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    Well ladies I was awake from 4:30am and took my shower after my teen FINALLY got out of his shower. Oh will he be in for a rude awakening when he joins the Navy and they make'em take 5 minute showers! Until then I let him take his long showers. I just hate when I don't hear any scrubbing going on. Then I think, "I don't want to even go there". I give him his space, but we have had some interesting conversations.

    Katla I conversate (yep its a Becca word), all the time with myself. If we ever get the chance to meet up and have tea or coffee, we can use words out loud and everything :smiley: I sometimes have the bad habit of organizing my thoughts when I should be listening to someone (like my husband). Then I think, "Oh dang it, I should be listening, he is looking at me and telling me something". I don't mean to be "absent-minded" its just I am a ponder-er of many things. One thing that kind of helps me is to imagine a blank black board. A black board with no chalk in sight, and its all clean and shiny black. And my mind goes there, with all the blankness of it all. I have actually thought of this dang blank black board when my husband is talking to me about something......my bad.

    Yesterday we went to the food bank in our area. It's put on by the St. Vincent De Paul, and there is designated "shoppers" that go around with you and a rolling cart with your boxes or bags. I got a baguette bread which was nice with spaghetti last night. I rec'd a huge box of corn flakes so I might be using those to bread my chicken that I have. I also rec'd a HUGE bag of frozen wild blueberries. I tried to share it with my neighbor, Prudence, but she didn't wish it. I shall be making blueberry muffins, blueberry pancakes and blueberry compote to go over my waffles for a long while!

    Today I volunteer at the community center for the senior luncheon. There shall be 3 of us, so it won't be too busy.

    Welcome new ladies, this is a great site!
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    It is almost noon here in Ct. but I have been busy~ got the laundry done, made a batch of brownies for the people at the vets office.. they have taken such great care of the boys... going to pick up some dog food and pills down there.. and I am going to look for either Place mats or a nice tablecloth for the table.. think I am going to do it buffet style so everyone can pick and choose..
    packing my summer things for florida.. and listening to Pandora.. I have so many different things on it it is kinda nice...Broadway tunes, some Earth Wind and Fire, Bee Gees,Old Country, Frank Sinatra... just a mish mash but delightful..
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    Kate - Lovely photos! B) Isn't it great how you can do so much walking on holiday. I enter it on my log by "minutes walked" and I'm always amazed how many calories I've clocked up!

    OK girls, this coward hasn't dared open her new laptop yet. It's all charged up. :embarassed:

    We went and collected the scanned documents. The Word docs are not very good on the whole, but I knew I would have to do a lot of work on them. It will be a steep learning curve for me. :# Good to have my stuff back!

    Paid the cleaner to do an extra hour today in preparation for a viewing tomorrow. I have also been tidying up, moving boxes etc. It's at 12, so we will leave the house a bit before that. Might go and have an early lunch and then visit a mobile phone shop. DH is buying me one with more storage for Christmas. Mine is driving me nuts as I have to keep deleting everything and can't put any more apps on there. I have even taken off MFP. ;)

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxx
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    Good morning all!
    Lexmark is not developing a new driver for my printer because it's about 7-8 years old. Irritates me because it works perfectly fine. I think I read that there is no way to stop auto updates and that is one of the things people are complaining about. It's like Microsoft has taken control of everyone's computers. If I could find my other laptop in a box in the garage I could hook my printer up to that one.

    Gloria in WA
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    :) There are moments when I read several pages of posts that I am so grateful that we don't have family nearby so we don't have to deal with holiday events. All the years my mother was alive, there was some sort of stress around Thanksgiving because she had a vision of how it should be and no matter what anyone did, it never met her expectations. The best Thanksgiving I had in all the years she was alive was the year that she and my dad went on vacation and I met some friends at a restaurant about 4PM for dinner and then got to go home and get to bed early.

    petting-poodle-smiley-emoticon.gif Brandy had a great walk with her friends this morning and saw several people and dogs that she knew...continuing to take life one day at a time.

