What Mini Goal is motivating you right now!



  • tristramtrent
    tristramtrent Posts: 257 Member
    Get back into cycling, indoors or out no matter, this December! I have slacked off and I miss it!
  • SusanDSME
    SusanDSME Posts: 194 Member
    New mini goal: to get my average pace below 13 minutes/mile (last time was 14:06, today was 13:11)
  • aj89mfp01
    aj89mfp01 Posts: 2 Member
    Mine isn't a weight goal, I just want to be able to ride faster at a higher tension during Les Mills RPM.
  • donthegeek
    donthegeek Posts: 58 Member
    My new mini goal started on November 24th and runs through 1 Jan, 2018. I want to weigh 249.8 to start the new year. On Nov. 24th I weighed 259.7, less than 10lbs to go.
  • Ainadan
    Ainadan Posts: 158 Member
    To work out 5 days a week until I go on my winter trip.