What's Your Most Recent NSV



  • cremorna1
    cremorna1 Posts: 133 Member
    I really feel like this is the time I really get back on the wagon. It's like a switch flipped and I'm back in the mode I was in when I first lost the weight!

    Good for you! You can do this!

  • rn_sue
    rn_sue Posts: 29 Member
    findingone wrote: »
    Went from 44 waist and 3 XL shirt to a 34 waist and L shirt. I was 18 the last time I was this size. Not only do I fit into my new sizes, I have room to spare. And I am staying like this for life! Shopping for Levis and clothes is fun as hell now! Everything fits, there is plenty of stock on the shelves and you can buy the good style stuff. :smiley:

    See you later Casual Male XL stores and good freaking riddance.

    Love this!! Great mindset!
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