    <3 Barbie
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    Re – I’ve found that ‘fried rice’ (w/vegetables) is ‘high’ in calories because of the oil that gets soaked up by the rice during cooking. Some others are also high because of being fried and/or covered with sauce. I love Chinese food; and, the place we go, piles the food on; can eat it for 2 days.

    Got to figure out how to change my avatar, first!

    Allie – My DH sometimes comes home grumpy; his foot hurts as he stepped on a chestnut bur; thinks he has one up in his foot. I cannot see anything; but, something there, I can feel it with the tool that looks like a small syringe. Told him that he really did need to make an appointment for a pedicure … his feet are hard and I know they have to hurt. My concern is that they will be too tender if the person giving him a pedicure takes it back to the soft skin, I’ve had that done before.

    Liz – Got to get DH to put the plastic back on screened door (to glassed-in porch). STILL have NOT gotten the door we were promised.

    Janetr okc – No, I did not mean my comment to be taken as ‘you needing a face-lift’. You look like you have very pretty skin and don’t need one. I was just wondering ‘how’ a face-lift could affect any tattoos (on face); based on the fact that young lady seemed so ‘surprised’ that as she grew during her pregnancy, her tattoo got bigger. Just wondering what it would look like when she lost her baby fat … if it might look like a ‘setting’ sun. Thankfully, I have my Mother’s skin, which was very good. Neither of us ever wore foundation. Didn’t/Haven’t needed to. Just a little color on our cheeks, eye make-up and lipstick. She and my oldest sister are the only ones that can put on lipstick without a mirror – I find it hard to do WITH a mirror. I know they make little incisions in your hairline and pull the extra skin tight and then put in sutures.

    Sherry – I can remember growing up in the small town I lived in; and, between Thanksgiving and Christmas everybody decorated their doors and the town picked out one as “Best in Town”. My former (late) boss’s wife used to decorate her door at school with a Sheep, hum, and a bug. Sheep for the BAAH; MMMmmm (musical notes), and bug singing into a microphone. Bah, hum, bug! She won the school’s best decorated door. I had a sweatshirt that read: “Smile if you have been Naughty.” Made a lot of people ‘laugh’ … they must have been ‘very naughty’. That was/is the first and only time I ever bought a Christmas shirt or sweater.

    Great about not smoking for 2 months! Keep at it. You will start feeling a whole lot better once your lungs clear themselves of the leftovers. Then you will wonder why you ever started in the first place. I never smoked, unless you count the Cuban cigar that a friend and I shared when we were only 7-years-old. No problem buying it (in small town) because I said I had been sent uptown to ‘buy one for him’. OH, DEAR! So sick I could not even ‘smell’ smoke without getting sick to my stomach. At the time, my Daddy was still chain-smoking unfiltered Camels. I don’t know what his MD told him; but, when he left, he bought a new pack, smoked about ½ of one; threw it and the entire pack out the car window and never picked up another one.

    Becca and Katla – One thing about ‘conversing’ with yourself; you can ‘say’ how you feel; and, get the ‘response’ you need. I find this a good way to get over being mad when something has upset me.

    Kim – I’m a wimp, too! Just could not go through any other piercings. First time I had my ears pierced; had to go to the MD to have it done; and, wore surgical wire until they healed up; the 2nd time, I got them done at the store at the mall. I have to wear those pads you place behind your ears, sticky on one side, perforated, and clear; so that my left earring does not droop because DYS pulled the earring I had on that was a dangling one, down and tore the earlobe a little. Now, THAT hurt! I don’t want any other piercings, and the thought of having my nipple pierce makes the nauseous. My mother did not approve of my ‘pierced’ ears; but, I don’t really have a ‘lobe’; my ears are connected to the side of my face; I also have a couple of ‘webbed’ toes.

