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    mousemom my b.p. has improved so much I am off the meds, I can take longer walks on trips and not be lagging behind anymore and I am 2 dress sizes down. I feel I have I reached a "goal weight" without worrying about the specific number because of all the NSV (non scale victories) that I stay focused on. This is why I keep checking in, logging in and making choices. It is a life long commitment on not hurting myself with food (binge eating) it is true that the initial pounds come off so much faster and the last bit is stubborn but stick with it, it's worth it!

    Yep! I love painting rooms over the summer. It is full of fun for me from choosing a color, prepping the room (absolutely critical to a good outcome) and that first brush stroke of NEWNESS! For $20-45 you get a new feeling when you walk in the room, kind of like a haircut! Feels fresh like a new start. And if you do have color remorse , well. for me there is always next summer.
    Sorry folks, I refuse to turn pro this is a hobby!! NYKAREN
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    Got on the dreaded scale this AM and am up 6 pounds from when I last posted my weight. Back to being honest about logging. My biggest problem is after dinner snacking.
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    Stronglifts Rest Day

    Kettlebell Swing
    Week 2, day 3, of five-week program to increase reps from 7 to 10, using the 35 pound kettle bell.
    Goblet squat-3X5X 35
    Russian kettle bell swing-19 X 10 X 35

    Boy, is that Kettlebell ever heavy when I first lift it up. But, I make sure I have excellent form, and grip, and when I do my swing it is a piece of cake!

    Walk 1,000 Miles Challenge
    5 miles

    Lenora - you are right, it is so sad! It sounds like you have lived in the same situation. Too bad it has gone on this long.

    Have a great day everyone!


    Mary from Minnesota
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    Happy Saturday Ladies!

    Well, skimmed through from my last post. Thanks for the well wishes on my income change. Budget going to be tight but doable.

    Love the kiddie pics! They are all beautiful children! Must take after their grandmothers! LOL

    Love the flowers too. I want to get some spider lilies for my yard, do they grow in CT? I saw them when I lived in TN and grew some there, but haven't seen any in CT yet.

    It has been so hot here so not walking. I am using my elliptical though. A cheap one but does the job. I am watching some old Dark Shadows CD. I got a set of them at Walmart for $14.00. Watching the one on how Barnabas became a vampire. Brings back memories! ;)

    Today, DH wants to find Red Lobster for dinner. Its not far but a new area for us to explore. We like going out and finding new places to wander through. I didn't see too many stores in the area on Google maps, but will drive around and have a look. There is a Marshall's. I don't remember ever going to one of those so that will probably be one stop.

    Well, have to get ready to go shop. I'm glad MFP counts shopping as exercise! LOL >:)

    Rita, formerly from TN- now CT

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    Mary: Congratulations on the twins!

    We woke up to a sunny day in VA this morning and have planned an adventure for the day. I'm borrowing a power cord from DS and have access to my computer at last. I'll stop by when I have time. Today we're in tourist mode.

    Katla in Virginia
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    Good morning!
    It's hot here in central Virginia! Not as hot as in some parts of the country, but too hot and humid for me! And I need to mow the lawn... oh well, a hat, bug spray and a bottle of water will help a lot (for those of you who live in hotter places, please keep cool!)

    Heather, The pictures were lovely! When I saw the pebble beach I wondered whether it would hurt feet. If you want a pair of shoes for it, I guess the answer is yes.

    Mary, The picture of the twins is great! So nice that they're home.

    Michelle, yes, azaleas grow in zone 7. There are deciduous azaleas that are native to the southeastern US, and some of their hybrids smell heavenly. The evergreen azaleas from Asia do fine, but they need afternoon shade. I had some in the sun that the builder planted; they didn't do well and got bugs. The ones that do well in my area (7a) are usually planted with northern exposures.

    I so appreciate this group and its positivity! Its a relief given tge news. The news is so distressing for a couple of reasons. First, there are some tragic and terrible things happening in the world. My heart goes out to all those who suffer from them. I wish the hate, craziness, and confusion that cause them didn't exist. Second, despite those things, there's much that is positive and good. There are lots of people who love and care for others, and there's compassion and kindness, too. This group is an example. There's forgiveness, people who make sacrifices for others, service for otheres, community, and joy. I'd love to hear and see more of that celebrated. I don't want to minimize the bad, but putting it in perspective would be nice.

