What Mini Goal is motivating you right now!



  • tomoinnewton
    tomoinnewton Posts: 1 Member
    I got two. To see 189 on the scales and to climb 360 floors on the stair master in one session... I got 60 more floors on the stair master and 4 lbs to go on the scale
  • Archcurl
    Archcurl Posts: 239 Member
    To fit easily into my judging outfit. I’m judging my first official competition jan 13 and I’m hoping to fit into it comfortably by then instead of me feeling like a sausage: too tightly wrapped
  • MissMaggieMuffin
    MissMaggieMuffin Posts: 444 Member
    Jimb376mfp wrote: »
    Jimb376mfp wrote: »
    Next mini goal is 189, to be in 180s would take me to what I weighed in HS over fifty years ago.

    AND 188# will be HALF of my SW when I joined WW in January 2013 at age 65!

    SW 376
    CW 196
    GW ? Below 185?

    Achieved my mini goal last week,
    CW 188.2

    Next mini goal 179!

    Then set my official GW with WW.

    My Dr suggested 179 for a healthy BMI at 5’8”. That would put my total WL at -197, May as well go for GW 176, an even two hundred pounds below SW!

    Well done! Congratulations!
  • ColinIsTheName
    ColinIsTheName Posts: 365 Member
    Be in the 240s.
  • Jimb376mfp
    Jimb376mfp Posts: 6,232 Member
  • SusanDSME
    SusanDSME Posts: 194 Member
    My mini goal was to get back into my old big pants ( which I outgrew in October) That hasn't quite happened yet, but my current bigger pants are getting loose! I went to hear my favorite 80s cover band last night, and as soon as I started to dance, my pants started to fall off! I folded over the waistband and danced cautiously.
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