    Gloria – I have ‘updates’ automatically downloaded on my computer (including Windows) … which is tied to your Internet ISP … for me either IE or Google. I have Windows 10+; and woke up to find nothing on my computers either looked the same or worked the same. Thankfully, I have a wonderful technical support team; and, they walked me through the steps. I still find, at times, that I have ‘forgotten’ all that I was told to get from one place to another. I don’t mind having Windows 10+; once you get used to it, you will find it does a lot of things better. The one I hated was Windows 7. That came with my laptop and it ‘never, ever’ worked correctly. When it changed to Window 8 – suddenly it made sense to me.
    It has been months!!!! I am wondering the same thing. I want that ‘damn’ door [actually, I wanted it months ago]. This is a “free” door to be given to us and also hung by the carpenter who occasionally, works with DH. I’ll call him today and see if he can get ahold of him. I told DH to tell him that I ‘was pitching a B**** about it and he needed to make me happy’. But, DH’s comment is always, ‘well, he’ll get around to it’. When, 3 months after I die? First he was working a job on a plantation and needed to get it done before ‘hunting season’ opened on October 1st.

    My DH has been using Ducolax; and, I kept telling him he needed to use the Miralax that had been Rx’d to both of us after our colonoscopies. FINALLY, last night he used it, this morning said it seemed to be better! SURE! What it is meant to do is soften it, not make you explode!

    Michelle – One thing about cooking a turkey upside down is that it is usually so tender that it just falls off the bones. But, it is so much juicier! I hate ‘dry’ turkey. I’ll be cooking a ham for the weekend; and, DDnL#2 will make her fabulous red potato salad (with the skins on). She also makes a very good broccoli salad. But, most of the time, DOS does the cooking. He make venison taste so good you cannot even tell it from any other beef you could buy. Sometimes they cook the back strap and it makes very good eating! I like venison in my spaghetti sauce and chili.

    I have a 2nd piecing in my ears; but, rarely ‘think’ to put the 2nd pair of earrings in (unless the first pair is dangling); then I put in my diamonds there. Otherwise they are the ones I wear most of the time.

    We have a ‘smoke free’ home; but, DH now has the ‘dirty’ habit of ‘chewing tobacco’. I have a sign by the outside door: “NO SMOKING” by Dept. of Health fine $5 to $100” … I probably need to start charging him for his chewing habit. I always remove the labels on the coke bottles that he uses to spit in. Told him if I ever took a small sip out of one (once) … he’d not have teeth, not even his dentures! Such a nasty habit; but, beats having to breathe in 2nd-hand smoke.

    Pillow cases now having the extra 4” because a “California King” is larger (much deeper) and longer than a ‘regular King’; so that is making up for pillows that go on the CFK to compensate. DDnL#2’s bed is a CFK; and, her Dad had to make a bed to fit it. It sits up high because he built drawers under it; if you take the mattress off the bed frame; there is a hole in it where she stores her guns and such. Her Dad is making one for DYS bed out at the ‘lake place’.

    I sleep with a blanket all year long; in summer, DH pushed it off himself to my side of the bed.

    Sharon – Yeah – Hare Krishna; weird people and they would basically harass you on the streets and were always down in the Hippy section of Atlanta (about a 2 blocks long section of Peachtree Street). We went there all the time when I was at ‘art school’ in Atlanta.

    What is ‘microblading’ your eyebrows mean?

    Heather – Sorry you lost a baby (stillborn at full-term). I lost my first baby, during 5th month; but, the pregnancy was complicated [Hydatidiformole pregnancy]; so uterus full of grape-like mass that had choked out fetus. Had to be ‘ended’. Then had to take 9 weeks of chemo because the placenta had broken off and attached itself to other organs. Had to wait a full year before I could even try to get pregnant again, and fed the Duke University’s Medical College’s ‘gorilla’ (vampire) 5 tubes of blood every Friday for a year until my HCG [pregnancy hormone] went back to zero. Rare complication – HCG higher than normal (which is not unusual for a multiple birth/pregnancy. They had to rule that out first. They did not have all the special machines they have now. OB/GYN told me about a year ago, that he has had only 2 other women with the same complication [in over 40 years]. But, now they are easier to diagnose. It only occurs 1:2000 pregnancies; whereas naturally conceived twins occurs 1:89 pregnancies. Both times I was pregnant, I was a “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” … we moved during my 5th month with 2nd baby; so he referred me to a ‘college’ roommate to take up my pregnancy. Saw him every week for the rest of my pregnancy; until the last 6 weeks, when I went through the entire practice on rotation. Funny, the OB that delivered me was the only one that I had not seen. Sat next to him at a dinner and he asked when baby was due; and, I told him … he looked down at my tummy and said, ‘you won’t make it’. I was supposed to have my next appointment with him. Went into labor the next Wednesday. He was so sweet!

