40+yrs motivation group. We aren't getting any younger!



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    hello, Im a soon to be 40 year old. my weight hasnt moved much in a long time. Im hoping with focusing more on my diet that will change. I love crossfit and look forward to my workouts. I have more energy now then I did 10 yrs ago which I think is due to exersising.
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    I'm 41...I started all this good livin' awhile back in my late 30s and have been maintaining a 40 Lb weight loss for going on three years this spring. We aren't getting any younger, but I can tell you at 41 I feel better and younger than I did at 31.

    I made a lot of life changes and they have come gradually...baby steps to wellness. One mistake people make is trying to do a 180 and change their entire lives overnight...doing that is overwhelming...it's all about baby steps.

    When I first started out I had metabolic syndrome comprised of 4 of the 5 risk factors...abdominal obesity (borderline), low HDL, hypertension, and high triglycerides...the only one I didn't have was high blood glucose (miraculously).

    I made small changes to my diet...daily and weekly...small goals like, "I'm going to eat two servings of fruit today and 6 servings of vegetables....stuff like that. Exercise wise I started out doing nothing more than walking...at first it was just a few days per week...then five...eventually I started jogging a little and doing some weight lifting.

    Fast forward 3.5 years or so and I'm around 12% BF, normal HDL levels, normal triglycerides, and while I still take meds for hypertension, I'm around 118/75 vs 138/89 controlled by meds before. I've gone from taking walks around the block to riding around 80-100 miles per week (less in winter) and lifting 3x per week.

    I'm not really accepting any friend requests, and honestly you're not missing anything as I rarely comment or even look at my feed...just wanted to say that getting healthy and fit is awesome and totally worth the effort...I'm a completely different person now than I was a mere 3.5 years ago...it can be done, and it is awesome.

    Hey thanks for sharing that is a total motivator. Congratulations
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    I turn 41 in a couple weeks.
    To look at me you'd say I'm in pretty good shape but I've always struggled with weight. Now I'm adding PCOS and IBS to the mix. Lovely.
    For my birthday I'm "treating" myself to a thorough check up with a functional medicine doctor. She will probably tell me to give up all the things I love to eat like bread and wine and make me cry but I gotta get better. Friend me and I will friend all of you, friends.
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    I am almost 69 yrs . old and weigh over 300 lbs. all my vitals are good , but I am very uncomfortable .I stay below 1800 cals, do water aerobics 3 days a week, 60 min each day. I gained 100 lbs years ago by quitting smoking while going through menopause. cant seem to lose. my question , is there anyone else my age on here?

    Hi @bjpjsmith, I too am in my 60's. and I used aqua fit as my spring board to fitness.
    6 years later and I have done a variety of different classes, but aqua is still my fall back favourite.
    Keep doing it. It is so good for your balance, flexibility, and posture as well as the cardio and resistance work (because of the water). The low impact is good for you too.

    It is diligent calorie counting that will get the weight moving, so make sure you are using a digital scale for all solids and the appropriate cups and spoons for liquids. It may not make a big difference at the beginning of your journey. But being accomplished at using the scales and cups really helps towards the end when accuracy is needed.

    There is a very good thread for the over 50's that may suit you to a T. It is a bit long but just jump in and introduce yourself.

    I don't really do friends but PM me if you need a bit of encouragement.

    Cheers, h.
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    So after a month of eating well and working out. I have come to the conclusion that working out boosts your metabolism but doesn't make up for poor eating. When I combine the 2 my results are substantially better than if I am doing only 1. If you can do only 1 make it good eating habits.
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    I am 54 can I join your group ? I have 30 lbs to lose and it's hard to stay motivated.
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    Count me in! 41 next month!
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    I'll be 45 in April. Where did the time go?!? I definitely need motivation and accountability. I've used Myfitnesspal to track food and exercise but never for community support. The result has been many starts and stops. I'm back again and even found my way to the gym. Would love all the support I can get.
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    I'm having guests over for dinner tomorrow. My mom rarely entertained. It's something my husband introduced into our lives. I love it but I'm a nervous wreck beforehand. When I'm nervous I eat. And while I'm cooking I eat. Any suggestions on how to get around this?
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    I eat a healthy snack like an apple before I start prepping food so I am less tempted while cooking. Remind yourself it is going to taste better when it is finished. Drink plenty of water.
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    Hi I turned 48 in January and would love to add some friends for support I also have fibromyalgia and bursitis in both hips have had two knee surgeries so.i have a lot of trouble trying to be active I just joined mfp two weeks.ago so I'm still learning the ropes lol
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    Hi I feel dum asking this but how do I add friends or have friends add me I'm new to all this do I have to have a Facebook
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    To add friends copy the username of the person you want to add. Go to friends. Click on the + (add) button and paste or type in the username. Then enter
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    I forgot to say after the + button you need to click on email. This will allow email or username name

    If we can get some people to add tinaalvarado29 that would be great
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    Thank you so much I appreciate it
  • nancycola wrote: »
    I'm having guests over for dinner tomorrow. My mom rarely entertained. It's something my husband introduced into our lives. I love it but I'm a nervous wreck beforehand. When I'm nervous I eat. And while I'm cooking I eat. Any suggestions on how to get around this?

    I clean and decorate at the last minute . No time to eat until it is time.
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    ^^^^ What kelbels1 said ^^^^ is it... mess up? fall down? pick yourself up, dust yourself-off and keep going. Being in our 40s ain't for sissies, y'all- But we can own every last bit of this decade with joy. Smile- it's Friday, y'all...
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    Can I be here too? I'm 51, have lost 13lb since Christmas, another 21 to go!