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    Good morning, Ladies! I look forward to keeping up with your adventures all weekend. :wink:

    Meanwhile, random updates:

    I got new X-rays yesterday, and found out the persistent pain and limited range of motion is because I have bone hitting metal. :unamused: This is actually not that bad of news, though, because the bone has begun to remodel and should eventually shape itself to where that stops happening. IF I push persistently to that pain. Yay-harumpf!
    This will require the bone to narrow somewhat, but there's a metal rod down through the center right there, so at least it's relatively safe to do so. If for some reason, that doesn't end up happening (it should though), there is a surgical intervention available, but he doesn't recommend it for people he considers medically young. :wink: I have super dense bones, from the 3+ decades of strength training, and ironically, that makes surgeons more conservative about not wanting to remove any bone mass...if my bones were already thin, or weak, he'd go right ahead. I have decided to accept that there are things I don't understand. :no_mouth:

    Here's the fragrance in my apartment this week, <3<3<3


    Last but not least, a hilarious conversation....

    Me, to my (tall, handsome) trainer: I need to complain about my not losing weight.

    Trainer: Not in that dress!

    HAHAHAHA Smooooooth. :love:

    Off to get my haircut....Happy Saturday! :flowerforyou:
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    Peach1948 wrote: »
    Got on the dreaded scale this AM and am up 6 pounds from when I last posted my weight. Back to being honest about logging. My biggest problem is after dinner snacking.

    Second day for me of pre-logging. It worked well for me yesterday. I know @TerriRichardson112 Irish Terri has used this method successfully, and others have mentioned pre-logging as well. (Remind me who, anyone?) Yesterday I was actually so full I didn't eat the dessert I had pre-logged because I was too full, and normally that dessert would have been calling to me all evening. Such a lightbulb for me!!! I think this will be a very valuable tool. Have you ever pre-logged, Carol? Yesterday I was able to turn down dried pineapple (something I adore), Triscuits and brie (yum), and buttery popcorn in the movie (Star Trek Beyond IMAX 3D!) without too much difficulty. I can never keep my hand out of the popcorn, so this was a major NSV for me in the realm of eating behavior.

    Traci Really, you have to fake it 'til you make it. And, more importantly, it helps if you can find something fun you like to do: volleyball, belly dancing, ballroom dancing, line dancing, Jazzercise, Yoga, skating, bicycling, boxing, martial arts, kettlebells, exercise videos, walking, trampoline...if you fall in love with it, it will no longer be something you don't want to do. p.s. the trampoline would make me pee my pants - ugh

    Mary Cute, cute twins! The girls may solve the problem of who their grandmas are as they grow up, because they are not likely to distinguish that much between grandmas unless someone coaches them on it (which would be a shame). My granddaughter overruled her parents in a similar situation and they finally had to back down because she kept questioning why one person was a grandma and the other one wasn't. They were finally shamed into submission by this little girl. Kids are great.

    Today is my first "official day" of kettlebell workouts, as I have been doing the routines without weights and graduated to a 10lb weight, which is too light for me for the swings. So today I will be doing:

    Goblet squats 3x5x10
    Kettlebell deadlifts 3x5x15
    Kettlebell swings 5x5x15

    (Did I write that correctly, Mary?)

    Wish me luck and excellent form! I am really looking forward to this workout. Will also be taking dogs for a walk this evening, not sure yet how far but aiming for 3 miles (1 mile each Bailey and Mabel and 1/2 mile each Farley and Molly). They like going together but sometimes I take them out individually which gives me more peace and more walking time.

    Heather I know you already told us, but how heavy is your new kettlebell? Oh, never mind, I see - 8kg!

    KJ - Boring food plan disclosure alert I have always been interested in Paleo, except that I like full fat dairy in the form of heavy whipping cream and whole milk Greek yogurt and would really miss having those in my food plan. I already eat, for the most part, what I refer to as a "MOVE" diet (lean Meat, healthy Oils, Vegetables, and Eggs). I "round out" with full fat dairy items listed above, a few nuts, and low glycemic index fruits (berries or just smaller portions of higher GI fruits). Occasionally I eat soy products (I love edamame). So the dairy and soy (and the occasional piece of bacon) are not Paleo. I hardly ever eat bread, grains, or potatoes because they are high on the glycemic index and I'm insulin resistant. Having said all of that, I have an old H.S. friend who retired fat, unhappy, fatigued, achey, and battling terrible rosacea. A year later on Paleo AIM she has dropped 50lbs, the rosacea is gone, she is accomplishing a mind-boggling physically demanding renewal/renovation of an inherited family farm, and she happily travels all over the Plains for her food items and project materials. Maybe it's retirement that's made the difference...she credits Paleo.