    Katy – I will have to look for that brand and try it. First one we tried was recommended at the liquor store. Beautiful cobalt blue bottle; but, very much, more bottle than wine. The we tried it at Olive Garden; but, they charge $25 a bottle. Tried Barefoot; wasn’t too bad when we were at the beach. We’ll have to check that out!

    [Cary – Knew a lot who had theirs pierced with an ice cube and needle; knew some that had it done with a gun. Had mine done at MD’s office; who sprayed on something cold to numb it and then threaded a curved surgical needle with wire and twisted it on, I had to move the wire daily and peroxide on it until it was healed and back to him in 2 weeks to make sure.

    You’re right, no way to find a way to prevent Windows 10 from updating whenever they find something to ‘fix’. One improvement that I found was it finally got updated so that if you plugged in the wireless mouse (or any mouse) it would disable the touchpad. Before that both worked together. I can’t count the number of times I would type something only to have it disappear (mainly because I was not ‘saving’ it while I was typing. I type on both computers- the way I was taught … by putting my fingers on the ‘home keys’ and not looking at them while I type.

    Christina – Welcome – See back up in this post about how to post to this site. I’m sure others have a different way, maybe easier; but, this is how it is easier for me. Welcome to the Women 50+. Each month barbiecat posts a link to get to the next month. You’ll have to bookmark it to get back (easily). Click the outline of the upper-right corner; it will turn yellow; then to get back hit the gray star between the bell and gear. Whenever you start to post, it will take you back to your last post. Sometimes I go back a little further since all of us are posting at the same time; and, I don’t want to miss too much. You cannot go back a page; unless you save your current posting; you will lose what you have typed. Where is Georgia do you live; specific or general? You’ve come to the right place to get support, make friends, and vent and rave when you need to. We ‘try’ not to discuss politics or religion (sometimes it just comes through; but, others don’t like our opinion about either and we are world-wide so what we might have gone through doesn’t affect them; and vice versa. Losing weight is a journey; it certainly is not a marathon but a sprint. Making small goals is a lot easier to take the weight off than thinking you’ve got 80 more to go. Track your food and water, this means weighing and measuring. Exercise is almost ‘key’ to losing weight consistently. This site is intended for women only; and, the few times a man has gotten ‘on’, they get ‘off’ quickly.

    Whoops, deleted the name - Which ‘one’ ear did she end up getting pierced? Left is ‘wrong’ and ‘right’ is ‘right’ … if you get my message. Sorry she had such a time and that you had to take her to hospital for stitches. My DYS ‘watched’ as they put in 13 or so stitches in his leg. MD had tried to make him lay back; and, he told him that ‘he wanted to watch’. I told the MD, that it was ‘ok’. About 2 years ago, he was building a ‘hog pen’ with another man. Somehow he raise up and hit the “T” post and cut his head badly. Man turned around to see him ‘covered’ in blood. DYS drove 30 miles into Natchez, MS from Clayton, LA to have it stitched up. His finance was ‘really, really upset that he had driven himself. Thankfully, he did not crack his skull. Stitched up and sent home. She made him stay at her house that night. They sent pictures … it was awful! He was growing his hair out from a ‘buzz cut’ for their wedding; so he had to be careful in styling his hair. Actually, DDnL#2 combed it so the bald spot was not visible.

    We have a ‘red-headed’ step-child as well. My DOS’s best friend, who lost his parents while he was still in HS. Father drank himself to death; mother had cancer (I am guessing ‘breast cancer’; but, I don’t know for sure). He might have been out of school when his mother died; but, I think it was the summer after. He was to live with his aunt (mother’s sister) but just could not follow her really strict rules. I don’t think they had any children of their own.

