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    :'(Pip, I'm sorry to hear about your fall. I know how hard it will be for you to rest and let it heal.

    :)Katla, Jake likes to talk about moving and it drives me crazy. There are so many places we go that cause him to say "I could live here." I, on the other hand, have no interest in living anywhere except exactly where we are right now

    <3 Barbie
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    Leigh, sometimes I feel like that. I just feel quiet and feel I have nothing to say.

    Church service was good this morning. Choir sang a lovely but simple song that simply said 'thank you Jesus, the gospel is true'. We have a fairly new couple in the church. I'm not sure what brought them to our church because we are a typical Southern Baptist church and don't get very demonstrative in our worship although there are many times I feel like I want to. She comes from a church that they were very demonstrative. I love seeing her worship and I so very much appreciate what I do as a choir member do to help her in worship. We practice in a downstairs practice room and as we were walking upp the stairs to the choir loft I could hear taped ptriotic music being played. But as soon as we got in the choir loft the sound man shut it off. Patriotic music is one of my favorite. Usually quite a few people are in their red white and blue today. I don't like navy pants so i wore my black but had on a white sleeveless sweater and a red sweater over it then wore a scarf with the flag pattern on it. One of the churches I went to always had the presentation of the flags and a reading of the names in the church who had died in the service. I miss things like that.

    I have found a place and time that the two cats can sit together in peace. In front of the open patio door with it open. So I sit in a chair with kitten on my lap with Melody sitting in the door way. So today since everything eas going well, I put Mr. Mozart on the floor beside her and all was calm except Mr. Mozart wanted loose. She still hiss occasionally with the kitten. I wish I knew the kittens history. All I know is that he was a stray at Animal control. I assume he came in with a litter. So I don't know if he was a feral cat or not.

    Gotta go, sister is having a cookout. Grilled corn on the cob!!!!!!

    Joyce, Indiana
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    Thurs I did Bob Harper's pure Burn DVD, Fri I took the deep water class, yesterday I did a 6 week to 6 pack DVD (that was a new one), and today I rode the recumbant bike for 30 min (I wanted to listen to my audiobook) then did my new Windsor pilates DVD. The plan for tomorrow is to do another segment of the 10Minute Solution Carb Burner DVD, hold my plank, then take the extremepump class. With the holiday, there's no ceramics and I've decided not to bother going to mahjongg. I usually go since I'm already in Hickory, but I don't want to make another trip. It isn't all that important.

    Went to the mall yesterday. decided that the 7-1/2 size shoes really wasn't all that comfortable so I exchanged it for the 8-1/2. Also wanted to see if I could get my $10 off the spanx I got but they were excluded. I did pass by this large insulated beach bag that I'm thinking I'll give Denise for her wedding shower. It was 1/2 price plus I used my $10 off coupon, so in the end it cost me around $30. I've seen regular bags for $20 and this one is insulated. She goes to the shore a lot (Pete's mother has a trailer down there) so they can use it to take food to the beach.

    Then Vince and I worked a bit on the riverrock. yesterday We're not going to put down nearly as much this time around as we did last time. He said he wanted to put more down today, so I'm surprised he's not out there. I'd love to go in my pool, but a friend who is moving is coming to pick up some boxes that I have for her. Maybe we'll put down the riverrock tomorrow. I really want to get that out of the way.

    DJ - you asked Beth why she would make the cake since she wasn't a baker. Well, in my case Jess was honing her influencing skills by saying "ma, with your awesome baking and my awesome decorating, we absolutely can make Laura's wedding cake". I'd never before in my life made a wedding cake. The truth was that Laura was trying to save money. Hey, if Denise's is costing $300, d***, we saved Laura that much. I had no clue how much a cake would go for, I certainly didn't realize that it would go for that much. What a great coincidence for the tops.

    Joyce - claw caps, is that the thing that's like a barrette claw that you put on the cat's scruff? Jess has one of them (I'll ask her if that's the name) and it does seem to calm her cat down. We routinely cut the cat's nails. Did that today. Boy, were they long!

    machka - congrats on your QOM

    I really wish Vince would do the riverrock today. I really want to get things done. He says we need to trim the bushes (because he didn't get to it before. To me, it's too late, Then again, if I'm lucky, maybe it'll kill some of the bushes that I really don't like) and then start sanding then staining the front door. I need to vacuum the downstairs, he has all his computer equipment spread out, I'd like him to call one of the local colleges and see if they want it, (maybe some of their students build computers?), if not we need to take it to the landfill. We're having a party for the bowling people next Friday and I'll like that out of the downstairs before then. Knowing him, he'll just put it in a back bedroom since he "won't get to it"

    Margaret - how scary about the car and the student. Glad it all was OK. I hear ya about the "new car syndrome". My car is anything but new. However, a few years ago I paid to have all the dings taken out. For $1,000 I park in no man's land. Jess is constantly after me as to why I don't park closer to the store. And risk having to pay another $1,000? I don't think so.

