What nobody tells you about losing weight



  • louann_jude
    louann_jude Posts: 307 Member
    That people will try to get you to stop losing weight before your ready to. I have had two people tell me already I don't need to lose 'much more'. I have lost 95 pounds. Even with that weight loss I still need to lose 39 more pounds to get to where I am no longer over weight. That is at the high end of a normal weight bmi.

    I started this journey to go the distance. Not give up when everyone else thinks I should. I am doing this for me not them.

    I am experiencing this a lot too and still have 12lbs to the top of a healthy bmi. I intend to get lower and stop when I'm comfortable with my body weight (still in the healthy range) but am so tired of hearing "you're getting to scrawny and I'm worried you aren't eating enough." I lift 3x a week and am not even close too scrawny and eat more now than ever, just better things.


    I don't think I will try to lose that much more but at least 20-25 pounds. I have been at 145 before and I looked sick. I think I look best between 155 to 165. That is still over weight for my height but I have a larger bone structure and can get a way with a little more weight.

    I haven't started lifting yet. I really want to but under doctors order's no lifting. I am hoping to be able to start by the new year. I want to tone up and lift certain area's and from what I have researched lifting will do what I want.
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