What nobody tells you about losing weight



  • beautifulwarrior18
    beautifulwarrior18 Posts: 914 Member
    That my heels would heal. 90 pounds ago, my heels use to always be cracked and painful. I chalked it up to dry skin. I just noticed that I no longer have that problem. I guess carrying all that extra weight took its toll on my back, knees and all the way down to my heels.

    Probably cleared up more so because of your diet than your weight.
  • tiffkittyw
    tiffkittyw Posts: 366 Member
    How different my glasses look on my face now that the shape of my face has changed a bit. People keep asking me when I got new glasses! Lol

    Mine slide down my nose now. I keep forgetting to have them tightened when I'm at the mall.
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