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    Lenora- My sis got her right ear pierced before she fainted. She fainted over everything. I am amazed she had children! Although, come to think of it, I think they were all C-section... I never knew my dad got queasy about blood until my sister's bike accident. He fished, hunted, and butchered our own deer, farm raised rabbits, etc. It was my brothers who told me just a couple years ago, that my dad would smoke while he was cleaning the deer/rabbits because that way he couldn't smell anything but his cigarettes. I guess, more than once, he had to make a trip to the back of the garage to be sick. But honestly, the meat that we raised and brought in from hunting/fishing kept my large family eating meat all year 'round. He was a good man, but a mailman's salary only went so far. When our pediatrician found out my parents had taken in my two younger siblings (actually my cousins) he gave my parents free care for both babies. The nurses would send diapers, food and milk home for them. Another family friend owned a restaurant and would bring my mother cheese, veggies, and treats for us. I found out after I married my DH, that my father in law, spent a lot of time investigating and following this restaurant owner because he had ties with a mob in New York. He was the sweetest man (the restaurant owner).
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    The wind is so strong it's making dust to cover my mountain view. Sounds like one of the windows is leaking too. Life in the high desert! We get a lil bit of everything.

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  • Peach - The fires have really been a problem here. A couple of them are right around us (Rocky Face is in the Dalton area). It has looked better the last couple of days but the wind shifted today so now it is very smoky!! People, even healthy ones, are advised to stay indoors. Makes it impossible to have nice, autumn walks now that it is finally cool enough!. Thanks for being so welcoming.
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    Hi Gals,
    NYKaren – thanks for the recipe

    Rita – send that guilt away, you are doing what you need to do, being appropriate and avoiding as much drama as possible ! That’s perfect. My family is all about drama, and seem to like it more if the police are involved – ridiculous! I spend my holidays with friends… I love dramas but only the kind you buy tickets too.

    So to all with computer issues/fears… I am pretty computer savvy but get stumped pretty regularly so in my hunt to find reasonable support, found out that our public library has a team of teens that come in one afternoon a week and help.. so you sign up and get an appointment and they show you how to do things, install a bit of software.. what ever. Now our Senior center also offers a similar deal but with professionals and there is a cost involved, the kids are free. I don’t know what other communities are offering but might be worth checking out.

    Christina - welcome

    My gardening client for today called last night and cancelled, not a surprise in the winter time, it is getting colder here and things are growing slower and are much easier to manage. But it is a drag to my budget. Although I spent the morning doing a business newsletter (2 calls for new business already) and working on Christmas presents…

    Just finished lunch and will be going out in the sunshine and putting a couple of hours in my yard, then back to work some more after that… All my clients yards get attention before mine! So raking and weeding need to be done.

    Today is our coldest day this fall/winter it is not supposed to get above 60, but the sun is out and it is beautiful…with a bit of activity I’ll be plenty warm.

    November Goals:

    Write Christmas letter, and have all cards ready to send by Dec1…
    Read and report on a book
    Log everyday to the best I can, over if need be.
    11,000 + steps everyday
    Work on water consumption -


    Kim from N. California
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    We finally have snow! It's so very dry here and snow normally flies by mid-October, but not this year.

    I spent yesterday doing the last of my outdoor winterizing chores and putting away planters and furniture for the winter. I'm still lifting and hauling a bit gingerly due to the flare up that started about 3 weeks ago. It's still there but getting better each day. I'm still not back to my normal activity level, maybe in another 2-3 weeks things will be cleared up enough to begin again. Sigh.

    Somehow I have ended up with 4 quilt tops in various stages of completion that need to be finished for a local charity in the near future. My small quilting group will help with one or two but the rest is on me. Sigh. So I am running yardage of flannel through the washer and dryer so I can use them for the backs of the quilts.

    The chosen charity is an emergency safe house for families and children of abuse and domestic violence. They come with only the clothes on their back and with much fear in their hearts. This is my way of saying, 'Someone cares for you! The world is a better place than the one you now know.'

