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    sue safe trip home and can't wait to hear about your trip as well as the pics I hope you share with us!

    Re glad you checked in, good luck with the weights at home, sounds like a great idea for both of you

    Heather what fun you had with your grands, and someone mentioned how tired you're going to feel afterwards--I second that but a good tired, right?

    Lisa safe and happy travels, hope you all have fun together.

    Planning a happy productive day today. My students are performing at two schools today--we call it "touring" and it is a really big day for them, they have to keep track of their gear, instruments, music etc and we end with a nice lunch with ice cream treat-that I will gladly skip! Our tradition after is that the teachers head to "happy hour" to decompress and I must say it is usually a positive social gathering for me-I know I rarely enjoy such things but for some reasons I like this one! I've already seen the menu and am allowing for one glass of wine and sticking with veggies. I will give you the rundown tomorrow.

    I am planning to go to gym afterwards o:)

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    Heather You do such fun activities with the children <3
    Yvonne Detox and retox, sounds fabulous
    Kim K see my scale pic below. I like it because it gives the nutritional info as well. As for meal prep, we usually plan for weekdays only, 2 dinners and 2 lunches with leftovers on the other days. Weekends are left for spontaneity.
    DJ The scale may say "hey looks like you had a good time" and then you go back to your plan and all is well. Have a great trip!
    Dana Hope your hubby feels better!
    RE We are approaching onederland together, I am at around 202.8, so let's do this girl!
    Sharon So sorry to hear about the stress at work. I have lived through so many stressful times in the workplace but each time I have learned something important that helps me handle it better each time. You need to do what is best for you even if it is taking a leave.

    Saw the doc and on second round of anti-biotics. At least I have been sleeping long and hard. The uti causes such extreme abdominal and back/flank pain that it is hard to exercise. I have only been able to do around 30 minutes of moderate walking on the treadmill.

    I have already made our salad for tonight's dinner. The idea comes from the retreat we were at. It is a cucumber mango salad with pumpkin seeds, roasted slivered almonds and dried cranberries. You don't need any dressing and it tastes fabulous at just over 200k per serving.

    Ok time to go to work, have a great day.
    Love to all. <3 Sarah

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    Good morning all! It is a stormy Thursday morning in West Michigan! Nothing like a little thunder and lightening to get the kiddos hyperventilating! Yesterday was Superhero Day and all of the kids came dressed as a Superhero (an established one or one of their own imagination). We had three Supermen, one Supergirl, a Spiderman, a Hulk, and an Antman. Our craft was making mini first aid kits using empty film canisters and filling them with a couple of bandaids, a cleansing towel, and a cotton ball. I explained that Superheroes are actually helpers and anyone can be a helper and help people. Well, one of the bandaids had The Wolverine on it (they were Avenger bandaids) and the oldest boy (almost 5 years) started talking about Wolverine and the knives that come out of his hands to kill people (boys!). The younger boys looked at me, eyes wide, with the "Is this true?" question in their eyes. So I told them that Wolverine was a helper too and that he used his knives MOSTLY to make dinner for the other Superheroes! :p I am sure the people at Marvel would be disgusted with my description of him.
    Heather - What a fun grandparent you are! I am sure your grands LOVE visiting and playing with you and DH; and it is wonderful to see how much joy they bring to your lives!
    Lisa- Thinking of your daughter! My nephew is in the airforce and he and his family are ALWAYS on the move. Right now, their kids are very young and their lives aren't really affected too much as they are not in school, yet. Hard stuff. But I am sure stuff people consider as they choose a military life.
    KimK- I have a very inexpensive digital scale (about $15). I have had it for three years now and only replaced the battery once. I do use it and plan my meals on the weekends. Sometimes I eat the same thing for two or three meals, but an easy thing to do is to cook up a pound of meat/protein and use it two or three different ways (fill a wrap, make a veggie/pasta meal, make a lettuce rolls, make a cauliflower crust pizza and top it with meat and cheese. Lots of ways you can change it up. The best advice I can give is go heavy on the veggies and the water!
    Karen- Love the new baby pics! Olivia looks so sweet!

    OYe! Kids here early! Gotta fly! xoxoxo KJ (Kelly)
    Happy early birthday, DJ!!
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    Stronglift Rest Day

    Kettlebell Swing
    GobletSquats- 6X5X35
    Russian Kettlebell Swing- 40X7X35

    40lbs loss by May 27 Challenge
    Buns, Guns and Abs 30 Day Challenge
    Rest day Squats
    20 push-ups
    75 leg lifts

    April move your @$$ Challenge
    Rain all day here! I will take to 2 -2mile walks today!

    Keto/LC 4 Week Challenge April 23rd-May20th
    Join us for this challenge by participating on this thread! Tighten up your eating and burn your fat!


    Mary from Minnesota
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    Michele: Thanks for your tips on fundraisers. It's a great strategy that I'll keep in mind.

    Injured my ankle - in bed of all places! According to physio it is a cumulative injury probably caused from doing my walking in place without supportive shoes while watching the Stanley cup play-offs. Apparently we need additonal cushioning and support when we age.

