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    Allie: I'm so sorry for your loss. Ray sounds like a lovely person.

    Sherry in Portland:Welcome! The ladies on this thread are fantastic and supportive.

    Lisa:Wishing you great connections and as few disturbances as possible on press day!

    Tried spaghetti squash spagehetti yesterday for the first time. It was delicious! I'm looking for a low carb spaghetti sauce if anyone has a recipe.

    Have any of you who follow a low carb high fat life style, experienced issues with dry eyes? I seem to be having difficulty in getting dry eye under control.

    Have to run, wish you all a marvelous day!

    Carey - Northern Alberta

    Goals for Oct:
    - Increase walking now that the hamstring has healed
    - Get to Tai Chi at least once a week
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    Allie, you're such an amazing person... So sorry you have to deal with all this and your own grief, too. Thinking of you, dear.
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    Lisa ~ Wishing you peace today as you go through this mess!

    Allie ~ Try to stay in the moment and take it one day at a time instead of fretting. Whatever you do for the memorial will be done with love and turn out great. I think that most folks would not expect you or Ruth to pay for the meal.

    Heidi ~ What a lovely couple you and your DH are! A lot of us here were/still are teachers.

    Got our new office chairs yesterday from Sam's and BJ's. Todays job is to clean black grease out of the carpet where DH tried to repair his old chair. Sprinkled corn starch on it and vacuumed. Now need to use the Hoover carpet cleaner.

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    Hi Rita. In NJ we're battening down the hatches too. After a gorgeous stretch of weather, it's finally cold. This is the time I start making soups. Lots of veggies, low fat stock. It keeps me satisfied during the day. Enjoy your raspberries. I love them.
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    Heather in UK - Sorting through a loved ones stuff is hard. I still have a small box of useless stuff of my grandmother's in my closet. Keeps me close.

    Re in TX - Jalapeno poppers are evil. Once you eat one, you need to have 3 or 4. You know that the calories can add up if you continue with the fried food for long, a day or so shouldn't totally derail you. You'll get on the right road again.
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    Morning peeps-
    Purdy pic heidihurl and welcome
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    (((Lisa))) It does sound like mold.

    Heidi welcome. Sounds like you are working with your body to find what works best for you. I have found this a welcoming forum to explore this process of finding what works for your health. I like it better than Facebook because I feel like as time has past I have really gotten to know many of the woman here. They are a great bunch of strong women.
    :heart: Margaret
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    Didn't sort out the box of family/friends stuff, but got inspired to attack the utility room and excavate crockery etc. When DH and I got married we combined two households and, although we threw masses of stuff away, we moved into this big house, so kept far too much useless/duplicate stuff. I kept some crocks "in case I have a big party", which I haven't done in this house and I think my days of catering for a large crowd are over. :* And why did I keep an old toaster and kettle? I have one hors d'oeuvre dish that DH gave me for Christmas last year that I have hidden away and will take to the charity shop when he's not looking - maybe tomorrow. I have put other stuff that his last partner bought out on the table for him to approve or veto.
    Progress!! :D

    Heather, happy in Hampshire UK
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    Margaret: Thank you! I have also found a group of friends here on MFP and have stayed in touch for many years. Much better than FB for sure.
    PiP: Thanks!
    Carol: We teachers need to stick together!! Thanks for the welcome.

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    Karen and Cheri - What a fabulous photo. <3 Wish I could have joined you! I bet you had a great "natter". :D<3

    Lots of love, Heather UK
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    Good morning all. It's been a long night, but I made it! I don't sleep so well these days (I suffer from horrible insomnia and nightmares from PTSD), so any sleep I get is a blessing.

    I want to say Thank You to all who have welcomed me here. I really do appreciate your kind words.

    I have most of the day to do what I want today (I am disabled and currently can't work) and am not sure what I should do with myself. I have an appointment today with my primary care doc in the afternoon to adjust and possibly change my psych meds (they have not been working so well lately). But that isn't until late this afternoon.

    My nutritionist wants me to start eating breakfast, but I am just not hungry and have no desire to eat this morning. Should I force myself to eat? I don't know, maybe in a little while. I want to try to walk my usual 6 blocks around my house twice today, but will have to see how it goes (I suffer from degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, sciatica, sacroiliitis, among a few other things, have had one spinal fusion surgery so far and am due for another soon so walking is very difficult for me and I have to go slow). But I figure if I can manage one round today I will be doing OK. Sometimes what I want to do and what I can physically manage are two very different things and it gets very frustrating. I go start another round of steroid injections in my lower back on Thursday and am hoping somehow miraculously they will help this time (the last round of 3 shots I couldn't complete because the second shot in that round made me violently I'll for 4 days and they didn't help anyway). Unfortunately my insurance won't cover another spinal fusion surgery until I have exhausted all nonsurgical therapies, they are kind of funny that way. I had to go through this before my last fusion and it was torturous. Oh well, just more hoops to jump through. The journey to surgery starts again this Thursday with the start of this round of shots. Wish me luck and cross your fingers, maybe say a little prayer or two.

