Most disgusting thing you've ever tried in your weight loss/gain journey



  • cinblog1965
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    I'm originally from the north east and moved to the south as a teen. Sweet potatoes, biscuits and gravy for breakfast were so hard for me to get used to, but since I've gotten older I've acquired a taste. Although I rarely want sweet potatoes and I can't eat them until the rest of my dinner is finished because they are so sweet.

    Any protein powder in anything or in any beverage. Nasty. Protein bars fall in that category also.

    All fat free cheese.

  • brb_2013
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    I found a calorie free peanut butter.

    I wanted to die.
  • BZAH10
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    brb_2013 wrote: »
    I found a calorie free peanut butter.

    I wanted to die.

    How is that even possible??? Had to be a mess of chemicals, I'm guessing.

    Surprised to see how many dislike sweet potatoes. I like sweet and salty combos so I like a plain baked sweet potato with salt and butter. I don't like them candied or whatever is done to them around the holidays.
  • pmastro724
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    Coconut Water.....yuck :s

  • ubermofish
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    I did a hybrid sous-vide/smoked beef tongue a week or so ago, the flavor was fine but the texture was weird, like cheap hot dogs almost. Makes me wonder if the tongue I got was just a bad one or something, because I've made tacos de lengua and the texture of the beef was more like chuck roast then.
  • Meganthedogmom
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    I almost forgot PB2. While I wouldn't exactly classify it as disgusting, it really isn't worth it for me and doesn't give me any kind of true peanut butter fix. It's not the same! That giant jar keeps making its way further and further to the back of my pantry.
  • Spliner1969
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    Duchy82 wrote: »
    Ninkyou wrote: »

    Oh agreed I absolutely hate cauliflower, yuk!

    I like cauliflower. I usually lightly coat it in olive oil, salt and pepper, and roast it until tender. Makes a great low cal side dish. I used to hate it, but now I hate it when I'm out.
  • Spliner1969
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    brb_2013 wrote: »
    I found a calorie free peanut butter.

    I wanted to die.

    Hah! I bought a jar of that.. it was like peanut butter colored jelly.. smelled odd... somewhat like peanut butter. The wife and I shared a little bit on the end of a spoon and raced each other to the trash to throw it away. Disgusting!
  • Budjola
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    broccoli and chicken with cottage cheese for 2 months straight. every day 60 minute run. ahhh young and stupid
  • cparsons_60
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    Worst diet kick, Cotten balls torn up and dipped in orange juice. Yes I was dumb enough to try this.

    Wait, what? You ATE COTTON BALLS? Was this some kind of eat-before-your-meal-to-fill-your-stomach thing? How were they coming out the other end?
  • lulalacroix
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    MommyL2015 wrote: »
    shiritaki noodles. And because I'm a glutton for punishment, (I seriously wanted to like these things very, very badly!) I tried them 5 different times with different brands, trying different preparation methods to get a different result. Nope, just slimy, stinky rubber stuff disguising themselves as zero-calorie noodles.

    This. Horrible. Tasted like bad fish.
  • lulalacroix
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    Also drinking eggs raw, as a teenager, to be strong. Lol. Nasty.
  • ekat120
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    Quest bars.
  • Those flourless banana pancakes everyone loves. They tasted like banana scrambled eggs until I doctored them up lol I've also tried a low calorie microwave mug cake that was all sorts of nasty.
  • MsBuzzkillington
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    CrabNebula wrote: »
    fldiver97 wrote: »
    Commercial icing/frosting on cakes, cupcakes....and the stuff they sell in tubs...yuck


    When I was a (very obese) child, the buttercream frosting was my favorite part of the cake, store bought or homemade. Now I end up scraping it off. I had no idea what I saw in it as a kid. It is gross on store bought cakes and often too rich on homemade ones. I don't even like cake that much in general anymore. Never thought I would live to see that day. "Whipped cream" topping on commerical cakes was always nasty. I also don't like fondant. I think it absolutely ruined my brother and SIL's wedding cake. It was DISGUSTING.

    Sometimes I feel like I am inhuman because I absolutely love store cakes buttercream, the buttercream in the tubs/containers... just all buttercream. Everyone hates it, and I could eat it out of the container.

    Also to be fair, you're not really supposed to eat the fondant.
  • NAbramovich
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    Haha! I love most of the things everyone hates -- cauliflower, sweet potatos, and kale. I hate chicken. With a passion. I really want to like it, but it is vile. I made big crockpot full of shredded buffalo chicken. I took a bite and even the hot sauce couldn't disguise the chicken taste. It all went into the trash. Blech!
  • bigdogintheyard
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    Mustard with tuna, olive oil and salt amd pepper with tuna. I need my mayo or miracle whip or nothing.
  • JeromeBarry1
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    I love those kipper snacks! Too much salt for my plan, though. The most disgusting thing I've tried was a kale leaf wrapped around some salt-less beans.
  • punkrockgoth
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    Every single low carb/paleo pancake recipe ever. They all taste like scrambled eggs gone nasty. If I wanted an omelette, I would have made an omelette. I wanted a damn pancake. F$%k you paleo pumpkin pancakes.
  • JeromeBarry1
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    Wheat grass drink

    My cousin in Uganda swears that wheat grass cures cancer.