    Nothing makes you feel your age than when you finally have to face the fact Social Security has sent you your Medicare card. I have good medical insurance and will keep it as well since it will help cover any prescriptions I might need in the future. While I do not have serious medical issues as some of you are dealing with, I am a bit of a belt and suspenders mind set when it comes to medial coverage.

    Charleen in **it's SNOWING!!** Colorado! t7410.gif

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    charleen love that snowman! Can't believe its snowing already, my NY November has been very warm, my tomato plants are still growing fruit :o
    Never heard the phrase belt and suspenders mindset? Had to look it up.
    Cheers everyone for a cozy evening.
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    KJLaMore – That is a very interesting story about your family. My middle sister would faint if you talked about anything the least bit bloody. Then she decided to use the turned up fish tank that was stored in the back room, fell through it, and cut a “U” shape area on the back of her calf. I heard it; then, she came downstairs yelling for me. When I saw her, she was standing in the front door trying to get a neighbor to come over and bleeding all over the place. I grabbed all the towels in the bathroom, wet them, and made her lay down and wrapped her leg up in wet towels, then dry ones. When I started screaming for the same neighbor to come over, she finally did. She wasn't speaking to my mother at the time; but, I guess when she heard me crying and screaming, she figured that she had better come over and see what was happening. DMS was ‘married’ but living with parents while her DH was in ‘basic training’ and she was 'in college'. Then we called the ‘funeral director’ (he had the only ambulance in town, which, of course was a ‘hearse’). He lifted the towels and saw the cut and turned white as a sheet. Mother was out of town, and Daddy was ‘in court’ in Macon, so he got news to him to meet us at the Macon Medical center. She had something like 64 stitches. It was awful looking and had to walk with a cane for several months. Even now, just thinking of it, sets my tummy upside down. Even being a grown woman, she made a ‘stupid choice’.

    My DH and both our sons hunt and fish. The 2 older DGDs also hunt (not so much fishing); and, each had to have blood from the deer smeared on their faces for killing their first deer. They did NOT want that done; but, DYS said they had to; but, he had to catch them first. About the time we got to the deer processor, the smell of the drying blood had dissipated. DMGD got her buck first; DOGD got a buck, just not large enough to mount it. I don’t think DMGD ever let her live that down. She got a nice 8-pointer and it was mounted European style (just the skull and rack). I think DH just says he is hunting just to sit out in the stand and watch the squirrels and chipmunks, and birds. He got his last deer out in Louisiana and they brought the cape and head home in a big leaf bag. Got 7 mounts in the den, one in the 2nd bedroom, several European mounts, a bobcat, turkey, several ducks. Needless to say, I live in a “Man’s Cave”; but, the entire house is like a ‘hunting lodge’ except for the MBR … which I got to furnish. My only contribution to the menagerie is a 'Diamondback' rattler that I ran over, stretched out over the road. DH and DOS thought it was just a long 'timber' rattler; I told them that I 'knew' the difference. They aren't all that common in this part of the state. So, they got it and took it to the taxidermist. It stretched clean across our dirt road, which is wide enough for 2 cars to pass one another going in opposite directions. It sits on a side table next to the window in the dining room. It took years for one of my DGDs to sit in the stool beside it at the counter. I don’t think I have an empty wall to hand anything else. Plates, family portraits, old tools, books on bookshelf. On 90 acres.

    My former boss while going to art school in Atlanta introduced me to a man, who he said that would try talking me into renting one of his apartments. He told me before we went to see him that he ran a ‘high end call girl’ business. His apartment was fabulously decorated. He flirted with me a lot; but, I wasn’t even going to ‘go there’. Wore a diamond ring on his ‘pinky’ finger and that just ‘screamed’ mobster. LOL!

    Katy – In SWGA, we are in a ‘drought’ … hasn’t rained in 2 months, anything worth measuring. We rarely get any snow; maybe once every 5 years or more, usually the deepest about 6”.