    Well I guess I have rambled on long enough. Thanks everybody for being here for each other and for letting me vent. I think I will go take me a long hot shower and then go for a walk, maybe when I get back I will want to eat something. See you all later and I hope you all have an awesome day!

    Sherry in PDX
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    Good morning all. It's been a long night, but I made it! I don't sleep so well these days (I suffer from horrible insomnia and nightmares from PTSD), so any sleep I get is a blessing.
    I want to say Thank You to all who have welcomed me here. I really do appreciate your kind words.
    Sherry in PDX

    Wow Sherry! I wish you all the rest and peace you can find. Walks, I find are the best way to forget everything... no need for earbuds... just walk, enjoy each step with purpose. Find something positive in your walk... a leaf, a bird.. clouds... a soft breeze.. focus on the positive.

    All the best,

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    Hi Gals,
    Sherry – welcome! We are here to cheer not to judge, so hang out with us and we’ll keep you smiling!

    Heather – I hear you on eliminating the political input!
    Question about selling property in England, here in the us you can sell your property and then “rent back” your place from the new owners, while the place you are moving to is in process so you don’t have to be between places to live – can you do that in England ?

    Re – listen to heather!

    Lisa – Oh YUCK! But getting rid of the carpet will be a good thing, just bad bad timing! I worked for years at a daily paper and everyday was press day, there were no good times for major work…

    Heidi – great intro…. Hang in there… taking charge of your meds and weight is a great place to start.

    Karen and Cheri – great pic

    Sherry – the timing of eating is something that folks here have played around with to find what works for their bodies, and lifestyle, the key seems to be calories in calories out and quality of food…. Could you do more seated exercises? There are some great videos on youtube…

    I did a great ratatouille with a twist, I used tons of veggies that needed to be used and then added some tikki masala sauce, it was great, something different, and with all the gardening I’m doing I seem to end up with lots of little bits… like pulling out the beans and not being willing to compost the last 4 beans… It was a jarred tikki masala sauce and worked out to just 150 calories a bowl… I kinda served it like a veggie stew or thick soup.

    October Goals:
    2 fun things a week, Lunch with friends 2 times….
    Read and report on a book
    Log everyday to the best I can, over if need be.
    11,000 + steps everyday
    Work on water consumption -

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    Great picture of Karen and Cheri.

    Just read a Book titled Total Recovery. In this book the doctor believes helping those in chronic pain is a process. The road to recovery is in viewing the patient as a whole. Unfortunately insurance companies do not look at it this way. The need a diagnosis so it can be charged. The burden of piecing together treatments from various doctors falls on the patient.

    He also believes chronic pain is born from the cumulative effect of both physical and emotional trauma. Thus it takes usually more than one approach to work on pain management.

    Although I do not have chronic pain I do have a chronic condition and some of his ideas resonated with me as I manage my condition.

    I also agreed with him that as much as I can stack the deck through diet, exercise, sleep, and working through my emotions in positive ways the better my health will be.

    The book Dance with Anger helped work though some of my emotions. In April of this year as I read the book I commented on the main points of the book I can feel the effects of this as I deal with the stresses I am under now.

    Thoughts and prayers.

    :heart: Margaret
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    Kim - I have never heard of that in this country. Here it is usual to get involved in a "chain", when everyone has to "complete" (legal and move) on the same day. :sad: Last time we avoided that by selling up and moving into rented accommodation for 5 months. Would only do that this time if the house needed a remodel. Hope to avoid it.
    Haven't had any interest so far, but I'm contenting myself with shifting all the junk. :D DDIL seems to be interested in our progress, so that's good.
    The houses of the right kind in the right place are too expensive , but some are borderline in area. They are cheaper. Location is everything in Hove. Two roads further east can make a difference of £100, 000. :sad:
    The house we liked (too expensive) has gone up by nearly 4 times in price since 2009. Ours has gone up by one third of its value in 2010.

    But we don't have to move. No one is forcing us. If we can't find anything we love, we won't go.

    I have just cancelled our booking for a Cambridge hotel for our anniversary in November. Can't cope with it all. Too much on our plates. I have booked The Black Rat in Winchester instead, for which DH's daughter bought us a voucher for our joint birthdays. :D Closer to home, free, and we will go for the Sunday Lunch.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxx
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    Glo - Ohmmmmmmmmmmm – Sitting on a mat; legs folded, pointer fingertip to thumb and eyes closed. Uninterrupted … that’ll do it.

