Most annoying "advice" anyone has given you?



  • Monnie67
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    First no disrespect to our gentleman out there but it's easier for "some men" not all, then women to knock off the pounds. And easy putting on hard as h#%^ to get it off. Add stress, pregnancy, work, motherhood, if your a wife, etc...try balancing all that it can be difficult. No excuses but life is rough! But we can do it. As we get "not old" but mature in age you need help some encouragement. Your friend who sounds like he can eat whatever he wants, workout and drop the weight if he even gains any. He maybe a bit insensitive to your situation. Im sure he says it with good intentions but not quiet understanding people who are not built like. Gotta love our friends
  • WhatLouAte
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    "Don't eat keto it's bad for you!"

    Well at least I'll die feeling great with a *kitten* ton of energy.
  • Menix8
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    A coworker just told me
    "The body only needs 2 grams of sugar a day, the rest protein"
    Not sure what to say.

    This actually made me lol at my desk.
  • LifeNewandImproved
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    Oh geez this thread called out to me so much. I have a couple people in my life who are constantly telling me about "how to lose weight" and "what a person should eat" - first problem being that it's all *kitten* nonsense ("Oh you just have to eat 'clean'! and it just drops off) and the second being that these people are at least 100 lbs overweight so don't really understanding what it takes at all since they have had no success at it, and Third being that I. Never. Asked. You. I am always so tempted to say "Hey! How about you go lose 50 of your extra poundage and THEN we can talk about weight loss strategies!"... but I bite my tongue... hard... heh :)
  • Lovee_Dove7
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    After having an extreme traumatic nightmare experience, having people tell me to "hang in there." NEVER say that to a traumatized person.
  • shadowconn
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    When I was skinny, I was always told I needed to gain weight so I'd have a more curvy figure. uh... NO! My body doesn't do that. More weight = bigger stomach. and after having gained far too much due to not paying attention, I can honestly say that is the case. My measurements were 40-50-42. NOT CURVY . . unless you consider a basketball curvy.
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    Yep this was a post that just grabbed me too!!! LOL
    1. I am just plain irritated, I'm morbidly obese, I love to eat and i want to live. So I'm working on it so leave me the H*** alone about what you would do if you were me. Your not me.
    2. The worse one that ticks me is: Oh you get a day off! The weight watchers get a day off. I'M NOT WEIGHT WATCHERS! I am trying to CHANGE MY LIFE! I wish those would simply go work on their own! I seek out help when I need it. I learn as I become aware. I do the math. That is what works for me.
    3. Seems like everyone trying to give me advise is either as large as me or mostly larger!! OMG just stop already!
    So I politely smile and say thank you as i bite my cheek!!!

    Much love folks and much success!
  • WendyLaubach
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    I wonder if I have a forbidding personality. People rarely offer me advice.
  • 20months
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    To learn the difference between lose and loose :smirk:

  • HappyAnna2014
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    I wonder if I have a forbidding personality. People rarely offer me advice.

    Orrr...maybe you are a cheerful person. :smile: I don't give unsolicited advice, generally, but when people complain about weight loss issues, I feel a need to help. For example: we are on a weight loss team at work, and this guy on the team, actually gained weight this week, while complaining he was starving the entire week. Something is out of whack there. I've advised him to use MFP to track and then he can see exactly where the problem is, but he didn't want to hear it. On the other hand, after several pieces of unsolicited advice, he did quit complaining and changed the subject. :wink:
  • Nachise
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    "You've lost so much weight already, and you're in the gym so much. Don't you think it's about time you practiced acceptance about your body?"

    Said by a friend who couldn't understand that Wednesdays and Fridays are the days I work out with my exercise physiologist, and that I am beholden to his schedule. I still have about 40 pounds to go, and while I have reached a maximum muscle mass, I still have additional fat to lose.
  • Cobourg
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    part of the reason I don't tell anyone I'm trying to lose weight is because some idiot decides that I don't need to. Who do these so called friends think they are. I think that when your doctor has provided you with advice and you are listening to it, it is not the business of anyone but me and my doctors. Just my two cents worth.
  • Nachise
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    True, but when your friends notice you have lost weight, the cat is out of the bag. My friend and I were trying to coordinate calendars for an outing, and that's when she commented about "body acceptance".
  • 47Jacqueline
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    Shanel0916 wrote: »
    More of a comment about how I look than advice: "You look amazing (for your age)." <--F* you.

    oh this is right up there with "you look great for someone who has two kids", that's not a compliment in my opinion.

    Thank you.
  • 47Jacqueline
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    When I add a comment to a thread and someone only reads the one thing that isn't positive without reading the rest that explain that that thing is unimportant in the scheme of things.

    I should weigh more than I do and the post asked us to answer, did you stay within your goal today - I said, probably not. And her response was (more or less) - don't eat yourself into a hole. I'm thinking: you stupid b* - if she checked my next statement, it says my goal is to gain 5 pounds, who cares if I go over today?
  • Sweet_Heresy
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    --I was without a car for 6 months and did ALOT of walking, including walking 2 miles to the gym, lifting, and walking home. My mom told me I should quit the gym cause walking was enough exercise.

    --Lost 26 pounds lifting, but nobody believed me because "lifting makes you bulky." (BONUS: "must have been all that walking you've been doing.")

    --People implying that my protein shakes will make me bulky (do I ever wish gaining muscle was as easy as some people tend to believe lol).

    --There's an Isagenix plague at my BJJ gym. A bunch of people sell it and they're always trying to persuade me to try it.

  • MelkaBielka
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    when people say calorie counting is an issue, and think I have some sort of eating disorder they have to comment on. I'm still eating all the things I like, I'm just trying to figure out a balance and sometimes looking at what things are worth helps me do that. I don't understand why people think logging and watching intake is so unhealthy.
  • CSARdiver
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    Not really advice, so much as an excuse, but:

    "Well that's great that logging worked for you, but it doesn't work for everyone"
  • heidio2
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    getting testing for Celiac Disease and my dr. keeps telling me there's gluten free beer. Gag… Thanks for looking out for my alcohol needs hon. I got that covered. :smile:
  • joinn68
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    Any advice at this point is really annoying. Even though I've lost close to 80 pounds, people still feel like they know more than I do about my body.

    I know right? Yes I have 45 lbs to lose but l have also already lost 35 lbs but hey what do I know

    I think the most annoying for me is "You should exercise more". I'm like I eat back my exercise calories; it's a wash!!! So people saying that have never been overweight or obese and yet they seem to know how to lose weight better than me.

    Also "Should you be eating this?" and similar "should you be eating at night?" and "there's this lady that does weight loss massage; you should try it" (amazingly massage lady also recommends a diet along with massage!)