What nobody tells you about losing weight



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    Food extacy. When you eat clean and when you are actually hungry, everything tastes SO VERY GOOD. I had a grilled tortilla, tomato, and ricotta and swooned from the flavors. Not that I wanted to keep consuming- I was overwhelmed by flavor and equally satisfied by it.

    I am totally with you on this one. If I ever have a small amount of something sweet now, the flavour is so intense. Like you, I do not find it necessary to have more. In fact, it actually makes it so much easier to stop at a small amount rather than binging until the treat is no longer even pleasurable.
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    That sometimes compliments feel awkward because you aren't sure how to to respond, especially when they are passive aggressive

    That people will ask for help on how to lose weight but aren't willing to track calories, consider using a food scale and avoid restriction of entire food groups. I mean, how do you expect me to help you? I can't eat at a deficit for the both of us....

    You know how people say you seem to get hungrier the smaller you get? I swear it's true. I've been in maintenance for nearly a month because I keep going over my goal. I'm okay with this. Not gaining means I've still REALLY changed my eating habits. And I can feel that I'm starting to refocus.

    Down 95 pounds

    Their questions can be hard to answer.

    I just tell them I decided to stop trying to lose weight and just stopped eating foods that contains no added sweeteners and/or any form of grains.