    Christina – It has been so dry in SWGA, that we really hope that nobody decides to throw out a lit cigarette or match. They are putting down the Sabal Gas Line; which is following along the same gas line already on an easement far behind the house. Coming from Birmingham, AL down to Orlando, FL. It’s been extremely controversial; but, we got paid for the land and tree (value) and still, once they leave it can plant trees over the easement, just not over the pipe itself. There are a lot of really pissed off people in Albany. Some have tried to fight it; but, when a big company decides it wants to do something, I think it is foolish to try fighting them. You’re better off just coming to an agreement about it. One man, whose house was affected, sued them, lost the case, lost his house to ‘imminent domain’, and had to pay their attorneys’ fees. Gee, nothing is that important to go into court over. You’re better off coming to a settlement than taking something that big on to ‘court’. I used to work as a Paralegal; and, ‘if’ the company (or defendant) … we were a ‘plaintiff’ law firm ... offers a settlement; you can always counter-offer them and most often, they are willing to deal with you. My take on it would have been, ‘you pay off the house, you give me enough money to buy another one - totally unsecured, and pay ‘personal damages’ of having to move away from life-long friends or having to change my children's school district.

    We had 2 post oaks behind us, right on the easement; and, they agreed to save them both. When they get finished, you won’t even know they’ve done the work. Probably going to be a whole lot cleaner and flatter. We can plant over the entire thing in deer food plots. I figure if the gas line that is back there and has been for years and years has never had any issues (and they are checked often) … there is no reason to think this one will give us a problem. It is going to be a lot bigger; but, also a lot deeper. There is a farmer who got $250,000 for the ‘use’ of a corner of his land, he keeps all the gravel, as well as all the fencing which has razor wire all around it; it is easily 5 acres. And that doesn't even count what he got for them going through his farm land. They had just built a building for grain, which missed being on the easement by 25 feet.

    Kim – I don’t like ‘drama’ either – especially when it is family. One reason I try to stay ‘off’ FB; except if I don’t have an account, I don’t see casual pictures of my family. Oh well! “C’est la vie” … sometimes you just have to ‘smile and put on your big girl panties’ and trudge through it. One day, maybe, they will also grow up, just taking them a lot longer.

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    Gloria & Barbie: Your ear piercing stories brought back old memories. I had my ears pierced by another student in my freshman dorm at college. She swiped my earlobe with alcohol & used a big needle and put a bar of soap behind my ear lobes. It worked with no infections. I was probably very lucky. I used alcohol on them daily for a week or two. I've never wanted multiple piercings in my ears because I'm not fond of the look. :smiley:

    Sharon in Snowy Alberta: I hope a medical professional can help your DGS with his digestive problems. This post may end up being TMI. If so, forgive me. I had serious acid reflux and went to a specialist who diagnosed a faulty valve that allows acid out of my stomach & up into my esophagus. He told me this would eventually lead to cancer of the esophagus. He prescribed Nexium & later its generic counter parts for acid reflux. Early this year this medicine was linked to memory problems and some studies said it could cause Alzheimers. This was important news for me because I had memory problems. I stopped taking the acid reflux prescription & my memory has been recovering. It is still not perfect but is noticeably better. If medicines are recommended for your DGS, encourage his parents to find out what side effects they may have. I'm trying out probiotics right now and they've doing okay so far. It is not perfect but it doesn't mess with my memory & is much better than the bad medicine. :heart:

    Heather: Sleep well and enjoy your new electronic toys. :bigsmile:

    Tere: Sending good thoughts for successful interview. (((HUGS)))

    Chris in GA: Welcome to a great group. :star:

    We're having a patch of sunshine right now & I'm going to go outside and soak some of it up. This time of year I never want to waste an opportunity for sunshine. Yay for Vitamin D--the sunshine vitamin!

    Katla in Beautiful NW Oregon

    Heather posted a quote similar to this that I wanted to use, but I couldn't recall it quite right. I went online and found this one.