    Kim N Cal I thought that job sounded like a lot of work, especially as busy as your life already is! Sending lots of energy to you to get through this first few weeks until you get your routine settled!

    Joyce I hope by now your nighttime chest pain has resolved. Have you figured it out yet? You probably already know this, but there are a couple of chest pains that worsen or occur when lying flat on your back (GERD and pericarditis come to mind). Glad you are seeing your N.P. soon. And so glad Charlie's skin is better.

    Barbie I have prissy dogs, too. They balk at romping in the rain. :)

    @mousemom18 I'm sorry, I forgot what you want us to call you. I noticed you have only one daughter and she is leaving home to attend college, and has had a partial colectomy (right?) Was wondering if she has UC, and thinking how hard it's going to be for her to go away to school this fall. Is she going to be nearby? Welcome, by the way!

    Karen in Virginia
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    pipcd34 wrote: »
    as of right now, 1001.8 miles

    This is truly inspiring.
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    Relate to stories about twins. I have twins. While still in hospital was asked if they were identical. I replied that they were a boy and girl. Then asked again if they were identical and this from a nurse's aide. I refused to say no. Just kept telling her I had a boy and a girl. Fortunately, my twins were late in arriving. Son weighed 7 lbs; daughter weighed 6 lbs.
    All the talk about the exercise leaves me feeling jealous. DH won't let me go to gym alone because of my balance issues. He gets stressed when he feels like he has too much to do. I'm concerned about his heart condition so I let the gym slide. I have tried walking DVDs but only manage about 15 min. I am doing wall push-ups and crunches at home but still need the cardio. DH does cooking and fixes what I need to eat and I don't want to nag about the gym.
    Praying for all of you with health issues. Been dealing with DH heart problems for 35 yrs so I know how you feel.
    Congrats on all the successes (scale, NSV and fitness).
    DebbieTX in south central HOT Texas
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    Lisa in TX – I’m not the least bit surprised that the bank is ‘upset’ about you paying off your warehouse and RV being something you will be poised to do by the end of the year. They make their money off the interest you pay to them for using their money … which is really a ‘paper transaction’ to begin with. When we refinanced our mortgage to lower our interest rate by ½; the mortgage company we were using had ‘nip-ups’. Calling us and asking why we’d change. In that deal, besides lowering our payments, lowering the interest, lowering the time for us to pay it off by about 7 years; we put $45K into our pockets. The same thing occurred when I consolidated my credit cards into one account at my bank, interest free for one year; even though I had to pay a ‘fee’ to have them transferred; but, paying anywhere from 14.99% all the way up to one that charged me 29.99%; I’d rather pay what my bank charges (low side of what I had been paying) than knowing the amount of interest on all those cc bills’ with their unbelievable interest rates. I do keep my Belk's card active; and buy clothes on it twice a year.

    When my Daddy was alive and cc had just come out; they were sending them to ‘everybody’ with credit limits off the charts. He thought that the 3% they were charging was ‘mobster rates’. He did not believe in using them at all. When we went on vacation he’d take the $$$ we needed out of the budget and buy “Traveler’s Checks”. Does anyone remember them? There were quite a few people who had gotten the ‘cc’ in the mail, some with credit limits as high as $10K and run them up and maxed them out with no way to pay them off. Several of his clients went ‘bankrupt’ because of them; when they did … the banks suffered more because they could not recoup what they had purchased … because they are considered as ‘unencumbered’ items. Kudos to you and you DH for being in a position to pay them off. My DH and I have been ‘in and out’ of debt probably 4 or 5 times during our marriage. Getting to the point of being able to pay off ccs is one thing we are working on. I don’t use mine anymore; for any reason … it is coming down slowly; but, it is coming down. Wish we could have refinanced our house down to 10 years; but, 15 was the lower it the most; but, even then, much better than 30 years. Best thing, our payment only went up $10 with ‘interest and insurance included’. So we don’t have to come up with that at the end of the year. I have this container, basically a clear bottle that we put our ‘cut up ccs’ in; as a reminder not to ever apply for another again. I did not ‘close’ the accounts because even though it would be ‘better’ … it would affect my ‘credit score’ negatively. Go figure. So I freeze them in a Tupperware canister and ‘if I needed to’ which is doubtful … I can defrost them.

    When we pay one off; we take what we were paying on it to apply to another one.
    Sitting all day at a desk; why don’t you check into one of those desktops that raise up to make the desk at a level where you can stand up while working? Then you could ‘walk in place’; walking would be ‘good exercise’ even if it in just standing there. I’m pretty sure that if you are in a warehouse, you’d be walking on concrete when you are working out in the warehouse. A good pair of walking shoes should help.

