What Mini Goal is motivating you right now!



  • WM916
    WM916 Posts: 19 Member
    I'm officially 9 pounds away from reaching a healthy BMI. I've lost 15 so far. These last 9 (to my first goal) feel like 50! but it's my first goal and now it's in sight!
  • Naptownbabi
    Naptownbabi Posts: 256 Member
    To get back to OneUnderLand. I was there this time last year right after I had my daughter(only gained 4# during pregnancy, lost 25 right after)

    I'm 218 right now
  • SnazzIT
    SnazzIT Posts: 215 Member
    staying on MFP and logging in everyday for a year
  • lavendersunshine
    lavendersunshine Posts: 3 Member
    I'm going to Hawaii at the end of February. :) It makes putting down the donuts a little bit easier, anyway.
  • bnovak226
    bnovak226 Posts: 135 Member
    5th wedding anniversary at the end of February! Would like to weigh a few lbs less then I did on our wedding day(153). Starting weight 170 CW 156.4 GW 147. After February my new goal will be 135 by June. Then I just want to maintain.
  • happypenguin13
    happypenguin13 Posts: 19 Member
    I love reading everyone's mini goals. I have a few:
    • Complete my own 21 day arm challenge
    • Being able to run for 5 minutes straight
    • Lose 8 pounds by Feb. 21st
    • Get out of the obese category and into the overweight category (This one is actually really hard. I need to lose 30 pounds)

  • wearmi1
    wearmi1 Posts: 291 Member
    My next wedding dress fitting... Feb 6th! Keeps me motivated to stay away from naughty foods that I'll over eat!
  • 3171kelly
    3171kelly Posts: 20 Member
    edited January 2016
    To lose my first 10 lbs. !
  • Jetamu96
    Jetamu96 Posts: 963 Member
    Right now my mini goal is to be the weight I was when I moved to university :)
  • cindym04
    cindym04 Posts: 4 Member
    I'm trying to get into the 150's again. I've been fluctuating between 165-170 for over a year.
  • rebeccaEsmith
    rebeccaEsmith Posts: 1,136 Member
    Mini goal will be to be able to wake board for more then 5mins without my arms feeling like they are going to fall off!
  • 2bfit_2016
    2bfit_2016 Posts: 13 Member
    Well I am really looking forward to being under 150 again. It's been over 3 years or so since I saw that number. Ultimate goal is 130lbs
  • cfranklin10
    cfranklin10 Posts: 28 Member
    I ignored a whole box of oatmeal creme pies!! Each one of those delicious snacks are over 300 calories!! My husband sure enjoyed them though!
  • nch1993x
    nch1993x Posts: 17 Member
    Current mini-goal is wearing the t-shirts I have from a couple of years back (from the days before I let stress and depression get me out of shape...) without looking like I'm about to burst out of them! Should be there in a couple of months if I stay on track....
  • sanfromny
    sanfromny Posts: 770 Member
    Current mini goal is to be out of the 160s by my anniversary (Feb 20) I'm 165 currently.
    not so mini goal is to be out of the 150s by spring break (April 2)
  • JessiBelleW
    JessiBelleW Posts: 805 Member
    Weigh less than 75gks - I have .9 to go and it would be lovely to do this before I go to the Dr next week as I would have lost 10kgs since they last saw me.
  • tara_means_star
    tara_means_star Posts: 957 Member
    I'm minimizing my mini goal, ya'll. Originally it was to get in size 8 jeans. I'm making it smaller (cuz I can). My goal is to just start losing again! I've been sick for a month and am only now starting to feel better. I lost almost 5 pounds in the first week of being sick, gained a pound of it back and have sat at that weight for several weeks. I thought I was finally at a place to start losing weight again and Aunt flow came to visit! ARRRRHHHHGGGGGGGG
  • MrsBexyBee
    MrsBexyBee Posts: 7 Member
    My current mini goal is to reach 147kg. Im currently 149.8kg, down from my heaviest ever weight of 158kg. The reason 147 is so significant is that ive been losing and regaining the same 9 kilos for ages now and so 147 will be the lightest ive been in years!
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