    Sherry – You’ve come to the right site … everybody is encouraging and supportive and they will give you some good ideas. I don’t think I can help here that much because of the type of weight loss program I was ordered by my GYN to go into. It is MD maintained and it has worked for me, which was all I wanted. I, too, had gained weight over the past few years because of all the medications I take; and most, if not all, had the side effect of ‘weight gain’. I’d gain a lb or 1.5lbs every month; but, not until one put it to me this way … ‘then that means you are gaining anywhere from 12lbs a year to 18lbs; depending … you need to get a handle on it; because this has been going on since I started treating you nearly 5 years ago’. I have 2 points to go to get my BMI down into a ‘normal’ range – that is my goal; I haven’t really set a ### in lbs., but, I do have a ‘range’ in mind that I want to weight … just want to be ‘normal’ weight; with maybe 5lbs more or less as a buffer. Today, for lunch I had 2 cups of sautéed veggies on an everyday bagel. It only came out to 330 calories; and, most of that was the bagel. When DH and I go out on our ‘date nights’ … whatever I order, I will cut ‘in half’ and bring it home for the next day. Ordered a 9 oz. rib-eye; and, heated it up last night and it was just as good. DH no longer is able to eat the skins of his baked potatoes; I do. So I got him to bring the half he did not eat and the one he scooped out what he could eat and ate that as well. Put a little pimento cheese inside it so it would not be quite so dry. I am a ‘rat’ when it comes to cheese; but, I also an sensitive to ‘aged’ cheese; so I only eat a little at a time.

    Pip – Because of her weight? You’re aren’t; but, there is obviously a familial resemblance and that you just can’t deny. I’m sure she was a beautiful young woman because you are.

    Rita – Selective hearing! LOL! Now, I have been accused of that. Since I was put in 2 hearing aids; maybe I could use one, and, he could use the other! That way we’d hear maybe a little more than ½ of what the other one is saying.

    Carey – We use venison in our spaghetti sauce … really little ‘fat’ in it. DnL#1 brought over the butternut spaghetti with the sauce in the middle, on top of the butternut spaghetti. It was so good!

    Heidi – What most people don’t know is that the ‘thyroid gland’ is the thermostat of the body; and whether it is ‘hypo’ (low) or ‘hyper’ (high) it can wreak havoc on one’s body. Mine was ‘hyper’ and I had been pregnant; and, they really could not tell if maybe I was carrying twins, because they could not really differentiate my upped heartbeat and the heartbeat of the baby; and, I was telling them that when the baby moved it was hitting me in 4 places. Like if one gets startled, both arms and legs move at the same time. After I stopped nursing they checked me again and decided that I had “Grave’s Disease” … which made my eyes bulge; thankfully, they have that under control with thyroid replacement after my thyroid gland was abladed.

    That is one thing that people should ‘ask’ to be checked on their physical days. So much can be diagnosed by what the thyroid is doing.

    During my last month of pregnancy, I sat in front of my refrigerator and ‘grazed’. Literally, I could not get that ‘hungry’ feeling to go away. I am surprised that I was able to nurse DYS; but, I think I had enough milk in my breast to have nursed twins if I had had them. He was so ‘stubborn’ that I finally had to call my sister to come get him and let him stay with her a week, so I could dry up. I basically had to stay away from places that other babies would be, because I would ‘let down’ if I hear ‘any’ baby crying.

    Re – It has been a long time since I have eaten fried foods; I will eat a ‘few’ French fries when we go to the football games at the school where the DGDs go; but, other than that, my tummy just cannot tolerate it very well.

    Sherry – the ONLY MD that can change, adjust, or take me ‘off’ my psyche meds is my PsycheMD. He wants to be called first before they plan on doing anything with them for any reason. He is in Macon; and we live in Dawson (about a 2 hour trip one way); but, I flatly refuse to go any in the SWGA area or who are associated with Phoebe (the city hospital, that also owns a lot of the outlying counties hospitals). I really like him, because he actually listens to me and when I tell him that the meds have not been working like I think they should, he will adjust them and after a week I will call him and let him know if the changed helped or not.

    Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Since my Mother was a school teacher, she wanted us to have a big one. Eggs, bacon, toast, or oatmeal, cream of wheat, or something other than a bowl of cold cereal. That about it as “Break Fast” … breakfast is breaking that fast you are going through by sleeping all night. Hopefully, you are not ‘mindlessly eating’ when you are up from the insomnia.