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    <3Liz, sending hugs to you. Don't let this diagnosis get you down. We are all supporting you.

    :D Got my stitches out today. Dr says incision looks good. Rode in the car OK. Walked over 6,000 steps

    :'( computer still not working

    <3 Barbie from beautiful NW Washington
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    Well JanetR you look absolutely tiny beside that tree! How is your rash, have been thinking about you.

    This is our local Baptist association fellowship hall and is used for church meals, conferences, etc so is not decorated f anything. It is up to the people renting it to decorate it. My sister will be able t have her power chair and she might share it with Debbie. But I can't think of any of us here in Evansville who would have a recliner that we could take over there.

    I swear I don't know what n the world has invaded my husbands common sense. This is the first little trip we have taken in many months and I mean many. And this is just an over nighter. The temp wasn't right in the room, can it be altered? Yes it can, turn on a light. Which light should I turn on. Whichever one you think would give you best light. Would the flashlight work. Well if you want to use the flashlight hen use it instead of the lamp. Where is the temp switch. You have your light. Ow just look for it. So I get up and show him. Well the temp hasn't changed. You have to wait for the thermostat to give it signal to change. I don't want to wait. To turn out this light do I use this switch on the wall or on the lamp. Well you turned it on, which one did you use. On and on. I swear this sounds like dementia. And I am so used to about 7 pillows on m bed at home, two of them body pillows. For between my legs. So I have folded and folded the so called spread they have and hope it stays in that roll to use as one body pillow and two bed pillows on the over side. I have a neck pillow I use in the car and it will have to substitute for what I put my hand on when I am one side and then I do have my small one I use at home. So. Am glad this is only one night. I was surprised Charlie says next time we need to get a handicap room. I really ink the only difference is the bathroom. But we are on the second floor, no elevator. But we went to our kids house first and then came back and checked in and used grandkids labor to get our one small bag and pillows to our room. We will have to do it ourselves in checking out. This is not the kind of motel that has a bell hop.

    I am not sure if this picture will load or not. Many years ago during one of my ma y diets, I went to our hospital dietician for her to help me. About the same time one of our local newspapers was doing a story on healthy eating and wanted to follow some one for a year. Yep, that was me. So we had monthly interviews. They didn't meet me when I started it so no pre picture. But they did take an after one. The took me to a fine beautician, one of the local swanky dress shops, had my make up done. I was all done up. They were quite upset I had just got my hair cut. I am sure all the har I had they managed to do quite a combover to make it look as full as they could. Anyway, we were looking in Christina's keepsake trunk tonight and this picture was in there. The kids were in bed so I am glad they didn't see it or they would have had nightmares. I look somewhere between a mother of the bride or grandmother of the bride. So I hope I get this posted. If I don't, you will just have to use your imagination.
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    looks kind of Victorian or what I see of my great grandma from Ireland! Tomorrow we travel about 60 miles to 'Australia'.
    Joyce, Indiana presently in a hotel in kentucky. Oh tha picture looks bad. Will give me nightmares. I'm surprised people didn't cancel their prescription to the paper or quit going to my hospital!
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    Heather: Your photos are gorgeous! I would love to visit the water gardens. :heart:

    Sue in WA: I hope the Wednesday appointments for your DH wind up giving him relief from pain and/or discomfort. I also hope that they will give you some relief from worry. (((HUGS)))

    NYKaren: I'm glad that you and your DH are in a good place in your relationship. What a nice blessing! :flowerforyou:

    SueBDew: I've seen a post from Michele in NC on the news feed today and she sounds fine. :smiley:

    Rori: I hope you enjoyed your 10 days in Hawaii. I have to admit a tiny bit of envy. :sick: (green with envy)

    Janet R: Keep the lovely photos coming. What a great place! :flowerforyou:

    Barbie: I hope your computer woes are solved soon. I'm happy that the medical news is so positive. :smiley:

    Joyce: Your Great Grandma was a beauty! :smiley:

    I flubbed an update on my iphone and spent hours on the phone with a nice guy who works for Apple in Florida. Everything is working great again. DH & I spent some time on the boat earlier today getting it ready for winter. I'm quite sure we will be selling it next spring. It will be a mixed blessing to let it go. We've had some great times in that boat but now it makes DH queasy, even while tied in its slip on a calm day. :sad:

    Katla in Beautiful NW Oregon

    “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” Thomas A. Edison
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    Joyce thanks but actually it is a VERY big tree. Lol. The rash is still coming and going. Mostly on my legs, but over the weekend had a patch on the palm of my left hand and some on my upper arms. Seems as soon as they begin to clear up in one place I break out in several other places. Over all I'm feeling exhausted and very unsteady on my feet. We are still waiting for results on the autoimmune disorder lab tests. I should hear tomorrow. I sure hope so.

