What's Your Most Recent NSV



  • chrysalis2015
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    SBHWeav wrote: »
    I got out of bed this morning, and my once tight sleeping pants fell OFF me! I have to take them in at the waist.

    Also, husband dropped the bombshell that he wasn't sure he wanted to stay married to me...and I DIDN'T turn to alcohol or go on a massive food binge. I've still been working out, crying some in private, but no binges, no alcohol...that is a huge thing for me.

    Oh and my "tight" jeans are dropping at my waist and I feel the wind flapping them at my thighs...so by the time I go on vacation for Easter I'll need to buy new ones :)

    Last thing...I wear tank tops now around the house/to bed. Before I wouldn't even glance at myself. Now, my body's rocking some awesome curves, my "bra fat" is nearly nonexistent everywhere now...I'm actually getting happier with what I see. Needs improvement, but I'm seeing some awesome change. :smiley:

    Awesome progress! And I'll be praying for you and your marriage <3

    :heart: Thank you. A very long struggle of me putting up with a lot...A LOT...but I'm much stronger now :smile:
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    NewOR2015 wrote: »
    annael25 wrote: »
    I have a few. :) I was out bra shopping last weekend and the bras in the store actually fit me! I've gone from a 52 to a 40DDD.

    Same kind of thing, but I was out clothes shopping a few days ago and everything I tried on was either too big or fit me! I don't think that's ever happened. Usually I have a hard time finding clothes to fit because they are too small.

    Also, I can see my knees now and my legs are all muscle instead of fat/swelling. :)

    Sometimes the scales are so discouraging, so seeing the results elsewhere really puts things into perspective for me. I have come a long way!

    You said it! That's exactly how I feel.

    The scales really haven't moved much lately, so I have been feeling quite discouraged and haven't been super strict with my eating/exercising. I need to get back on track and stop beating myself up. It's really doing me no good.
  • JLG1986
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    I got to wear my favorite jeans to work today for Casual Friday. They have been in the drawer for six months because I had gotten a few pounds too heavy for them, and couldn't button and breathe. Yay lifting weights!
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    natajane wrote: »
    My NSV I that I'm getting really good at saying NO finally!

    No to cake, No to fancy coffees, No to buffets, No to not meal planning, No to not prepping, No to not exercising.

    I'm like a "no" machine!!

    That's fantastic! Way to go! Hope I can learn the same skill :)
  • asand108
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    yayamom3 wrote: »
    When standing up from a seated position, I no longer have to obsess about making sure my shirt is pulled down just right to cover everything. I just stand up, and it usually falls down on its own. And if it doesn't, it's no big deal because I have nothing to hide! Such a liberating feeling!

    I can't wait for this day. That's amazing. Keep it up!
  • dasher602014
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    When I am away from the internet visiting friends, I am sticking to plan even when not logging. Does not seem like much but it gives me hope that my way of eating can become a way of life, without the training wheels needed. Not yet, but eventually.
  • CarboUnload
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    I recently had to make a very tough decision about a pet that I loved dearly.
    Instead of eating myself into oblivion because of the heartache, I stayed on track.
    I have a LONG way to go, but I am proud of this week, for sure.
  • dasher602014
    dasher602014 Posts: 1,992 Member
    I recently had to make a very tough decision about a pet that I loved dearly.
    Instead of eating myself into oblivion because of the heartache, I stayed on track.
    I have a LONG way to go, but I am proud of this week, for sure.

    I am sorry about your pet. Very,very hard decision and tough heartache. Good for you for taking care of yourself through this hard time.
  • TaraTall
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    Husband packed my lunch today and he always packs way too much. I managed to limit myself to half of the soup instead of the whole container.
  • bettyrox79
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    Proud of myself... second time at the pool and swam 1000m. Now to work on my time!
  • tara_means_star
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    I posted my profile picture. Looking at those before pictures makes me cringe but seeing the ones I took today feels great.
  • sheknocksonwood
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    Reading this is so inspiring! I have a couple of NSV's from the past few weeks:

    When going out this week I was confident enough to realise that the good looking guy was flirting with me - and to flirt back. So proud of myself for this!

    I'm on my forth day (and counting) of not only calorie counting but also of making healthy food choices

    I wore a crop top and didn't spend the whole night wanting to pull it down

    When seeing pictures of myself, I can see the difference. I might be bigger than my friends, but my arms and legs are also muscular.

    I have reached a stage where I (mostly) work out in a way that makes me feel good and have fun, rather than look good
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    lorinoack wrote: »
    My boss told me that everyone at work is talking about me and that I am an inspiration for my coworkers to get healthy. Also asked if i would like to talk about my lifestyle change at our upcoming wellness event. I lost 75 pounds this past year

    wow! congrats!!! for being a healthier you and inspire other peoples!!
  • zira91
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    I just realized I have a Map My Walk account from long ago. I went to update my stats and had to reset my weight from 248 all the way down to 165. It was a lot of scrolling to do so!

  • zira91
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    ndachndlr wrote: »
    Went to Cheesecake Factory and ate under 900 calories. My favorite dish used to be over 3000 calories.

    YAY for you!!!!
  • zira91
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    Last year I ordered a bunch of dresses online, they were all too big so I had them tailored to fit me just right. I put one on for the first time in about 4 months and it's too big!
    Also ot have 2 notches left on my belt, there used to be four.
    I really needed to see these physical changes as the scales have not moved for a few weeks.
    Yay for NSV's!!!!

    wow!! just wow!!
    the happy moment when the clothes is too big and yet the money need to spend on renewing the wardrobe..im doing that happily of course.. it feel soo good to be able to fit free size clothes!
  • trjjoy
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    I hiked Table Mountain today. In the scorching heat. It took me 1 hour and 40 minutes up and that is with a TON of breaks due to the heat. It took me the same amount of time a week ago but I had fewer - also shorter - breaks.
  • KpopGrad92
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    I had done 21 days of full tracking, I have not had any alcohol since just after midnight new year's (hoping to continue until valentine's day), and I haven't had any fast food besides some subway since December. I may have only lost 10lbs but I am gaining control.
  • BioQueen
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    So this is huge for me because it is a bad habit that I really really wanted to break. I didn't spend ANY EXTRA MONEY on food this week after I went grocery shopping. Normally I will go buy salads or other prepared food. Usually I make very healthy choices, but it is hard on the wallet and doesn't help the habit of home preparation. I made all my lunches instead of buying them. I also didn't make any other trips to the grocery store to buy things I forgot.