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  • tinastewart501
    tinastewart501 Posts: 2 Member
    Hi, I'm 45 and just had gastric sleeve surgery last week. I still need to lose 100 pounds. All motivation helps!
  • allie644
    allie644 Posts: 164 Member
    45 here, happy to find this group!
  • Djproulx
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    I signed up for a half marathon on Nov 4th to give me some off season focus. That has motivated me to start. weekly speed work in addition to building up run volume. Tonight was a fun workout at the track. 1Mile warmup, 2 x 400yds @ HM pace, then 24 x 100yds fast, with 30 second jogging recovery between each one. Finished w/ 2 [email protected] pace, then 2 mile easy cool down.
  • gam3rguy
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    "P90X2 X2 Recovery + Mobility"=Done!
  • alf1163
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    Omg Sdereski and Miami, awesome pictures!!! Sdereski, welcome back from Europe. I'm sure you felt disappointed about not finishing the marathon but you are doing amazing!!!! I love your positivity.

    I'm still following a ketogenic diet, started in late July. I love the fact that I don't have cravings for sweets, sugar, simple carbs whatsoever!!!! Love it. Feeling pretty flat. I'm still learning this woe and some things have to be tweaked but so far so good.

    Have a great day everyone!!!
    MJFSH Posts: 7,252 Member
    Good morning cool ones

    P90X: Shoulders and Arms done!

    feels like I'm losing my spark! not feeling the highs after the workout! need to change my program so to get my mojo back again!
  • tojo_73
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    AOS Providence done. Ate TERRIBLY yesterday stopped logging but completely lost the plot easy 2 to 3 thousand calories over my goal.....on the plus side carbo loading seems to work because I crushed my workout this morning (3 more just like it and i will have worked off yesterday :/ ).

    Another day begins. Good morning kids
  • sdereski
    sdereski Posts: 3,406 Member
    Good Morning cool kids. Got in two 1 hour workout classes yesterday. Cardio Kick and Pound. Pound was new to me, and so fun. We use drumsticks and are always "pounding" - overhead, side to side and floor with all our exercises. Good workout!
    What I have noticed since I have been back from vacation is that I am consuming more sugar than I had before and I don't like it. Gotta work on that. :#
  • b3achy
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    @MJFSH - know what you mean...I just went through a lull for workout motivation. Switching up is good.

    @sdereski - Thanks for the info on Pound. They offer it at my gym, and I was wondering about it. I need to try some of the classes next...hopefully I can get over there on Friday for my first one.

    Spent an hour with a trainer today (free session) and got a good mostly upper body workout done today with some legs. Got checked out on a bunch of different machines that I've not used previously, so that was good. Going to be sore as it's already starting. But it's all good.
  • 3furballs
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    @Beeps2011 So far I'm just avoiding starchy carbs on non workout days, and lifting as heavy as I can when we do resistance training, even if it's only a few reps. I'll let your know as I go!
    MJFSH Posts: 7,252 Member
    just did an hour of Zumba. Had too much stress needed to find a way to deal with it.
  • gam3rguy
    gam3rguy Posts: 3,773 Member
    "P90X2 X2 Chest + Shoulders + Tris & X2 Ab Ripper"=Done!
  • allenpriest
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    Loss is stalled. :/
  • MiamiSeoul
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    Keep at it @allenpriest! Switch up your routine, drink more water, avoid white starches for a week, avoid fruit for a week (substitute vegetables), do whatever it takes! You can do this!
  • mpalumbo2006
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    Hey everyone. looking to connect with like minded folks. Feel free to reach out.
    MJFSH Posts: 7,252 Member
    Strength: P90X Legs and Back

    Cardio: Zumba tonight
  • ILoveGingerNut
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    I am 40. Anyone can add me as a friend. Gained a few pounds over summer so getting stricter with my diet now :)