Any ladies 5ft 11 or around with before/after pics for inspi



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    Great thread....once I have an "after", I will post it here.... :)
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    Great job everyone!! How do I post pictures in the forums? I can't seem to figure it out. Can anyone help?
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    I'm just under 5ft 10. My before and after is on my profile pic so I lost about 70lbs in 8 months 4 yrs ago. I've let 28lbs creep back on though so am back here again. Anyway it shows what is possible. I just stuck to the cal allowance, tracked everything and walked my dog 2 hours a day at fairly slow pace, I didn't do any other exercise as at the time didn't realise I was chronically anaemic and hypothyroid so was quite fatigued but felt a lot more energetic as the weight fell off. Good luck everyone. Btw for those of you that don't know there is a group on mfp for 5ft 9 and above called 'totally tall women of mfp'. Claire x
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    I'm 5'10ish and have around 70+ to lose, this thread is my favourite I've found so far! Feel free to add me, looking for all the motivation I can get so that I can add my results to this thread one day :)
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    Love this thread and seeing all the changes on bodies that are tall like me ! I hope I see a visible difference soon in myself !
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    SW: 200
    CW: 173
    GW: 135

    5'10.5" with a tiny frame.

    I made it to 150lbs using MFP in 2014, and this time I know I can finish the job :).
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    I'm 5'10 now... Used to be 5'11¾" but I shrunk from my back and hip injuries. I'm trying to figure out how to post pictures. I have lost 120 lbs as of today. I had weight loss surgery in 2014 and have had some serious health issues but am working on the last 40 lbs. I'm trying to get a social network going on here lol. I started at 335 lbs and am down to 215 today. I have pictures on my profile... I'll get on my laptop later and try and figure it out.
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    So my question to the group of tall ladies is if you aren't super active how many calories do you consume?

    I'm going at about 1400 - 1500 a day but I'm still not very active because I deal with chronic pain. I can't just go to the gym and exercise or I get hurt.

    I tried water aerobics and that's when we discovered I have arthritis in my knees lol... It's been my hips keeping me down so we were all about protecting them at the gym then I hurt my knees lmao... Oops my shoulders have been killing me too so I'm pretty sure it's osteo because I know I have it in my spine as well...

    All that on top of Fibromyalgia isn't fun which is why it's so important to get this weight off!

    Here I am 5'10 and the nutritional expert they just sent me to kind of blew the surgeon's goal weight of 185 off and said oh we can get you down to 169. I'm not sure I want to get that thin. I haven't seen that weight since high school. I'm currently at 213-216 I keep fluctuating.
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    I'm 5'11" (my doctor said 5'10" last month but I'm choosing to not believe that I've shrunk an inch), 205 lbs and get 1660 calories a day with my activity at sedentary. I was between 130 and 140 in high school and a lot of my friends thought I was too thin. I was around 165 when I got married and was ok with that weight but felt a little flabby. My main goal right now is to get to the top of the healthy range of BMI so 179. Once I get there I'll just go by appearance and how I feel to decide my ultimate goal.
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    Great Photo's and so Inspiring!!!!
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    I'm 5'10.. thanks for all the inspirational pics!
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    I'm so inspired by all the ladies that posted. I am addicted to reading success stories.
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    How did you determine what you wanted your goal weight to be? I am 6' 1". I have been obese my entire adult life, so have no clue about a goal other than wanting to be healthy. Help!!
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    How did you determine what you wanted your goal weight to be? I am 6' 1". I have been obese my entire adult life, so have no clue about a goal other than wanting to be healthy. Help!!

    This will give you a general idea of a healthy range for your height.
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    tomteboda wrote: »
    I measure 5'9", although I've shrunk considerably due to scoliosis. I was 5'11" at age 13 (this makes me sad). My doctor says I should be 6'1" thanks to having both thoracic and lumbar rotary scoliosis. I have no clue what this means about my goal weight.

    I'm still a work in progress.. I'm at 178 and want to get down to 165. But here's my tall-girl before & current (Nov 2014 - May 2016).


    and for good measure my favorite full-body picture ever

    what size clothes do you wear now if you don't mind me asking? I'm 5'10 and have a similar goal of 180lbs so I was curious