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  • pipcd34
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  • megblair1
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    Hi friends. We are out of the deep freeze for now, it’s going to be about 12 today! Woo hoo bathing suit time! Actually it’s high time for me to get serious and get to work on my weight and health. I have nothing else to concentrate on for now, so I need to get going!

    Evelyn: that’s a great idea (brushing your teeth after dinner) I may have to try that!

    Hi Lenora: I totally understand; all last year I literally lived minute by minute. I’m just now up to day to day. The serenity prayer is really powerful. I used to think all that stuff was just dumb but not anymore. I have seen its power.

    Joyce: hooray for getting the boot off. Sending healing thoughts for your arm.

    Becca: I am going to start planning my lunches and checking out my pantry to see what I can make with what’s on hand. I already make weekly dinner menus, but I have a lot of food stocked up. I’m having trouble cutting groceries down to 1 person!

    SueBDew: glad you got your power on. We had one storm (winter) where our power was off for 4 days, and we were lucky! I had just bought a camp stove fueled with propane with anniversary money my parents gave us. They were furious that I spent it on that, but boy did they have a change of heart when they found out we were doing all our cooking on it for days!

    Wendy: that’s awesome!

    Sharon: I’m sorry you are having such a good time. There are actually a lot of good books on divorces, but I too am on the same search, so we should form a search party!

    Machka: what is that beautiful flower?

    Lisa: you are not used to all that cold weather!!!

    Barbara AHMOD: it’s all in how you dress! I love winter although I could do without the wind and ice part. But I love to go outside in the snow. But it was too cold even for me on NYE so I stayed home and had a hoot watching CNN’s NYE show; they were all a tad tipsy except the one lady in Denver on the pot bus…by the end of the show she was clearly high. I have never seen all those serious newsy types being so silly.

    I have 2 movies to recommend if you haven’t seen them: The Last Jedi (my mouth hung open the entire time; I was transfixed!) and The Darkest Hour (people stood and cheered when it was over). There are a couple others out there that I am planning to see.

    Well I’m off to get some work done; first day back is always hard to organize yourself! Take care, welcome newbies, and thanks for all the pictures! Meg from frosty Omaha
  • janetr7476
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    Who is getting a lot of snow? I see Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas may be in the path of a big storm!

    Karen in Virginia, hoping it skips us

    No snow here, finally going to get above freezing today and the sun is shining brightly. That always makes you feel better :)

    Janetr OKC
  • margaretturk
    margaretturk Posts: 5,116 Member
    :heart: Margaret
  • exermom
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    Went to the deep water class. The plan for tomorrow is to do a body pump DVD that I have.

    M - I don't let MFP add in my exercise calories. If I go over, I just consider it a "buffer". My weakness (well, one of them) is eating after dinner. So far I've lost one of my holiday pounds just by not eating in the evening. Actually, my sinuses have been acting up and I've taken a decongestant that, among other things, makes me not want to eat.

    Welcome everyone new! Some people just have time to skim the posts. No one is offended. You do what you can do. We just love having you here.

    I stopped at the Salvation Army and saw this DVD titled Gilad's 45/45 Split. I'm SURE I have one by that name, but I didn't recognize the pictures. So for 99 cents, I figured I'd buy it. Got home and for the life of me I can't find my copy of it to see if it's the same.

    Lanette - that's really interesting about the bp readings. I never thought of that. Can't say that I really see a difference between fall and winter readings, but makes sense.

    Barbara - the Green Room is our local community theater. I primarily volunteer in the box office and sometimes do ushering.

    Meg - we went to see "The Last Jedi". Liked it but Vince thought there was a little too much mysticism in it.

    Ceramics tonight. Vince thinks he'll finish his part of the lighthouse welcome sign, then it's back to my part.

    Michele in NC
  • evie1958
    evie1958 Posts: 857 Member
    Sharon, your little helper is just adorable! and yeah, I guess you can't really tell Greysyn that Grandpa is being a d1ckhead..... Unfortunate.
    Beth, I too am not uneducated, I just act stupid! (love that, btw!). I know exactly what I need to do to lose weight, but sometimes the call of the cookie is just to great to resist! lol
    Lisa, certainly seems like a really good time to be able to work from home! Holy smokes that's a lot of bodies that are going to be trying to get places!
    Was at the gym, bright and early, have to admit it feels good to have it all done and I have done a bit in my craft room too! Should go down and do some dishes, the stuff that doesn't go in the d/w is starting to pile up. It's a small pile, but I don't have huge amounts of counter space, so..... I do have more than in our previous house, but I'm trying to not clutter the counters with huge amounts of "stuff".
    Well, it's early for lunch, but I had breakfast quite early too, so think I will do something about that, then do dishes, then DH and I have app'ts with our GP. Just routine stuff this time....
    Hope everyone has a great day!
    Evelyn, Vancouver Island
  • pipcd34
    pipcd34 Posts: 16,788 Member
  • cityjaneLondon
    cityjaneLondon Posts: 12,407 Member
    Wendy - The poo sticks are an alternative to a colonoscopy I believe. Much cheaper. You have to smear a tiny bit of your poo on some little plastic windows on three separate occasions and put it in an envelope and send it off to be tested for blood in stools. :o:o:o It was much easier than I'd imagined and Katla gave me courage. :D<3
    DH refuses to do it because he has piles which sometimes bleed so he doesn't want a false positive.
    My word for 2018 is STRETCH. That is a big stretch for me!

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxx
  • grogers511
    grogers511 Posts: 476 Member
    January 2018 Accountability
    Tuesday - Jan 2nd

    1. Carbs 75g max with no more than 25g per meal. [176g]
    ✔2. Fiber 30g. [41g]
    ✔3. Track in MFP. Complete the entry daily.
    4. Vegetables - eat a big veggie salad at least once a day.
    5. Exercise - log 30 Fitbit minutes
    6. No eating after 9pm. To prevent late night snacking & get a good 12 hour overnight fast.
    7. In bed by midnight.
    8. Declutter - daily mission.
    ✔9. Dress to shoes daily.

    Well... at least I'm getting dressed and getting fiber and completing my MFP food tracker.

    I didn't eat after 9pm and got into bed by 10:30pm. Then hubs came to bed and snored and SNORED. I got aggravated and got up and hit the cookies and cream cheese. (But... I showed a loss this morning. We'll see if it shows up tomorrow. Actually I'm probably shedding fluids.)

    Today.... I'm putting my inner brat on point. We will cut the sugary carbs and not eat after 9pm.

    -- Ginger in Texas
  • cityjaneLondon
    cityjaneLondon Posts: 12,407 Member
    edited January 2018
    KJ - Sue dew and Cathy - Fantastic! What a great meet up! :D<3<3<3 Yes, we are real! :laugh:

    Heather UK xxxxxxx
  • SophieRosieMom
    SophieRosieMom Posts: 3,453 Member
    edited January 2018
    Becca - such great before and after photos of your husband! I'm so glad everything is going well for him. I had to laugh at the dog comments - sounds very familiar with them either wanting to play or reclaiming their couch, lol. That's what it's like at our house!

    Happiness is a warm puppy, lol. As long as it's housebroken and done teething!

    A friend gave me an "oils mister" like a humidifier - I'm going to copy and paste that vodka poster and email it to her - tell her we found a new fragrance!

    Heather - good for you taking the poo test. I'll stop by my doc's office one of these days and pick up a kit and get it overwith :s

    Cool but sunny SW WA State