    "So many of us believe in perfection, which ruins everything else, because the perfect is not only the enemy of the good; it's also the enemy of the realistic, the possible and the fun."
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    It was really windy on the golf course. Gusts up to 22 mph. Helped me sometimes and hurt me sometimes. Such is life lol. Spent two hours getting my plants off the patio and into the garage. We've had very warm weather lately but suppose to get cold tonight.
    I am so tired I don't think I can eat.
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    edited November 2016
    Good afternoon ladies!

    I actually got to sleep in a little this morning! Yay!! Then my "firewood" neighbor from yesterday showed up at my door this morning and drug me out of bed! She brought me a little "medicine" from my fave dispensary that is a "new" strain for them. It's called "Mango Kush" and it smells and tastes just like Mangoes! Then we took a ride over to her daughter's house in Hazel Dell WA (NE corner of Vancouver WA). She lives in a very beautiful and very expensive home in an affluent neighborhood. She married a very well-to-do man and stays at home raising her kids. I hadn't seen her in a while so it was nice to visit with her and see her home. I am glad to see her doing so well. Then we stopped at Vancouver Mall to "window shop", I didn't find anything that I couldn't live without, so I didn't buy anything. But it was nice to walk around and look.

    After I got home the Native Americans that live in the trailer a couple sites up and across the street from me came over and introduced themselves. They seem like very nice and happy people! I found out through talking with them that they don't drink (yay, no rowdy drunk Indians!), but they do " medicate" (they all have med cards). So now I have people to smoke with! I love Native American culture and look forward to "picking their brains"! I love " stoners" too, I have never met a "mean or nasty" person who uses Cannabis. They are all laid-back people who are easy to get along with and don't get into trouble, usually. This is a good thing, meeting more "nice" neighbors here. I will have to find out what "nation" of Indians they are. I love all their long black shiney flowing hair! Wish I could grow mine that long, lol!

    I knew Windows 10 was gonna be problems from the moment I laid eyes on it the first time. I didn't really like it, didn't want anything to do with it, and now I'm glad I didn't! I'll stick with my wonderful Android tablet, it works perfect for me, is just the right size for me (8" screen) and is light enough I can hold it without hurting my hands (arthritis). I was going to get an iPad, but they are just too expensive for me, too big and too heavy. I like this much better. I can use it with my personal Wi-Fi hotspot on my iPhone and take it everywhere with me. Yes I have both Apple and Android products. I find variety is a good thing, lol! So that is what I use to conversate with you all. Now I just have to get a printer that will print pics on photo paper that I can Bluetooth my tablet to. Who knows, maybe I'll get myself one for Christmas. But first I have to figure out where to put it in here, space is so limited. I'll have to investigate.

    Someone, I don't remember who, said here that they were thinking of getting a Smart TV. I have one and I love it! It's got so many cool features and I love that I can put a movie in the bluray player and no matter what channel I am on it will automatically switch over and play the movie. Mine is a Samsung 32". It was a little intimidating at first, but I spent some time playing with the remote to see what everything did and am quite comfortable with it now. I highly recommend one, especially one that has a "high def" screen (1080dpi, I think). Amazing picture! Much better than the "plasma" TV I had before.

    Christina - welcome to the group! You will find the ladies here are absolutely wonderful!

    Lenora - I love the "Smile if you're naughty" sweatshirt!! Lol! The news last night showed a story about how some people here have put "ugly sweaters" on some of the statues downtown. They have been making them all year and will be changing them every so often during the holidays (some of them took over 60 hours to make). I think it was a great idea! They even dressed up the Bearded Sea Otter statues in Christmas Tree garb with little knitted hats and such. How funny! I should take the light-rail train (Max) downtown and take some pics of them!

    Becca and Katla - I'm another Oregon woman who "conversates" (to use Becca's term) with herself too! Although I try not to do that out in public as people here tend to look at you weird! Lol! So I try to only do it at home! As long as I don't start arguing with myself and losing I'll be OK, lol!

    Wow...didn't realize this post had gotten so dang long! What a motor mouth I am! Sorry you all! Lol! Whew!

    Sherry in "blue sky and sunny" Portland