    Have a nice day my friends,

    Carey - Northern Alberta
    "The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another." - William James
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    I don't know why this app keeps cutting my messages off.
    But I did thank those who commented that my DH gets better! Thank you!
    I'm going to have to spend the day on the sofa with my foot propped up. It's swollen bad from sitting in the ER yesterday. Good time to catch up on the news and HGTV!
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    I don't know why this app keeps cutting my messages off.
    But I did thank those who commented that my DH gets better! Thank you!
    I'm going to have to spend the day on the sofa with my foot propped up. It's swollen bad from sitting in the ER yesterday. Good time to catch up on the news and HGTV!

    It has to do with emoji's! Did you put the emoji on at that place? That is usually the culprit for me.
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    Hi RE! I bet they won't fire you. You just made a mistake and it didn't end up in any harm, right? Just a slight inconvenience for them.

    Kim Lovely pictures. Thanks for posting, so beautiful, & very relaxing to look at.

    Heather So much fun with your grands! Very successful day, indeed! We get to have Jilli over again today for another adventure...and the cake we made was a big hit with her family! She is having a wonderful week, with play dates planned every day. Not all here, she does have other friends, if you can believe that! :p

    NYKaren Enjoy your touring day! Sounds busy and fun and exhausting! Good for you for planning the gym afterwards. I am inspired by that. I would want to go home and flop. The gym is a much better decision.

    Sue Nice pics!

    Jazzercise this morning, then picking up Jilli. We are going to wash as many dogs as we have energy for (probably all 4) and then see what else there is to do. Might get annuals for the planters on the front steps if she wants to.

    Karen in Virginia
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    Re: So sorry about your mishap at work and fingers crossed that you will not be in trouble! Glad you and your husband will be lifting together.

    Kim: Wonderful pictures. Did you take them? If so, you could be a wild life photography in addition to all you other talents.

    Sue: Love the pic of you and your husband with the mountain in the background.

    Allie: You have a very busy day planned. Hope your father listens to you about the driving. Thanks for staying vigilant about Tom and what he is up to.

    Kelly: Your plans for the children sound amazing. I wish I had one ounce of your creativity and energy.

    Dana: Glad your husband is feeling better and hope you don't come down with what he has.

    Of all things that could happen, I have a bruised rib. It started Sunday evening and was so bad yesterday that I had it checked out at the urgent care facility. It hurts to breathe and move. And, it really hurts when you have to cough, blow your nose, or sneeze. I think I injured it when I cleaned the porch last week because I have a bruise on my side in addition to the ones on my legs. Anyhow, there was really nothing that could be done except be prescribed pain medicine (which I didn't want). So, will just live with it til it gets better.

    Carol in GA
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    Morning peeps
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    edited April 2017
    Sue gorgeous.

    Heather FUN!


    Allie I would not tell Tom you have a copy from six months ago. Time to only talk through a lawyer.

    I just got one of those scam calls. The young man called me grandma. He then asked if I could hear him. Thanks to you all I said was you have a wrong number and hung up. I also make sure I just say hello when I pick up the phone. I was in a habit of saying yes. No more of that. Not the way I waited to start my day. I have to post the hyacinths later to get the day going on the right track.
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    Becca: We haven't been to the coast for ages due to DH's eye surgeries and [email protected] weather but we love Astoria, Warrenton and the whole north coast area. I'd love to know the name & location of the restaurant with the great salad. :star:

    Mia: The cutwork napkins are wonderful. The penguin immediately brought Chilly Willy to mind. :smiley:

    Sue: Good luck to your DH. I hope he is able to get himself off of metformin. :flowerforyou:

    Lenora: I have never given facebook my home number, or any telephone number. It isn't their business. :noway: I hope you are able to get rid of this irritant. :flowerforyou:

    Michele & Barbie: Our city's digital library system is managed through Amazon. I can get a book anywhere that I have internet access. Once it is downloaded, I can take it anywhere. I am having trouble understanding how the Florida Digital Library can be restricted to a particular county. If you download one of their books, does it disappear if you cross the county line? :huh: Our system is not available in all libraries in the state, it is a service that the individual library subscribes to. I'm glad our library participates. :bigsmile:

    Barbie: I love Chinese food, but many restaurants use lots of msg, which gives me water retention. One of the restaurants here in town must use less because I rarely have any water retention after eating their food. I also do not usually order fried food in any Chinese restaurant and seldom eat their rice. Brown rice hasn't been on the menu here. I like stir fries, but not deep-fried anything. I don't like aching joints at all. :noway:

    Kim: Thank you for sharing the butterfly, bird, & tropical fish photos. :heart: :heart: :heart:

    Re: I hope you are able to explain your internet transgression to your bosses at the bank and they end up not being mad. We'll hear from you when you're at home. :cry:

    Sharon in Lethbridge: (((HUGS)))

    Heather: You are so lucky to have your grandchildren relatively close by, and I agree with those who've said what a great job you're doing with them during their visit. :heart: :flowerforyou:

    DH can get his new glasses! They've been in for a while and he didn't see the message. We will get there later today. I'm supposed to go out to the stable today & I need to talk to the owner and see whether she would mind if I shift to tomorrow.

    Katla in beautiful NW Oregon

    “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” Thomas A. Edison