    Heather - lovely car. Only the best to you.

    katla - when you're outside on the horse, even if you aren't hot, isn't it something like 10 degrees warmer for the horse?

    Denise just told me that she wants me and Pete' mother to sign the marriage certificate. I have no problem with that. I honestly thought she was going to have Vince. Deep inside I think she doesn't have a good feeling about Pete's brother. She was wondering if Jess would be hurt. We told her we didn't think so. We think she might be surprised, but when she finds out that it's me that'll be signing it, that'll make it OK. She called today telling us the plan how we're to get from our hotel to the one she's getting dressed at. I thought she'd have the rehearsal dinner there since she'd already be there, but she wants it at this other place (where they got engaged). It's really not a big deal. That morning Vince is to drive me to the hotel where she is, Jess will spend the night with her there, the other girls will meet them there, Pete's mother will come, we all get dressed etc. then the girls go to the church in the limo. I believe Vince drives the guys to the church, then he has to get his car back to the hotel we're staying at, we all go for pictures afterwards then to the reception. They will then have a shuttle from the reception to our hotel. I don't remember having to go thru all this. Of course, my wedding was 40 years ago. Back then I did my own makeup in my apartment. Vince will have breakfast at his hotel while I watch him, then I go to Denise's hotel and have breakfast there. Maybe I'll have something at Vince's, just so that I'm not just sitting there.

    Lenora - what are Arbonne products? Never heard of them.

    Made a roast for Vince (I'll have something else) then made corn muffins to take to the lady who'll do the alterations, then made some zucchini brownies for Vince. They are so soft! but I won't tell him that there's zucchini in them, otherwise he won't eat them.

    pip - hope you heal fast. I'm sure you will since you're in such great shape.

    I tripped a while ago on a stair and my toe still feels black and blue.

    Maybe I can get Vince to trim the trees today? That's not like it's a big chore. It's just that we need the two of us to do it.

    Michele in NC
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    Happy Sunday. I am working today and off tomorrow. DH is off today and works tomorrow. DOS is planning a cook out at their house tomorrow evening. That will be nice.

    My DDN's wedding yesterday was beautiful. My brother was so proud and also happy as this is their last child all three are girls, so he is done paying for weddings. Dear sister was there and all I did was ask how she was and she starting yelling at me and I just walked away. I have tried and now I am done. I never said anything about mom or the will, so not sure what set her off. They did have a photo booth set up and my brothers and I had fun putting on the silly hats and having our picture taken. DS was in one and when we were done is when she turned on me and starting yelling.

    Sue--Thanks for the positive wise words. Something we all need to remember.

    Katla--So happy the new glasses are working so much better.

    Kate--That shirt is sure bright and cheery. I bet wearing it will make him smile.

    Lenora--Wise list and I know I need to work on most of them. Thanks for sharing.

    Paula--Beautiful. So 3D love it.

    Lisa--Beautiful picture. We have so much talent in this group.

    Margaret--So glad your student is ok, and I agree he needs to have meds with him at all times. Glad to hear your car is safe. What happened to the guy driving the other car was he ill or something?

    Heather--your new car is very nice looking. Your nails sounds very pretty. Anything with purple I love.

    Pip--enjoying the family pictures. Glad all is going well. Sorry to hear about your fall. Hope you are feeling better soon.

    Well ladies time to finish some work and get ready to go home. DH talked about going on a motorcycle ride this evening, I would rather take a nap so will have to see. Enjoy the rest of this weekend. Blessings, Vicki Grand Island, NE
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    I hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend. We were expecting DGD for the weekend but she had a change in plans. Unfortunately, I bought a lot of her favorite foods. Ugh....
    SueBDew in TX
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    Pip: I'm sorry about your fall. I hope you heal quickly and completely. (((HUGS))) I love the family photos. :smiley:

    Michele: I have no idea how much the saddle and rider increase heat for the horse, but my logic tells me it has to increase. Horses sweat and we often have a damp saddle pad to air out after riding, even in fairly cool temperatures. I've ridden in comfortably warm weather, but not in really hot weather. I don't know anyone who rides in high temperatures. When trail riding on a warm day, we always stop and let horses drink their fill of water every time it is possible. In the area where we ride there are creeks and ponds so water is always fairly close by. :drinker:

    Barbie: I see you as a teacher and a leader. I think that a certain amount of quiet time and introspection is a huge help for staying in balance in both of those roles. I will be interested in hearing what you learn from the book and whether you end up recommending it. :star:

    I pruned the Rhododendrons outside my windows today. My husband would like them cut back even smaller, but they are medium to large woody plants and have a need to be the size they were meant to be. I keep them a bit on the small side of their size range so that we can see out of the windows.

