK 22. :) However, sizes can vary wildly between companies and also between styles within a company. It's a nightmare... :)

    Yep.. ..12 in jeans in one shop 14 in another and a 16 in another....
  • pootle1972
    pootle1972 Posts: 579 Member
    hallen17 wrote: »
    I noticed a vien that has always been pretty swollen(dang varicose veins) is no longer visible and flat to the touch! That is huge for me as it had once been checked on for DVT.

    I can't wait for that...mine have got worse.
  • EmmaFitzwilliam
    EmmaFitzwilliam Posts: 482 Member
    I refused to finish my plate of food because I was full and didn't feel that finishing my plate was necessary. (We was always punished for not finishing our plate and made to sit until we had finished even if it was 10pm! It stuck with me being an adult)

    Congratulations, and ::Hugs:: . This mindset is one of the hardest to overcome. :( I tell myself now "Waste or Waist" to let myself *not* clear my plate.

  • RedArmy1918
    RedArmy1918 Posts: 55 Member
    I'm going to need a new belt soon! I'm on the last notch and its loose already :-) it's been at least two years since I had to buy a smaller belt.
  • dstock80
    dstock80 Posts: 81 Member
    ericb14 wrote: »
    Today marks the day I have lost 25% (50 lbs) of my total body since I started this transformation! Woo Hoo!!

    Excellent work! I'm really looking forward to hitting my 10% lost soon.

  • ncturtle68
    ncturtle68 Posts: 5 Member
    I was in a 6 hour working session today and someone brought in cookies, pastries, donuts and and 2 big bags of candy (chocolate, swedish fish,Mike and Ike, gummy bears). I looked at the calories for the swedish fish and knew that I could fit them in (if I could stop at just one-big if). Usually I would go for the candy, but I stopped and asked myself - do I really NEED that candy.. and decided to have 100 calories of avocado instead of 100 calories of straight sugar.
  • bkate24
    bkate24 Posts: 73 Member
    My trainer gave me a high five today and said it was a good workout! It doesn't seem like much but she really rarely gives praise (which is fine, it's just her personality), so for me this was a big deal and I could tell she really meant it.

    Also, I have been doing the one-on-one training to practice/prepare to move into a boot camp class and this was my last one-on-one because my trainer says I'm ready to move into the group class! : D We'll still have to modify all the exercises but two months ago there would have been no way I'd ever survive the group class.
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