    Katla, thank you. We just took a short day trip today. I've been fighting nausea the last week or so and riding in the car seems to exacerbate it. I have another I wanted to share of the beautiful bridge we crossed over the Mississippi in to Illinois. I'll try to get it posted.

    <3<3. <3

    Janetr (two drifters off to see the world, there's such a lot of world to see)

    Can't get that song out of my head since spending the afternoon at the Mississippi River. :)

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    Crossing the bridge over the Mississippi river in to Ilinois.7p5n8914wwn9.jpg
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    Becca please share a picture of the trains when you make them!
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    Larisa so funny you should pop in today as I was just thinking about you yesterday and wondering what you were up to! Ah romance <3
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    Hello Luscious Lasses!

    Well, my vacation is officially over and tomorrow - well, really, today - is another day at work. I am proud to announce that, not only did I lose weight on my vacation - but, I lost quite a bit... my Mom's scale said 224 on the last day I was there - and that was quite low - but 228 is the official, two-day-running weight based on the scale at my gym as of today - so - Whoot! I have more than made up the pound I was behind on the 24 week Christmas Challenge and now I am actually a pound or two ahead of the game. I am pumped! I guess it was a great idea to do that week-pass at the Tucson gym while we were visiting.... and apparently, I was retaining some water before I left.

    It was marvelous to see my folks - they are actually doing as well as can be expected for 82 yr olds who have been couch potatoes for the last 10 years. My Mom has a lot of pain - but, they both still have all their faculties - which is half the battle. I have to say, no one was happier than my Mom to see me looking thinner than I have in something like 25 years. It was very nice to have her worried that I might go into a food frenzy while I was there - I was able to reassure her that I wouldn't, so, all was well.

    I fear I spent too much money on clothes, though... K-Mart is going out of business everywhere - so we got in on a store closure sale - everything was 40% off - so I bought too many clothes that fit me properly. ALL of the shirts I have been wearing are still 4x... and I am firmly in 2x land, now... so, I got some better-fitting shirts.

    I suppose that the shirts, at least, will last for a while - they will just get baggy - which is ok for two or three sizes down.... and shirts are mostly what I bought, so I don't feel to badly about it.

    It was a little weird returning to my gym, after having spent a week on different machines. Suddenly, the stride on my Elliptical was just "not right"... lol. So, I tried a different elliptical with a completely different stride, anyway. It is a more strenuous workout - with an incline setting and a resistance setting - so I am actually getting a better workout on the different machine. Yay!

    I have caught up on all my reading, Ladies. I am sorry to hear about recent diagnoses, glad to hear that the storm did not do any major harm to our little group, pleased that others have had some successes - thinking good thoughts about those who need some support, thrilled that people are healing up well and all warm and fuzzy about new romance. (Go LoLo!) Greetings to those that I have just met!

    And Girls - no judgment from me, ever... I lost a whole bunch of weight when I was 40-ish... then I coasted at 275 for like ten years... I am just now getting serious about having better health and a trimmer shape. So, whatever time you need, whatever comfort level you have - you have to do what works for you. Every one of us does.... and we are all here to share the love, regardless of what plan we are on, or not on.

    It's well past even my bedtime - so I have to catch a few zzz's before I start a new work-week.

    Catch you Ladies whenever I can...

    Hugs for Everybody!

    Re, back home in TX
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    Morning Ladies~
    down in the 30's here in Connecticut this morning brrrrrrr
    not going into work until 10 this morning, and 11 tomorrow as I went in at 8:30 yesterday.. they try and keep my hours as close to 30 as possible.
    Rory~ hope the sale of your place goes the way you want.. my 3 cousins went for 2 weeks out there and posted pictures , they did so much and loved armchair traveling with them.. sure wish I could have done something like that with them.. but even though they stayed at my aunts timeshare most of the time they did alot of excursions and probably cost a bit.. you all remember who I live with..
    I am hoping someday to do some traveling..
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    Joyce I see a very beautiful young woman with kind eyes.

    I am currently reading a book on chakras. What I got out of reading about the first chakra is that is like your root and where your self image comes from. Building and nurturing that aspect of yourself is like laying down a firm foundation to your home. I can tell you how beautiful you are; it is you who need to own.

    I am working to do the same for myself. Yes other opinions have an effect: it is my belief in myself that is the most important.

    :heart: Margaret
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    Good morning! Praying for you, Liz! I had a pretty successful day yesterday! Hope you all are doing well this Tuesday.
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    <3 Morning Ladies :)