    Katla in beautiful NW Oregon

    "The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another." - William James
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    Hugs everyone
    Paula Y
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    :)Katla, we have had rhodies in California and here and love them. We did prune one back too much and pretty much killed it. Usually they thrive after being pruned. I highly recommend "Quiet". I am almost finished listening to it and besides gaining some insight into myself, I've learned a lot about how and why our culture in the US has changed over the last two centuries. I got the book and the audio book from my library. It was written a few years ago.

    :) I took a walk after lunch with a friend...first with the dogs and then without them. We enjoyed looking at the flowers in our neighborhood and talking about some personal stuff. Now I'm glad to be sitting and folding laundry.

    <3 Barbie
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    Hello, I enjoyed reading all your posts.
    Good luck to all and hope you are having a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.
    :) Lyn (Elffkin)
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    Hi everyone!

    The hot weather is getting to us at my house. Everybody is grumpy here! >:)

    Dana, love photo of you and your daughter. Very becoming!

    Pip - love your family photos, so glad you could visit with them. Sorry you crashed-Hope you are doing better!

    Katla - glad your new glasses are working great - finally! Our rhodies are taking over the one side of our house and need trimming - I never think to deadhead them- we have no windows so everyone else gets to appreciate them.

    Becca - I'll be right down for some chicken and dumplings, they look yummy! Did you work on your tan today?

    Heather -the new car is fabulous!

    Kate - Kudos on keeping your great sewing skills. My sewing machine is buried in a back closet. 30 years ago I made a lot of my own shirts and pants. I appreciate I learned how to sew in high school and even put in zippers and hem.

    JanetR - Greece looks heavenly - so glad DD got to experience it ! Is she going on a honeymoon and if so, where?

    Joyce - I'm happy the kitties seem to be getting along better. I think the fact that one is a kitten will help them bond, tho Melody might be cranky for a while yet.

    Kelly - good job on that sandbox! Lucky kids - I'd like to take a stick and draw in it for a while myself.

    OK, time to wrap this up.

    Waving at those of you I missed and all Newbies! <3

    For those of you with DH's who want to move.... we've had that discussion at our house several times, and weighed if it was right. So far, we're staying here.

    On the plus side, we have a great neighborhood, fairly quiet private road, house needs a little work (deck repaired/replaced and new shower in Master Bath) but that can happen anywhere, DH has enough room to putter and privacy here to suit his personality. Downside is we may have to hire someone to mow but neighbor kids are always looking to make a buck. We don't have a "house beautiful" lawn. I even hopped on the mower for a couple months when DH broke his back - I thought it was fun, actually.

    Of course, if neighbors sell and we get new barky neighbors with barky dogs that yap all night we might change our tune. We still really like this climate - even the few days of hot weather are tolerable. So will always live in or near this little town.

    Wishing everyone a great week! <3

    SW WA State where a cool down is coming and not too soon! B)
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    Call me crazy but I love to see other people happy and succeeding .

    Good Evening My Dear Friends,

    Katla, so glad you and Arrow are having fun and making progress. I still think it’s so cool to do something like that a bit later in life. How many people have lifelong dreams that they never get to follow through with.

    Pip, all the food looks so good! Yum.

    M, I have a suggestion for you for the time being……”Step away from the scale”. Like you said, it’s probably just water retention and will go away as suddenly as it appeared. (((Hugs)))

    Pip, sorry to hear about your fall. I hope the pain leaves quickly.

    Becca, when I saw your picture I thought it was cauliflower in some sort of sauce. I look before I read.

    It sounds like it’s storming out now but was a beautiful sunny day until 9:00 pm. This should be good sleeping weather.

    pretty-pink-welcome-smiley-emoticon.gifto all the Newbies. Come often and join in the chat. This thing works!! Please sign your post with what you want to be called. It makes it easier for us to respond to you. Also a location is great, be it specific or general. We are happy to have you join us.

    Sending love, good thoughts and sunshine to all of you. And a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend.

    I Love youwriting-a-love-letter-smiley-emoticon.gif
    Myrtle Beach, SC