What Mini Goal is motivating you right now!



  • LoveToRead91
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    Truly303 wrote: »
    I've finally hit 50 pounds lost, I would like to hit 60 lost by the end of August. Theoretically, it should be more by then, but with summer and ll the activities I think this is more reasonable!

    -claps hands- WOOTWOOT! Awesomeness!
    I'm .4 (I keep trying to make that .2 lol) away today from my 50!!!!! I almost fell off the scale!!

    You'll get there! I'm going out of town this weekend so I'm hoping to make it stick, but I realize I may have to hit it twice! Lol
  • Soopatt
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    I want to get to 60kgs. Last time I got to 64 before losing interest. I am 69 currently. Next goal after that is a proper maintenance plan so history does not repeat itself.
  • DresdenSinn
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    My mini-goal is to "shred" myself down as far as safely possible by my birthday on Thursday. On March 5th I was 172.0lbs with 14.7%BF, this morning's metrics are 141.5lbs with 7.4%BF