    Heather – I have a set of ankle weights; but, have not seen them since we moved here 15 years ago; but also have a few other things that must be packed away somewhere, too. I’ll have to wait until it cools off ‘significantly’ before going into the attic to look for them; we have a metal roof and it would be like entering a sauna at this time. We’ve been in the high 90’s and heart indexes into triple figures. I need to get into the pool while it is still cool (if high 70’s is cool). DH and Cracker are already outside; DH using the Weed Wacker and Cracker running around.

    Mary in Minnesota – At least your DH’s daughter has started to ‘come around’ about reconciling with her Dad (and then maybe y’all can see your granddaughters). Ours will NEVER reconcile; and that is what hurts DH the most. In that regard, she is like her mother; who enjoyed holding being able for "Little Nana" the chance to see her. We had to jump through a lot of hoops and she'd make threats. One year, he went to the judge (directly, about her threatening to send her back to FL from LA for visitation. The judge called her at 7:00 in the morning and told her that when DH sent a plane ticket to her, she'd better put her on a plane; if not he would have her arrested and brought back to FL for a hearing. He upped the amount of child support until he was current; but, by that time, we were able to pay the higher amount. She then wanted us to send her to 'her mother and dad's house for a week of vacation to be cut out of our 2 weeks with her). He told her 'no way'; he'd let her spend one day with them, no more than that ... because she'd fly them out to LA several times a year; and, we only got to see her 2 weeks out of the year.

    To have a DGD that he’ll never see again; is like they are also ‘dead’. Not only did he have to 'grieve' the loss of his mother; he has had to grieve the loss of his daughter and granddaughter. Makes us wonder what she has told her mother about the reason we no longer are in their lives. She also had a child that was killed when she was 12; now, would have been close to 25 (and maybe with children of her own). For a short period of time the older sister of our former SnL would babysit for the granddaughter we can't see and she’d send pictures of her. When daughter found out about it, she stopped using her as a babysitter. But, one thing … she does have the ‘auburn’ hair that I told daughter she’d have. She said, no, she will look like Brandy. I told her that God would never do that to her or to the child. She looks more like her Daddy. When she lost that child, only child at the time; and a few months afterward her own mother told her to 'get over it'. I don't think you ever get over losing a child. She'd call us and spend the better portion of an hour wailing; but, we let her do that and to talk it out.

    She knows how old her Daddy is; and, that he could possibly pass away within the next 10 or 15 years. But, it will be 'her loss' and especially that of her child's. But, at this point I would think it would be more difficult for her to now see us and be told that DH is really her granddaddy; she's 10 now.

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    No workout today. Right now we went to pick up our airstream from the storage place and taking it to the tire shop close by to replace one of the tires that kept loosing air. I backed up the beast to hook it up, that was easy. 1ciiptceigdd.jpeg

    Then we are taking it to the airstream place to get it Walbermized and have them install the backup camera . Can't believe this will actually be our new home one day
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    So far 1025 miles
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    Heather That food sounds yummy. Methinks you must be a very good cook.

    Debbie TX I do go to Jazzercise, but I'm pretty sure Mary does all of her exercise at home, as do a number of others on this site. I don't have a gym membership. The kettlebell routines I am doing today will be done at home. I forgot why you have balance issues (?MS) but there are so many exercises you can do at home (Wii & others) that can help you improve or maintain your balance. And @exermom Michele has a bajillion exercise videos at home. We can help you brainstorm!! Ladies?

    @SonicPal Hi! Be sure to highlight the pale star above the top post on this page to bookmark this thread so you can find it again. What shall we call you? Where are you from? Tell us all about you! And LOL!!! you just got a lot more than one motivation buddy by posting here! group-hugging-smiley-emoticon.gif

    JanetR Thank you for the kind words recently. You gals really are the best.

    Edited to add: @prbford64 Are you lurking out there? Are you coming back soon? And @TerriRichardson112 I miss your posts, too. I know we all get busy and have to pay attention to other things...

    Karen in Virginia
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    Okay, I had to scroll back and see the baby pictures from Mary and Heather. SO GREAT! <3:love:
    and it it gave me a chance to skim the other updates, so I'm feeling a little more caught up now.
    I'm going to have weeks like this, being employed full-time-and-then-some, but I appreciate this group so much! You are all wonderful...and I'll always check in, when I can.
    Larisa in Seattle