What's Your Most Recent NSV



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    The sun has been out more lately and it's warming up. Spring is coming back. I am emerging from my den. Yes, I'm back on the trail again after hibernating all winter. Ran 7 miles of hills! <3

    Lucky you. Still hibernating here :(
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    On a whim I just decided to look through some old comments on here and it's so nice seeing how far everyone has come :) I feel like we are our own little community on this thread! If any of you want to be friends, feel free to request me!

    My latest NSV is making some BIG long-term goals and thinking I can actually do them. For a while, it was all about the weight loss, but now it's so much more. We plan on trying for a baby in 2020, so that gives me three full years to work toward my crazy fitness goals before dialing it back during pregnancy (if it happens).

    -2017: lose the rest of the weight, run 5 races (including a 10k), hike the two tallest VT peaks
    -2018: run a half marathon, hike the Long Trail (goes across VT from the Massachusetts border to the Canadian border. Takes 3-4 weeks)
    -2019: run the Vermont City Marathon

    WOW now that it is typed out it feels very official. Of course plans are meant to be changed, but it is a victory in itself to believe I am even capable of these things. I am very excited and so grateful for you awesome inspirational people!

    How long is the Long trail, I live in Mass and was thinking it was a very long hike and that would be a great accomplishment